This and That - The Bible

Can you fill the blanks in these Biblical snippets?
Using the King James version
Quiz by Quizmaster
Last updated: August 3, 2019
First submittedAugust 2, 2019
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What God created in the beginning
The heaven and the earth
The first two people
Adam and Eve
... and their first two sons
Cain and Abel
Description of the Promised Land
A land of milk and honey
For sinners, there's a lake of this in the afterlife
Fire and brimstone
.. and there's also this
Wailing and gnashing of teeth
What God said to man on the 6th day of creation
Be fruitful and multiply
Two cities on the coast of Lebanon
Tyre and Sidon
Wicked cities destroyed by God
Sodom and Gomorrah
Jesus took a limited number of these and fed the multitude
Fishes and loaves
Two Judaical groups that opposed the teachings of Jesus
Pharisees and Sadducees
Goliath's height
Six cubits and a span
What John the Baptist ate in the wilderness
Locusts and wild honey
Gifts brought to the baby Jesus
Gold, frankincense, and myrrh
Something to put on during times of great mourning
Sackcloth and ashes
An awestruck reaction
Fear and trembling
To enjoy life
Eat, drink, and be merry
Description of the path to heaven
Strait is the gate and narrow is the way
The two Jewish kingdoms
Israel and Judah
The three sons of Noah
Ham, Shem, and Japheth
Line from the Lord's Prayer
The kingdom, the power, and the glory
Level 83
Aug 2, 2019
I don't think that the phrase "straight and narrow" appears in any major Bible translation. There is Matthew 7's reference to a "strait" gate and a narrow way in the KJV. A strait gate is a narrow gate; I'm not sure what a straight gate would be.
Level ∞
Aug 3, 2019
Expanded the snippet
Level 78
Aug 5, 2019
A straight gate is perpendicular to the path and square, leaning neither to the right nor the left.
Level 88
Aug 2, 2019
How about a little leeway on the spelling of that counterpart to Sadducees?
Level ∞
Aug 3, 2019
How did you spell it? We allow a lot of different spellings for that one!
Level 71
Sep 21, 2019
My first try was pharases which didn't work.
Level 70
Aug 2, 2019
"Wailing and grinding of teeth" is also a common translation; certainly the NABRE uses it.
Level 87
Aug 3, 2019
New translations run all over the place.
Level 74
Aug 5, 2019
The old one too, KJB is quite lyrical, but terrible in the way of accuracy.
Level 75
Aug 3, 2019
And the most important, faith, hope and love.
Level 82
Aug 3, 2019
Only missed Sidon. BTW, this is the first Jetpunk quiz I've taken where I didn't need to look at any of the clues - everything could be deduced from the provided portions of the snippets in the answers.
Level 72
Aug 5, 2019
I noticed that too! Maybe there should be more quizzes without questions and just fill in the blanks, kind of like a crossword puzzle in a sense.

Also, I love the Bible quizzes, please keep adding them, QM.

Level 77
Sep 21, 2019
I didn't read the clues either, and only missed Sidon. Once I saw Tyre I remembered the Allen Drury book, Come Nineveh, Come Tyre, and I couldn't get past Nineveh even though it's in Iraq. These days once something sticks in my head it seems nothing can get past it.
Level 67
Sep 23, 2019
yea I did that too (besides the trembling one, and maybe another, I think with israel)
Level 66
Aug 13, 2019
Interesting that the last clue is "translated" away in almost all the other translations of the Bible. Not as if anyone was trying to change anything when the KJV was written...
Level 68
Sep 21, 2019
All earlier texts gave Goliath's height as four cubits and a span - the later texts with 6 are agreed by scholars to have either been an error or an exaggeration over time. See's_height
Level 84
Sep 21, 2019
4 cubits and a span would have made him barely taller than me. Not so impressive. On the other hand if he was over 6 cubits tall he probably would have a hard time standing without crutches.
Level 67
Sep 23, 2019
Cubits rather varied per time and place. And then there is the short and long cubit (wether you measure your inner arm, and upto the wrist, or your outer arm from the tip of your elbow to the tip of your middlefinger)

If you go by the great egyptian cubit for instance, which was about 53cm 4 cubits would be 212cm which would be very tall for these days and even moreso centuries ago.

If you go by the small greek unit, which was 34cm, 6 cubits would be 204cm.

Ow I forgot the spans, well that differs too, also not always measured the same way. And sometimes confused with palm.

Level 84
Sep 29, 2019
yeah I know. I was going by what is in google. I found it amusing that they had a unit converter.
Level 70
Sep 23, 2019
Catholics say that the line you referenced is not part of the Lord's Prayer (although for the last 50 years, they recite it separately after the Lord's Prayer is done). Also, it's only in the Matthew version, not the Luke version of it.