The Life of Alexander the Great

Guess these facts about the life of the famous conqueror Alexander the Great.
Some of this is apocryphal
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Last updated: December 22, 2019
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First submittedFebruary 1, 2017
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Alexander was king of this Greek kingdom
His father
Philip II
But Alexander claimed that his father was actually …
Zeus (Amun)
Famous philosopher who tutored Alexander
Greek military formation he used
Instead of trying to untie this knot, he cut it with a sword
Gordian Knot
He compared himself to this hero of the Iliad
He conquered this empire
He founded twenty different cities named this
Alexander's horse (also the namesake of a city)
His army refused to march further after reaching this modern-day country
His closest friend, and possible lover
He died in this ancient capital near modern-day Baghdad
His dying words (when asked to whom his empire should go)
To the Strongest
He never tried to conquer this Greek city-state
Term for the spread of Greek culture in areas conquered by Alexander
His friend Ptolemy founded a dynasty that ruled this country
Level ∞
Feb 1, 2017
Interesting fact from Wikipedia:

"The primary sources written by people who actually knew Alexander or who gathered information from men who served with Alexander, are all lost, apart from a few inscriptions and fragments"

Level 82
Feb 1, 2017
Primary sources of anything ancient are incredibly rare, most of what we know of the Roman republic (way after Alexander) are from histories written centuries afterwards. They may have had access to first hand accounts but lost to us.
Level 80
Feb 1, 2017
Very interesting quiz
Level ∞
Feb 1, 2017
You always say that! And thank you!
Level 76
Feb 2, 2017
I'll say it as well... I did this one mainly to learn, hence my score of 5
Level 73
Jul 6, 2017
I did the same and got 6, but I certainly learned some things so I'll chalk this one up as a win
Level 67
Jul 6, 2017
Me too. Got 9, including a few educated guesses. But I am happy to learn something new.
Level 66
Feb 2, 2017
Wow he had a great life! Really he was great! Wonder why they called him Alexander the Great...?
Level 89
Jul 6, 2017
At least he wasn't terrible. Like someone else I know.
Level 63
Feb 8, 2017
Reign the Conqueror taught me everything I need to know apparently: 17/17
Level 37
Nov 20, 2017
I don't believe that anyone is being disingenuous when praising your quizzes. I always learn something from them and and often take them just for the information they provide. So, when we say, "Great Quiz",

we mean it (or at least I know that I do) !!!

Level 28
Feb 11, 2018
Didn't get Sparta, or Hellenization, forgot about Zeus.
Level 75
Dec 5, 2018
His dying words in greek is actually one word (kratisto) which exactly translates "to the most powerful" which is even more badass and crazy imo. The guy was in his deathbed and was like "Who cares I'll be dead, FIGHT!"
Level 76
Sep 12, 2019
Alexander's armies never actually reached modern day India. It was known as the Indian campaign, and he wanted to continue into India, but he actually "only" got as far as modern day Pakistan. Wikipedia backs me up. See the first sentence of
Level 60
Jul 15, 2020
Then the wiki article is wrong. He reached to the river Beas, that is well inside modern India. He conquered territory only in Pakistan, maybe that is the source of the confusion.
Level 53
Oct 13, 2020
if anyone is interested the Smithsonian did an article on Philip the 2nd
Level 79
Jan 18, 2021
A bit of guesswork got me to 15/17.
Level 57
Mar 9, 2021
To be clear, Alexander didnt conquer Sparta because Sparta was no longer of any importance. They no longer had their slaves to do all their labor, and Phillip had crushed their league
Level 67
Jun 2, 2021
Alexander: *cuts his hair, cries in bed for weeks, holds biggest funeral ever, and dies 8 months after the death of hephaestion*

Quizmaster: were they like, friends?

Level 68
Nov 23, 2021
To be fair, it does say possible lover
Level 57
Mar 24, 2022
Beats me. I only seem to get impossible ones.
Level 55
May 3, 2022
This quiz is pretty hard when you don't know very much about Alexander the Great
Level 50
May 16, 2022
That's true for every quiz.

The not knowing much about the topic part, not the Alexander the Great part, though it could go either way depending on the quiz