American TV Couples Quiz

Guess the TV shows that these famous couples appeared in.
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Last updated: September 4, 2018
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First submittedFebruary 14, 2013
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TV Show
Pam & Jim
The Office
Lois & Peter
Family Guy
Homer & Marge
The Simpsons
Fred & Ethel
I Love Lucy
Fred & Wilma
The Flintstones
Tim & Jill
Home Improvement
Al & Peg
Married... With Children
Archie & Edith
All in the Family
Mike & Carol
The Brady Bunch
Doug & Carrie
King of Queens
Meredith & Derek
Grey's Anatomy
Daphne & Niles
Ralph & Alice
The Honeymooners
TV Show
Chandler & Monica
Samantha & Darrin
Sam & Diane
Morticia & Gomez
The Addams Family
Joey & Pacey
Dawson's Creek
Barney & Robin
How I Met Your Mother
Slater & Jessie
Saved by the Bell
Dylan & Brenda
Beverly Hills, 90210
Sookie & Bill
True Blood
Cory & Topanga
Boy Meets World
Kevin & Winnie
The Wonder Years
Finn & Rachel
Tony & Carmela
The Sopranos
Level 47
Aug 9, 2011
cool quiz!
Level 14
Nov 19, 2011
i felt really stupid when i got to the end. especially the brady bunch...geeze...
Level 48
May 1, 2014
Angel & Darla
Level 75
Jun 9, 2014
Many of these same shows appear on every TV quiz on this site - you'd think I'd remember them after awhile, but no.
Level 58
Jul 31, 2014
When I saw Finn I was hoping the other name was going to be Flame Princess.
Level 8
Sep 2, 2014
It always works just to type in 80's-90's sitcoms befor looking!
Level 78
Feb 14, 2015
Doug and Carrie: proof that Americans will watch anything.
Level 85
Feb 13, 2018
As opposed to Married with Children and Saved by the Bell?
Level 78
Apr 22, 2022
Saved by the Bell is for pre-teens. Married with Children is a deeply sarcastic look at American values and culture. I don't think King of Queens is THAT bad, but it definitely is worse at achieving its goals than the examples you provided.
Level 82
Feb 14, 2015
American television is ubiquitous. Television shows from any other country would pretty much only be known to people in that country with some very rare exceptions. Korean dramas are popular in the Philippines and some other East Asian countries. Egyptian shows used to be played all over the Arab world. Japanese anime has a following all over the world. There are some Brazilian programs that are moderately popular and once in a while a program from Canada or the BBC becomes famous. But that's really about it. If you want to make a television quiz that is accessible to more than a very narrow sliver of the population of the world and this website, American TV is the obvious way to go. Just being realistic...
Level 75
Feb 13, 2018
Some of our most-watched shows originated as British shows - All in the Family, House of Cards, The Office, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Three's Company, Who Wants to be a Millionaire - just a few that come to mind.
Level 82
Feb 14, 2018
I know. But then the American remake goes on to be more internationally famous than the British original in most cases.
Level 70
Aug 22, 2019
In a lot of those cases mentioned it doesnt matter if the usa made bigger versions than the original ones, because a lot of countries will have their own version, so wont be watching either the uk OR the usa version. For example idol, dancing with the stars, who wants to be a millionaire, a host of other game shows, survivor and all types of reality tv and competition shows. And so on.
Level 70
Aug 22, 2019
You are not realistic at all. Most shows here are from the uk, and for the quizshows it is definitely 100% uk and zero from the usa.Though usa is a close 2nd all other countries are rare, a few australian shows. And german some ones. (There are occasions of some scandinavian stuff, but those aren't recurring shows but one off's)
Level 82
Sep 7, 2020
Where do you mean by "here?" In the UK? Why is it every British person on this website seems to think that there is the USA... and then there is "the rest of the world"... by which they mean England. There are other countries outside of the UK, you know that, right? I've lived in quite a few of them. And American TV absolutely got more play than British TV in ALL of them.
Level 81
Oct 11, 2023
What he means by 'here' is in this very quiz.

I believe Sifhraven hails from the Netherlands and his first language is therefore Dutch.

Level 83
Sep 7, 2020
This is true . all of the above shows are shown in Ireland and UK , most are /were very popular apart from how I met your mother which never seemed to be very popular over here and the only show on here that I've never seen an episode of.
Level 38
Feb 17, 2015
Disappointed to not see Ward & June.
Level 87
Dec 29, 2017
Spent lots of time wondering why "Tool Time" wasn't working...
Level 59
Nov 19, 2023
Level 83
Jan 3, 2018
Accept Beverly Hills without the number?
Level 77
Aug 30, 2018
Why? No one ever called the show just "Beverly Hills." When it got shortened, people called it "90210."
Level 80
Sep 27, 2022
Abroad, it got shortened to 'Beverly Hills' because the number doesn't mean anything to anyone.
Level 82
May 15, 2019
I just typed in the number
Level 56
Feb 1, 2018
This was super easy. Mixture of old and new. People will find anything to complain about it seems.
Level 79
Feb 13, 2018
Pamela & Jimothy
Level 64
May 2, 2018
The true Glee way is to have Kurt and Blaine as the main couple from Glee, and NOT Finn and Rachel. When Finn died, they weren't even together.
Level 89
Jul 29, 2018
Jethro and Miss Hathaway, Jed and Ellie May.
Level 77
Aug 30, 2018
Jethro and Miss Hathaway were not a couple, and Elly May was Jed's daughter.
Level 28
Mar 12, 2019
Where's Leslie & Ben???
Level 82
Sep 7, 2020
I was trying to think of what would be my favorite TV couple but I can't really think of any that stand out. Some random ones from shows I've liked would be... Stan & Wendy, Ally & Billie, Wash & Zoe, Walter & Skyler, Dexter & Rita, Goliath & Demona, William & Dolores, Tobias & Lindsay, Optimus & Elita, Bert & Ernie, Beavis & Butthead
Level 82
Feb 16, 2022
actually Teddy & Dolores would make for a better couple than William & Dolores. The story of William and Dolores turns out pretty awful in the end.
Level 30
Sep 26, 2020
I'm shocked and saddened that only 34% of people knew Joey & Pacey. They're my OTP and probably the reason I have such high standards when looking for a partner!
Level 68
Aug 13, 2021
Nice to see some Sopranos on here
Level 69
Oct 7, 2022
"Flintstones", the actual name of the show, doesn't work, but "Flinstones" does, even though the answer correctly shows "Flintstones"

absolute bruh moment

Level 29
Feb 28, 2023
I misread the assignment and tried guessing the last names of the couples. I was getting really mad that nothing was going. And then I was like ooooooh... oops!