Turkey (The Bird)

Can you answer twelve questions about this fancy fowl?
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Last updated: November 26, 2019
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On what holiday is it most common to roast a turkey in the U.S.?
On what holiday is it most common to roast a turkey in the U.K.?
A dog says "woof". A cat says "meow". What does a turkey say?
Gobble gobble
Which U.S. founding father thought that the turkey was a more respectable bird
than the bald eagle?
Ben Franklin
What is the name of the red flap of skin that hangs from a turkey's chin?
What red flap hangs down from the forehead over the nose?
Turkeys are one of the six heaviest birds that can fly. Name one of the others.
Bustard / Swan /
Albatross /
Pelican / Condor
In the country of Turkey, the bird is known as "Hindi", because the Turks believed that the
bird originally came from which country?
But what country did the bird really come from?
What does the U.S. President do to one lucky turkey each November?
Pardon It
In what sport can you get a "turkey" (if you're doing well)?
What method of cooking a turkey is strongly discouraged by the
National Fire Protection Association?
Level 76
Nov 27, 2019
The president pardons a turkey each year? What crimes do turkeys get accused of in the US?
Level 84
Nov 27, 2019
Being delicious.

That's the theory, anyway. Personally I think turkey tends to be dry and a little flavorless, and I'd much rather eat chicken, duck, or goose.

Level 83
Nov 27, 2019
The president is presented with a live turkey for Thanksgiving. Then the turkey's life is spared by a presidential pardon, and the turkey is sent to live in a zoo, a farm or even as a honorary grand marshal in Disney's Thanksgiving parade.

The pardon is also used as a satirical roast on the scandals of the time.

Level 73
Nov 27, 2019
Trump pardoned two turkeys this year by the names of Bread and Butter. Trump said they were then given subpoenas to appear in front of Schiff to testify in his basement like hundreds of others. Unlike those "witnesses" he's actually met Bread and Butter. Trump also noted, “In any event, I expect this pardon will be a very popular one with the media. After all, turkeys are closely related to vultures.”
Level 67
Nov 28, 2019
Did he really say that? That sounds far too clever for him.
Level 71
Feb 28, 2023
It's really not hard to tell the when he's using a scripted line versus speaking off the cuff. If you trust your instinct, you will be right 99% of the time. Doesn't matter whether you like him or not.
Level 88
Nov 28, 2019
He did, but then immediately afterward he said "I don't know if I like that line." So it sounds like someone else wrote it for him.

Here's the source.

Level 84
Nov 28, 2019
The two turkeys Trump pardoned this year were convicted of war crimes in Afghanistan, but Trump wanted to use his power to pardon just to make sure it still worked before he attempted again to obstruct justice and abuse his office by offering pardons to criminal collaborators in exchange for their silence and possibly to himself. He then bragged for ten minutes about how he had to go to the hospital last week because all of the nurses were dying to see his hot bod.

I'm not making as much of this up as you'd probably think.

Level 73
Nov 28, 2019
I wasn't aware that Turkeys can fly!?
Level 64
Nov 28, 2019
It's hard to imagine when you look at a photo of a big bloated turkey displaying its feathers. But they don't seem that gigantic otherwise. They're looking almost vulture-like.
Level 84
Nov 28, 2019
Only for short distances.
Level 84
Nov 28, 2019
The ones that have been fattened up for food production have a hard time. Just ask the guys at WKRP in Cincinnati.
Level 73
Mar 8, 2020
"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly"
Level 65
Nov 28, 2019
Fun fact.

In portuguese, the bird is also named after a country, but a different one: Peru

Level 66
Nov 28, 2019
It is named after india in France and Turkey and after an Indian city in dutch.
Level 75
Nov 30, 2019
Interesting. Which Indian city?
Level 73
Nov 29, 2019
Love the comments.

They are called turkeys because back in the day Europeans imported a similar bird from Turkey that actually came from India (which is why some countries call them Indian birds - including France) and some of them thought they originated in Turkey. The wild turkeys in North America resembled them, so they got called turkeys too.

I only know the snood as something that covers a woman's hair done up in a bun.

Level 64
Dec 3, 2019
I learned today that the different names in different languages for a turkey are just one mistake after another. Their Latin name comes from a legend that refers to women being turned into guinea fowls. Which were the birds the Brits actually imported through Turkey not knowing they came from North Africa. So they called them Turkey. While the Turks saw a difference and of course knew that neither bird came from their country. They suspected the "other" bird to come from the "India" that the Spanish discovered aka America. While in other languages their name relates to the Indian city Kozhikode which was where Vasco da Gama started a colony. So they may have actually come through India.
Level 39
Apr 10, 2021
Nice quiz! Greetings from Turkey (country)! Hahaha
Level 72
Oct 6, 2021
Did anyone else just get hungry for turkey???