"Un" Vocabulary Words

Based on the definitions, guess these words that start with Un.
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Last updated: September 7, 2018
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First submittedJuly 24, 2013
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To open a wine bottle
Like a fetus
Like an island that does not
appear on maps
Like a zombie
Like an intern who receives
no compensation
Like a spacecraft with no crew
Not domesticated
To release a sail or flag
Like a detergent with no smell
Like an error that is not caused
by one's opponent
To dig up from underground
Like a loan with no collateral
To untie a boat, or pull up its anchor
To remove a knight from his mount
What you can't do to a bell
Like an object that is bulky and
awkward to handle
Not level
A lie
Level 55
Aug 24, 2013
What about Unencumbered for like a loan with no collateral?
Level 45
Aug 24, 2013
Nah. If you don't put real estate up as collateral for a loan, the estate is unencumbered, while the loan is unsecured.
Level 59
Aug 25, 2013
Did ok- but was definitely thinking unseat for the knight one.
Level ∞
Aug 25, 2013
Added unseat as an acceptable answer.
Level 66
Jan 14, 2020
I tried unsaddle, I made it up so no idea if it exists but I think it is a good word :) because you throw them out of their saddle
Level 76
May 9, 2022
You unsaddle the horse when you remove its saddle.
Level 76
Apr 30, 2015
How about some "un" words where the "un" doesn't mean "not"? Like unicorn, uniform unilateral, university, universe, under, unify etc?
Level 85
Sep 15, 2018
Most of those are probably better suited for a "uni-" quiz.
Level 58
May 27, 2015
What about unhealthy for sick?
Level ∞
Jul 3, 2018
Okay I suppose
Level 74
Sep 17, 2018
Unhealthy didn't work for me.
Level 76
Feb 4, 2016
what about some more interesting words than just opposites of other words - university, unanimous, uncle...
Level 76
Sep 1, 2018
...unison, unicycle, undulate...
Level 42
May 13, 2016
what about undiscovered for the island question?
Level 65
Apr 3, 2018
"Maps" was the key word here, so "uncharted" is the correct answer.
Level 88
Sep 15, 2018
I'm with ebruck- undiscovered fits the clue just as well.
Level 63
Sep 15, 2018
Since "maps" is the key word, "unmapped" should at least work.
Level 59
Feb 11, 2018
I didn't think of unforced (error) in the tennis sense...and I play tennis. Rats!
Level 77
Sep 17, 2018
"Unearned" is the term in baseball, without specifying the sport, shouldn't that be accepted as well?
Level 65
Sep 17, 2018
Raw is not specific enough; it's need to be "raw food". Just the word raw meant to me as in a mineral or commodity so I was quite perturbed to find that "unrefined", "uncut", "untouched", etc. were not viable options. I went through about 10 examples and still couldn't get it; if food had been included I would've had it instantly.
Level 52
Sep 17, 2018
For the UNMOORED one, I got UNTETHERED in my mind and had the hardest time thinking of anything else.
Level 48
Apr 7, 2019
Well I put tame not tamed.

Unforced error is a thing? I had to google that.

Level 80
May 21, 2021
Isn't that unprocessed food? That would be a broader term, but it fits, I guess...
Level 74
Aug 19, 2021
Unwieldly or Unwieldy should both work. Both spellings are correct.