The Office Trivia #1

Can you answer these questions about the U.S. version of "The Office"?
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Last updated: November 11, 2019
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First submittedOctober 11, 2012
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In what city does the show take place?
What does Dunder-Mifflin sell?
What does Dwight grow on his farm?
What is the Dunder Mifflin equivalent of the Oscars?
The Dundies
... and at what chain restaurant does the award ceremony take place?
What is Andy's nickname for Jim?
Big Tuna
What item of Dwight's does Jim put inside a jello mold?
Who was the youngest V.P. in Dunder Mifflin history?
Who does Phyllis marry?
Bob Vance,
Vance Refrigeration
Who does Michael move to Colorado with?
Where do Jim and Pam get married?
Niagara Falls
What committee does Angela rule with an iron fist?
Who is Pam's former fiance?
What college does Andy constantly remind people that he attended?
What is the name of Dwight's cousin?
What surgery did Michael have performed (and reversed) multiple times?
In the Yankee swap game, what expensive gift did Michael buy that far exceeded
the $20 limit?
What is the name of the actor who plays Creed Bratton?
Creed Bratton
Who were the children that Michael promised a free college education?
Scott's Tots
What famous movie actress starred as Katy, who came into the office to sell purses
and started dating Jim?
Amy Adams
Level 16
Nov 28, 2012
Pretty easy, yet fun quiz. Love the show.
Level 45
Jun 17, 2013
Got zero correct! I guess it would have helped if I watched the show.
Level 75
Apr 8, 2020
I've never watched it but I was able to correctly guess four - still not good.
Level 51
Feb 21, 2016
Correction- Phyliss marries Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.
Level 49
Mar 11, 2016
Indeed. Was about to say the same thing
Level 14
Mar 11, 2016
Level 70
Sep 19, 2019
I wonder what line of work he is in
Level ∞
Nov 10, 2019
This has been fixed.
Level 58
Feb 4, 2017
Did horrible on this because I stopped watching the show after a couple of years. It's a pale imitation of Ricky Gervais' masterpiece.
Level 82
Aug 5, 2019
The US version was superior to the UK show, though Gervais was involved with both.
Level 76
Apr 8, 2020
I like the British one a lot and think it was a lot better made overall, but the US one had wayyy more time to properly flesh out its characters, so I like the US one more.
Level 67
Apr 8, 2020
I never got into it. It seems like the kind of show I would like, and parts of it were really good (I particularly remember an episode involving Dwight trying to hire a stripper but getting a Ben Franklin impersonator instead that I found hilarious). But it always felt a little cold to me. Not totally mean-spirited, but it was definitely laughing at these people more than with them. I prefer Parks & Rec, which has the same basic premise, but the characters and the show itself treat each other with a lot more warmth. My impression of The Office is my impression of Ricky Gervais generally: as pure comedy, he is tough to beat, but if you need to dig any deeper than that, he is not the guy. That's fine for standup (his Golden Globe speeches are top-notch), but I found it tough to invest in a whole TV show like that. And yes I know about Jim & Pam.
Level 82
Apr 8, 2020
I watched both. I liked both. The chief differences that I saw, other than the obviously longer time span that the US version had, was that in the US version of the show every character was sympathetic, likable, and relatable in some way. Even the crazy, stupid, and obnoxious ones. It made you actually want to spend time with them each week. And, even though at times they seem almost like cartoons, it simultaneously made them seem more human.

In the UK version of the show, virtually none of the characters are likable, even the protagonists that you are supposed to be relating to or rooting for. And I know, that this is part of British humour that part of the point is just to make everyone feel awkward and uncomfortable, and kudos to Gervais for accomplishing that, but it's also at the same time a much less enjoyable experience for the audience. And while, yeah, you'll get some nervous and uncomfortable chuckles from the UK show it's not the full on belly laughs of the US one.

Level 33
Jan 13, 2023
The first season of the show is pretty lackluster, since it's just trying to copy the UK version. From season two onwards, however, it really begins to make its own style. It's much more laid-back and heart-warming than the UK show. I think both shows are great shows, they just suit different folks
Level 53
Feb 27, 2023
Yeah, that's why the U.S. version ran for over a decade longer, was received better by fans and critics, and most importantly was actually funny and not a steaming pile of rubbish.

There is only one thing that the British have ever done better than the United wait, there isn't.

Level 20
Jun 30, 2017
Level 78
Aug 25, 2017
Perhaps consider accepting "Maid of the Mist" for where Jim and Pam get married? Weirdly enough I tried that long before Niagara.
Level 37
Feb 4, 2019
They got married at the Church in Niagra Falls. They went on the maid of the mist but they didnt get married there.
Level 84
Nov 10, 2019
Uh, yes they did. The captain married them.

In response to requests based on that scene, Maid of the Mist stated that you can get married on their vessels, but not by the captain, since he or she is busy running the ship. It's strictly BYOM (Bring Your Own Minister).

Level 53
Jan 30, 2018
If you don't change the name to "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration" we will burn Utica to the ground.
Level 89
Nov 5, 2021
Dwigt, you lonely Threat Level Midnight typo.
Level 72
Nov 11, 2019
Please accept beetroot (or even just beet) for us non-Americans! Great quiz nonetheless.
Level ∞
Nov 11, 2019
Level 62
Apr 8, 2020
I love this show!
Level 68
Apr 8, 2020
Maybe it should accept Video Ipod for the Christmas gift question since that is the type of Ipod Michael bought.
Level 67
Apr 8, 2020
14, I've only seen half of it so not bad
Level 80
Apr 8, 2020
Limitless paper in a paperless world.
Level 58
May 12, 2022
Can you put US in the title please? Then people would know to avoid it if they want a quiz on the original version. Thanks.
Level 69
Oct 21, 2023
Could you accept dundee / dundie / dundy ?
Level 68
Feb 3, 2024
You should accept just "beet" and "dundie" instead.
Level 65
May 21, 2024
You used the Colorado question in both this quiz and #2 just saying.