Top 10 Most-Forested U.S. States

Name the states of the U.S. where the largest percentage of land is covered by timberland.
Source: Wikipedia
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Last updated: September 7, 2019
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New Hampshire
West Virginia
South Carolina
New York
Level 62
Apr 3, 2017
Wow 64% in Georgia? We need to get to harvesting.
Level 69
Jul 5, 2017
not sure that's the right attitude...
Level 51
Nov 17, 2017
From Georgia, can not confirm, we like our forests. And our rolling hills. We're nature people, which explains why Atlanta is such a weird city.
Level 45
Jan 12, 2018
NO gerogia has these rare things in their forests called bald spots. These contain a lot of the rare wildlife in georgia and the state holds some of the rarer trees from appalachia
Level 50
Oct 6, 2019
Or keep your trees, and have a healthy environment!
Level 82
Apr 6, 2017
When I was in Connecticut I was told it's the most forested state in US, but apparently it's not true. Any idea why they'd think that?
Level 80
Jul 15, 2017
This state sucks so much we like to make up stuff about it to make ourselves feel better.
Level 82
Sep 14, 2019
Level 69
Oct 6, 2019
Maybe some trees have been connectiCUT since then? :P
Level 61
Apr 8, 2017
Did not expect to see some of these on here. Maybe extend the time just a little bit, especially because this one gets you thinking more, and when 4 answers are hovering around the 50% guessed mark. Interesting quiz though!
Level 74
Apr 9, 2017
If any more time were added you would be able to guess all of the states.
Level 71
Jul 5, 2017
It's kind of disappointing that the state that literally means "Penn's Woods" doesn't even crack the top ten. I wonder how high it ranks?
Level 65
Jul 5, 2017
55.3% of Pennsylvania is forest, making it 11th as a percentage but that only totals about 66,000 km2. I'm actually from Pennsylvania so I can tell you it varies by region. Much of the land has been cleared for farming and development but the north-central part of the state is still the "Pennsylvania Wilderness". There are probably animals in those woods that have never seen a human before.
Level 44
Nov 5, 2018
that's why atlanta is called a city in a forest
Level 62
Feb 16, 2020
No Alaska?
Level 64
Jul 26, 2020
Half of Alaska is tundra, so that's why it isn't on this list. But it probably has the most total forested land
Level 72
Feb 18, 2021
I live in Vermont, and it's basically just a forest with a couple of tiny towns and like three tiny cities in it. Not sure how that could be only 3/4 forested. I wonder who makes these measurements and what their methodology is.
Level 33
Jan 22, 2022
Western Vermont near lake chaplain is all farms and fields that why
Level 77
Mar 31, 2022
I'm shocked by Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, AND South Carolina. I couldn't believe that Kentucky wasn't up there. I've driven through Kentucky and Tennessee many times and it's just forest as far as the eye can see.
Level 18
May 10, 2022
very surprised Washington isn't on here
Level 66
Aug 16, 2022
I have lived in both in eastern and western Washington - about a third of the state is arid, very few trees.