U.S. General Knowledge #10

Can you answer these random questions with an American focus?
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Last updated: November 14, 2018
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First submittedDecember 12, 2015
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What American folk hero is famous for planting apple trees?
Johnny Appleseed
Who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken?
Colonel Sanders
Where is a person likely to get "lei'd" when arriving at the airport?
What are the two most populous cities in Kentucky?
What American city has a name that means "Red Stick" in French?
Baton Rouge
What "ageless" TV star used to host "New Year's Rockin Eve"?
Dick Clark
What African-American Christmas alternative was first celebrated in 1966?
What position in the U.S. government has been held by Hillary Clinton,
Colin Powell, and Henry Kissinger?
Secretary of State
What Alaskan island chain extends for over 1,000 miles?
Aleutian Islands
What are Folsom, Attica, and Sing Sing?
What common American first name was used to refer to Viet Cong soldiers?
What company supposedly makes "57 varieties" of sauces?
What did the A originally stand for in Texas A&M?
What is the first Miranda right that a person will hear if they are arrested?
Right to
Remain Silent
What song is commonly played when the President of the United States enters a room?
Hail to the Chief
What type of hat did Davy Crockett famously wear?
Coonskin Cap
Who did Dennis the Menace irritate more than anyone else?
Mr. Wilson
Who is depicted on the front of 50 cent piece coins?
John F. Kennedy
On what avenue would you find the flagship location of Saks department store?
Fifth Avenue
Level 82
Dec 13, 2015
Never before realised that the USA had its own Dennis The Menace! :) (ie. not the same character that appears in The Beano...)
Level 58
Mar 3, 2017
The US Dennis the Menace started nearly 70 years ago. The word should have gotten around by now.
Level 89
Mar 10, 2019
Have a look in Wikpedia. The two Dennis the Menaces started at the same time in the UK and USA.
Level 84
Dec 14, 2015
So what does the A in Texas A&M stand for now? Isn't it the same?
Level 69
Dec 19, 2015
Level 85
Mar 12, 2016
It doesn't stand for anything. neither does the "M".
Level 58
Mar 3, 2017
Not Alpert and Moss? A&M Records?
Level 91
Dec 15, 2015
The word you're looking for in the Saks clue is "flagship", not headquarters. The address for their corporate headquarters is actually 49th Street.
Level ∞
Dec 15, 2015
Changed it
Level 84
Dec 15, 2015
Suggest "Honolulu" also accepted for Hawaii....? It refers to the airport, and that's the city where the airport is.
Level ∞
Dec 16, 2015
That will work now
Level 50
Dec 18, 2015
You know that's not the only airport in Hawaii, right?
Level 48
Mar 12, 2016
Ben Franklin was also on the 50 cent piece that was my first guess because I have a bunch of them... Also, I don't know if you do already, but you should also except Victor for the Viet Cong.... It was originally VC for Viet Cong, or Victor-Charlie (because of the NATO phonetic alphabet) and was later shortened to Charlie
Level 51
Apr 26, 2016
Really interesting. Thanks for the info.
Level 56
Mar 15, 2016
As a Kentuckian who attended the University of Louisville, I would like to take this opportunity to say, "Suck it, Lexington."
Level 33
Jun 11, 2024
you are welcome little brother... ;) UK staff member here lol
Level 68
Aug 19, 2018
How about "Ruffles and Flourishes" for Hail to the Chief? check it. I might be wrong.
Level 59
Dec 9, 2019
Could hear it in my head but could not remember the name. The tune always makes me think of Jack Lemmon and James Garner, comparing lyrics.
Level 74
Nov 11, 2020
Heinz has never made 57 varieties of sauce. It was a marketing tool that referred loosely to the number of food products they once sold, not just sauces ("57 varieties of good things to eat"), which actually numbered more than 57, but the 57 has stuck around.
Level 71
Aug 4, 2022
Huh, I thought it was varieties of tomato in the sauce (or maybe ingredients).
Level 91
Aug 4, 2022
Can I suggest "Send in the clowns" for the president song. It would definitely be more appropriate after the last 5.
Level 65
Jul 25, 2023
Hail to the chief cause he's the chief and he needs hailing.
Level 68
Feb 6, 2023
It's fun to go to Saks and try on stuff you can't afford