The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency

Based on the clues, guess these facts about FDR and his presidency.
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Last updated: December 11, 2019
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His middle name
His wife's first name
His wife's maiden name
His last Vice President
Harry Truman
Name for his economic program
New Deal
1932 election opponent
Herbert Hoover
Home state
New York
Disease he was diagnosed with
Names for his radio talks
Fireside Chats
What was repealed in 1933
Name for his plan to increase the
size of the Supreme Court
Court Packing
Economic crisis he faced
Great Depression
Hawaiian naval base that was
attacked by the Japanese
Pearl Harbor
Other members of the "Big 3"
of WWII allied leaders
Winston Churchill
Joseph Stalin
Project to build a nuclear weapon
Manhattan Project
Fill the blanks in these Government programs
Works Progress Administration
Tennessee Valley Authority
Civilian Conservation Corps
Fill the blanks in these quotes
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself
December 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy
Level 91
Jul 18, 2013
Never realized that FDR had married his cousin until now.
Level 62
Feb 2, 2015
Fourth cousin. That's pretty distant.
Level 62
Feb 2, 2015
I stand corrected, they were fifth cousins.
Level 72
Aug 28, 2022
I might be wrong but I believe she was more closely related to Theodore Roosevelt.
Level 55
Jan 30, 2023
she was theodore roosevelt's niece
Level 82
Jul 20, 2013
Did better on this one than I did on Nixon. Got everything except the four most missed. I think I had heard about him marrying his cousin before but forgot.
Level 82
Dec 20, 2017
I must have forgotten this quiz existed when I did my own
Level 68
Oct 13, 2013
The 18th amendment should be an acceptable answer for "what was repealed in 1933" because the 18th was the amendment that is called prohibition.
Level ∞
Oct 13, 2013
Okay that will work now
Level 49
Dec 8, 2019
Has a Harry Truman Presidency quiz been done?
Level 37
Oct 13, 2013
Falstead Act should be an acceptable answer also for the prohibition question.
Level 89
Oct 13, 2013
Level 21
Oct 13, 2013
Level 78
Oct 13, 2013
Are you trying to tell me that Eleanor Roosevelt's maiden name was Roosevelt? That seems mighty unlikely.
Level 46
Oct 13, 2013
She was born a Roosevelt. You do know they were cousins?
Level 59
Oct 14, 2013
She totally should've hyphenated. "Hi, I'm Eleanor Roosevelt-Roosevelt."
Level 58
Jul 25, 2016
She was Theodore Roosevelt's niece
Level 44
Oct 14, 2013
Got them all except "court packing" -- I tried "padding". Oh well. Not bad anyway.
Level 63
Jan 15, 2014
@Dragoncat: Right after the wedding, cousin Theodore Roosevelt, who was president at the time, said to Franklin, "Well Franklin, there's nothing like keeping the name in the family."

Eleanor was a member of the Long Island, Republican Roosevelts while Franklin was a member of the Hyde Park, Democratic branch of the family. The two branches had peeled off generations before. Eleanor was the cherished niece of Theodore Roosevelt - obviously head of the Long Island branch at the time - because she was the oldest child of TR's younger brother Elliot, who died of alcoholism and other ailments when Eleanor was a girl. It was President Theodore Roosevelt who walked Eleanor down the aisle.

Eleanor and Franklin had 6 kids together (5 that lived into adulthood) but after the late 1910s they no longer really lived as man and wife: they loved each other but didn't really have romantic involvement with each other anymore.

Level 30
Dec 21, 2014
Nice to see someone well versed in American History :)
Level 77
Dec 31, 2014
I so wanted to answer "infancy" to December 7, 1941. Because of that other quiz.
Level 39
Jul 22, 2015
Shows that greatness in President's count. I got all of the answers on this quiz for FDR who was President long before I born. I did not do as well on the quiz about Clinton, or the quizzes on either Bush.
Level 72
Aug 28, 2022
Possibly because you weren’t asked to name any of his pets, as in the Clinton quiz!
Level 74
Jul 26, 2015
Quiz was too simple. I don't know much about the FDR presidency but still got them all quite easily.
Level 84
Jul 23, 2016
It helps your record when you have 4 terms rather than 1 or 2 to pass and implement programs. Not trying to take away from FDR - he was an outstanding president - he just had more time than anybody else as president to get stuff done.
Level 60
Jul 28, 2016
Turns out he didn't marry Eleanor Rigby. Learn something new every day.
Level 58
Jan 19, 2018
surprised that executive order 6102 and 9066 didn't make the list (6102 allowed the government to seize citizen's gold and made it a crime to hold gold in private hands; 9066 placed Japanese-Americans in "interment" camps)
Level 79
Apr 13, 2021
Level 74
Jun 14, 2018
I was fairly surprised to see Henry A. Wallace didn't make the cut.
Level 63
Dec 7, 2019
Perhaps Works Projects Administration should be acceptable as well, as that was its name for half its life.
Level 67
Dec 7, 2019
I tried that like fifty times, and then when "progress" popped up as the answer, I just assumed I had been mishearing (and misreading) it for my whole life. Good to know I am not crazy.
Level 73
May 19, 2023
My American History teacher said he now hates talking about the New Deal because one year a student asked why it was called the "Nude Eel" and now he can't get that out of his head.