U.S. General Knowledge #45

Answer these random questions with an American focus.
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Last updated: March 17, 2020
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Who wrote "The Cat in the Hat"?
Dr. Seuss
What was the profession of Chester Nimitz and William F. Halsey?
On what river is Washington D.C. located?
What, according to Vince Lombardi, "isn't everything, it's the only thing"?
What Washington D.C. landmark was designed in 1981 by 21 year old architect Maya Lin?
Vietnam Veterans
What fellow American competed against Pete Sampras in five Grand Slam tennis finals?
Andre Agassi
What historical figure had siblings named Joseph, Rose, Kathleen, Eunice,
Patricia, Robert, Jean, and Edward?
John F. Kennedy
What drink, similar to Kool-Aid, was consumed by NASA astronauts?
Name one of the two best-selling rock bands of all-time that is named for a U.S. city.
Chicago / Boston
What company is synonymous with ice resurfacing machines?
What did Hester Prynne's scarlet A stand for?
What hairstyle has been described as "business in front, party in back"?
What comic strip character says "Good Grief"?
Charlie Brown
Where can you go in the board game Monopoly that was also visited by the movie
characters Ernest and Madea?
What "pack" of young actors starred in movies such as "The Breakfast Club"?
The Brat Pack
What sitcom starred Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson, and Shelley Long?
Which U.S. state capital has three sets of double letters in its name?
What musical instrument did Lawrence Welk play?
What is the best-selling soda in the U.S. that is not made by Pepsi or Coke?
Dr Pepper
What elected office did John Adams call "the most insignificant office that
ever the invention of man contrived"?
Vice President
Level 89
Mar 17, 2020
Charlie Sheen took Lombardi's philosophy to heart.

And lost.

Level 86
Mar 18, 2020
"Where can you go in the board game Monopoly that was also visited by the movie characters Ernest and Madea?" is a fabulously quirky clue. Cheers!
Level 69
Mar 19, 2020
Any chance you'd accept adulterer and adulteress?
Level ∞
Mar 19, 2020
Adulteress would have worked. Adulterer will now.
Level 66
Apr 18, 2020
I thought for sure Dr. Pepper was owned by Pepsi. I didn't even try guessing it. Learn something every day.
Level 87
Feb 17, 2023
It's distributed by Pepsi, but it is indeed it's own company.
Level 71
Apr 18, 2020
If you consider manga to be a form of comic book, then Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure also has the catchphrase "good grief."
Level 55
Apr 18, 2020
Could you accept prison for jail?
Level 39
Apr 18, 2020
But you can't go to prison on the board game Monopoly. You can only go to jail.
Level 43
Apr 20, 2020
A get out of "prison" free card?
Level 78
Apr 18, 2020
Honolulu has 3 sets of double letters?
Level 81
Apr 20, 2020
Wasn't there a children's book about an elephant named Babar?
Level 43
Apr 20, 2020
Double letters meaning next to each other. Should probably be reworded though.
Level 90
Apr 20, 2020
Not to be pedantic but Peanuts is a comic strip not a comic book.
Level ∞
Apr 20, 2020
Level 78
Jan 18, 2021
Aaarrgghh... I tried 'rat' but not 'brat' (from the musical group The Rat Pack)
Level 82
Sep 29, 2022
For some reason I didn't know Agassi was American. Kept trying to figure out how I was misspelling McEnroe.
Level 63
May 2, 2023
Washington DC also is located on the Anacostia river, I suggest adding that as an answer.