The Only Two Countries...

Each clue applies to two, and only two, countries of the world. Try to guess either one of the matching countries.
With inspiration from Lucknowite, Gassu, Fuse, Moustachat, and geographybadass
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Last updated: November 29, 2023
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First submittedNovember 26, 2023
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One of two countries that ...
has a population over 1 billion
India | China
is in South America and does not border Brazil
Chile | Ecuador
is completely surrounded by Italy
San Marino | Vatican City
starts with Z
Zambia | Zimbabwe
is an island nation in the Mediterranean
Cyprus | Malta
has left the Commonwealth of Nations (and not returned)
Ireland | Zimbabwe
borders only India and China
Bhutan | Nepal
has a population over 100 million but has never won an Olympic medal
Bangladesh | D. R. Congo
is doubly landlocked
Liechtenstein | Uzbekistan
begins with A but doesn't end with A
Afghanistan | Azerbaijan
is landlocked and in South America
Bolivia | Paraguay
its name is also a common male first name in the United States
(common = 100,000 people or more)
Jordan | Chad
has the letter X in its name
Luxembourg | Mexico
has just 3 different letters in its name
Fiji | Togo
has a square flag
Switzerland | Vatican City
is mostly on a continental mainland, but its capital city
is on an island
Denmark | Equatorial Guinea
has the word "islands" in its name
Marshall Islands | Solomon Islands
has a population over two million and NO military
Costa Rica | Panama
has a capital city on one of the world's three largest lakes
Azerbaijan | Uganda
Level 63
Nov 29, 2023
Nice quiz! Maybe this could also be done with former countries.
Level 67
Nov 29, 2023
Gambia also has the capital city on an island.
Level 71
Nov 29, 2023
Yes. Please replace the question concerning that.
Level ∞
Nov 30, 2023
Should have checked that one more carefully. Can anyone suggest an alternate question?
Level 79
Nov 30, 2023
Maybe: joined the UN in 2002?
Level 71
Dec 1, 2023
Has a capital starting with the letter F. Has beaten Brazil in a men's World Cup finals.
Level 84
Dec 1, 2023
The only 2 countries that have double-digit (12) other countries as Antipodes. Brazil is 3rd with 9 antipodal countries. Indonesia has 8; Peru, USA & UK have 7 apiece.
Level 60
Jan 15, 2024
Think it's a good question, so you could limit it to "Countries which are mostly on the *African* mainland, but the capital is on an island"
Level 67
Jan 15, 2024
Only two countries where you cannot buy Coca-Cola: North Korea and Cuba.
Level 72
Jan 16, 2024
If you include Greenland, then Denmark is mostly on islands and is excluded. Just switch the two.
Level 75
Jan 23, 2024
African countries that were never colonized
Level 93
Nov 30, 2023
For those wondering the other names of countries used as first names are here:
Level 60
Nov 30, 2023
There are actually 6 island capitals. You could try in both Africa and Asia (Egypt - Sinai Peninsula, Yemen - Socotra)
Level 71
Dec 16, 2023
Well, there seem to be seven: Malabo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Dhaka, Abu Dhabi, and Banjul.
Level 39
Jan 15, 2024
Looks like there are also more than 100.000 people with the name Georgia.

Level ∞
Jan 15, 2024
This is our source:

Most likely isn't accurate because it doesn't account for all the people named Georgia who have passed away. TheNameGeek, which I created, adjusts for deaths using actuarial tables.

Level 43
Jan 15, 2024
Georgia is a female name not a male name. That's why it's not on here.