Three Real and One Fake - U.S. Geography

For each category, we give you three things that belong – and one that doesn't. Can you guess the imposter?
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Last updated: January 14, 2021
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1. State capitals
Louisville is not the capital of Kentucky. Frankfort is.
2. State nicknames
The Keystone State
The Lone Star State
The Rebel State
The Show-Me State
3. Cities in Florida
Fort Lauderdale
Biloxi is in Mississippi
4. Volcanoes in the Cascades
Mount Hood
Mount Rainier
Mount St. Helens
Mount Whitney
Mount Whitney is neither a volcano nor in the Cascades. It is, however, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states.
5. States that border Canada
New York
6. Lakes of the U.S.
Great Bear Lake
Lake Michigan
Lake Okeechobee
Lake Winnebago
Great Bear Lake is in Canada
7. States with more than 10 million people
New York
Colorado has a population of 5.8 million, according to 2020 Census estimates
8. States that have hosted the Summer or Winter Olympics
9. Cities on the border with Mexico
El Paso
10. National Parks
Grand Canyon
Adirondack Park is managed by New York State
11. States with a "Springfield" over 100,000 people
Indiana doesn't even have a Springfield!
12. Bays of the Great Lakes
Grand Traverse Bay
Green Bay
Oyster Bay
Saginaw Bay
Oyster Bay is a town in New York. Also, there are no oysters in the Great Lakes.
13. U.S. territories
American Samoa
Gilbert Islands
Puerto Rico
Northern Mariana Islands
The Gilbert Islands are part of Kiribati
14. Things that the U.S. exports more than it imports
15. Things found in New York City
Empire State Building
LaGuardia Airport
Millennium Park
Millennium Park is in Chicago
Level 81
Jan 15, 2021
The view's great from here.
Level 52
Jan 15, 2021
It's OK there, but it's better over here.
Level 39
Mar 23, 2021
literally shut up
Level 78
Jan 15, 2021
Why are you guys up so high? It's much warmer down here.
Level 74
Mar 20, 2021
When the imposter isn't a state capital 😳😳😳
Level 68
Mar 20, 2021
For once I got the least guessed answer. Question 14.
Level 63
Mar 20, 2021
I got that one wrong. Hard to believe the US imports more airplanes and less steel.
Level 51
Mar 20, 2021
Its the other way around. They export more airplanes than they import. They import more steel than they export
Level 70
May 28, 2024
It was the only one I answered with atleast a slight bit of confidence
Level 74
Mar 20, 2021
Good quiz, I enjoyed it!
Level 37
Mar 22, 2021
But Massachusetts doesn't border Canada. Alaska, New York and Montana does. I don't get the question (5).
Level 20
Mar 22, 2021
That's the point.. the quiz is about finding the one that isn't what the question asks. I did what you did at first, don't worry.
Level 79
Mar 18, 2024
It's always amusing when someone responds with this to one particular question on quizzes like this, because what about all the other questions?? Do you just believe all the other fake answers?
Level 66
Mar 22, 2021
Wow I was expecting to bomb that, and ended up getting 13/15. Maybe I knew more than I know.
Level 59
Mar 23, 2021
But now presumably you know more than you knew...
Level 74
Mar 23, 2021
At the very least, you know you knew more than you knew you knew.
Level 52
Apr 21, 2021
i got very very lucky, i knew like 3 of them and only missed 4
Level 61
Dec 23, 2022
100%! Yay! Hardly ever happens.
Level 75
Sep 3, 2023
Only knew one or two, guessed pretty much all of the others wrong.
Level 25
Sep 6, 2023
I'm from the town next to Oyster Bay, so that was easy!
Level 79
Mar 18, 2024
I have found a Springfield, Indiana with a huge total of 4,000 people haha

(although I'm not entirely sure of the difference between that township and this unincorporated area

Level 70
May 28, 2024
I got the amazing low score of 0 (points. 5 correct answers) and no I did not do that on purpose. There aren't that many quizzes left I haven't taken yet, so I am getting more into the territory of no idea but I will take the quiz anyway territory. Luckily not forced to do nfl quizzes just yet ;). (Because I woukd recognise nothing there, here I atleast recognised the states and many of the city names)

And still plenty of reset quizzes to get back to.