Three Real and One Fake - World History

For each category, we give you three things that belong – and one that doesn't. Can you guess the imposter?
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Last updated: January 3, 2021
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1. New World crops
Coffee originally comes from Ethiopia and was first brewed in Yemen
2. Religions of Indian origin
Zoroastrianism comes from Iran
3. Ancient Greeks
Hadrian was a Roman emperor who built a wall across northern England
4. Famous seducers, real or fictional
Don Juan
Pagliacci is a fictional clown from the opera of the same name
5. Female authors
Jane Austen
Simone de Beauvoir
George Eliot
Evelyn Waugh
Evelyn Waugh was a man. George Eliot was the pen name of female author Mary Ann Evans.
6. Cities that existed in the year 1 A.D.
Cape Town
Cape Town wasn't founded until 1652
7. Wars that took place in Europe
Crimean War
First Opium War
Franco-Prussian War
Peloponnesian War
The Opium Wars took place in China
8. Barbarian tribes that invaded the Roman Empire
Conan the Barbarian was a Cimmerian. There was a real group of Cimmerians who lived in Europe in pre-Roman times.
9. Names of popes
10. Chinese dynasties
11. Modern-day countries colonized by France
12. People born in Africa
Cyrus the Great
Nelson Mandela
Ramesses the Great
Cyrus the Great was born in modern-day Iran
13. Things that were invented in France
Hot air balloon
The Metric system
The first vaccine was developed by Edward Jenner, an Englishman
14. Native American civilizations
The Picts lived in Scotland
15. Real life ships
HMS Dreadnought
RV Calypso
SS Poseidon
RMS Titanic
The SS Poseidon was from the 1972 movie "The Poseidon Adventure"
Level 84
Jan 1, 2021
The movie "The Poseidon Adventure" centers around a ship that gets flipped upside-down. The movie is famous. The ship in the movie is famous. How is the SS Poseidon not a "famous ship"? If you mean real-life ships, either the question should state that, or you might consider replacing the SS Poseidon with something that isn't famous and/or isn't a ship.
Level ∞
Jan 1, 2021
Changed it to "real life ships"
Level 76
Sep 15, 2022
Honestly thought it was based on a real event.
Level 70
Jan 2, 2021
QM you have done it again. In four questions I narrowed the choices down to an ‘either or’ and every single time I picked the wrong one. If you could switch the next series round so I pick the correct answer every time that would be great ;-)
Level 72
Jan 2, 2021
I paused a bit on the French one... at first I thought all of them were French! On another one, I seemed to remember Lana I of the Lang Dynasty...
Level 72
Jan 2, 2021
The Guillotine is often credited to Yorkshire (Halifax Gibbet).......(merely named for Monsieur Guillotine because he saw it operated and believed it would be the most humane way to execute people) although the French "perfected" it and used it extensively.
Level 74
Jan 2, 2021
The Guillotine was named after Monsieur Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, not "Guillotine".
Level ∞
Jan 3, 2021
Changed that one to SCUBA. Thank you for the correction.
Level 84
Jan 3, 2021
Conan the Barbian, well-known for his facial hair.
Level ∞
Jan 3, 2021
Lol, fixed.
Level 71
Jan 3, 2021
The Guillotine was actually invented in England. It was used in Halifax and other places.The Halifax Gibbet's final victims were Abraham Wilkinson and Anthony Mitchell. Wilkinson had been found guilty of stealing 16 yards (15 m) of russet-coloured kersey cloth, 9 yards (8.2 m) of which, found in his possession, was valued at "9 shillings at the least", and Mitchell of stealing and selling two horses, one valued at 9 shillings and the other at 48 shillings. The pair were found guilty and executed on the same day, 30 April 1650.
Level ∞
Jan 3, 2021
This has been fixed, thank you.
Level 54
Jan 13, 2021
I have to say, "red sus"
Level 19
Jan 17, 2021
yeah dont say that again
Level 69
Jan 17, 2021
explanation for question two should say ‘from’ not ‘form’
Level 70
Jan 17, 2021
I wonder if Hadrian made the Scots pay for his wall...
Level 43
Jan 20, 2021
Nah, he pict his battles...
Level 72
Jan 17, 2021
Ted..EVELYN Mosby
Level 54
Jan 17, 2021
I can guess the imposter alright 😈 😈
Level 63
Jan 18, 2021
Could you maybe change "new world crops" to "crops originally from the new world?" Cacao was a very common cash crop in the new world.
Level 20
Jan 18, 2021
Me here vibin

I got 4/15 :( xD

Level 55
Jan 20, 2021
The Cape Town one is a joke. It is ridiculously easy compared to the other questions, and in my opinion should be removed.
Level 57
Jul 12, 2021
Well, I only got it by eliminating the other options, which was how I got most of them (bar the very few I just knew!), so I strongly disagree with them being “too easy”!
Level 54
Jun 28, 2022
I was confused so said Cape Town because Beijing was not known as Beijing until 1403 at earliest, according to Wikipedia:

I would suggest changing the wording for this question but honestly I could just be thinking about it too hard.

Level 70
Feb 14, 2021
It's a pitty the Cimmerians didn't fight Emperor Aurelian.
Level 75
Feb 10, 2022
Fun fact: Evelyn Waugh's first wife was also called Evelyn.
Level 28
Aug 13, 2022
Damn in retrospect there should've been no way for me to have confused the New World Crops question. For some reason I was thinking crops that were stereotypically (and factually of course) grown in the New World were ONLY grown in the New World. Very dumb of me, especially because I knew for a fact that coffee wasn't exclusively grown there.