U.S. General Knowledge #54

Can you answer these random questions with an American focus?
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Last updated: June 10, 2021
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Who shot Alexander Hamilton?
Aaron Burr
What is the second smallest state, trailing only Rhode Island?
When a movie is rated "R", what does R stand for?
What is the last name of twins Jenna and Barbara, born in 1981?
Who became, in 1999, the oldest female singer to have a #1 hit in the U.S.?
(Hint: the song was "Believe")
What's the most-visited zoo in New York?
Bronx Zoo
What branch of the military joined the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force,
and Coast Guard in 2019?
Space Force
What is the largest library in the U.S., in terms of the size of its collection?
Library of Congress
In Hawaii, POG is a popular fruit drink. What does the G in POG stand for?
What "belt" of the U.S. stretches from the Carolinas to California?
Sun Belt
What "belt" of the U.S. stretches from central New York to Wisconsin?
Rust Belt
What "belt" of the U.S. stretches from Virginia to Texas?
Bible Belt
What country did Curtis LeMay say that the U.S. should threaten to
"bomb back to the Stone Age"?
North Vietnam
Which U.S. city is associated with the song "When the Saints Go Marching In"?
New Orleans
What three-letter agency administers the 247 million acres owned
by the federal government?
What state is home to Miami University, established in 1809?
On what game show were answers revealed with the catchphrase "survey says"?
Family Feud
What city in Florida is named after a city in Russia?
St. Petersburg
What position did Babe Ruth play for the first few years of his career?
Who said, in 1928, "We in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty
than ever before in the history of any land"?
Herbert Hoover
Level 76
Jun 11, 2021
I wonder how many people would have answered the Hamilton question correctly in 2010. Very few would have said "Aaron Burr, sir!"
Level 86
Jun 11, 2021
Actually, quite a few would have gotten it right. They just might have pronounced it "aaawwwon buwwww" while being upset that they just lost a $10,000 radio contest.
Level 90
Jun 17, 2021
:) That Got Milk commercial is one of the reasons I know it.
Level 81
Jun 11, 2021
I thought it was quite a well known fact about the founding fathers. More famous now sure but no secret before
Level 68
Jun 12, 2021
"Were revealed?" Does Steve Harvey not still say "survey says?"
Level 73
Jun 29, 2021
I think he usually uses past tense in the last round. "Name a purchase that you would need to consult your spouse about before making. You said... a car. Our survey said... 34."
Level 69
Jun 27, 2021
Oh. Those saints. The only thing I could think of was that the song was associated with the Latter Day Saints, so I guessed Salt Lake City.
Level 46
Jun 27, 2021
I think the "Black Belt" could be used for "Bible Belt" as well
Level 72
Jun 29, 2021
Are people really good in karate in the Bible Belt?
Level 65
Jun 28, 2021
The Space Force name still cracks me up.
Level 67
Jun 28, 2021
Never heard of BLM. Only thing I could think of was USDA, which obviously isn't three letters.
Level 72
Jun 29, 2021
I might have already asked this question elsewhere at some point, but I'm still wondering why NOLA isn't accepted for New Orleans. It's a fairly common nickname/abbreviation and a lot of other cities are shortened on Jetpunk... That being said, I was surprised when the right answer popped with only St. Pete for the Russia/Florida one. :)
Level 72
Apr 6, 2022
I was about say, I wish NOLA was accepted
Level ∞
Apr 6, 2022
Nola will work now.
Level 61
Jun 30, 2021
Oh, belts. Once again, you have shamed me.
Level 45
Dec 7, 2021
I've lived in Nevada most of my life, so the three-letter agency was easier for me to identify than where Miami University is.
Level 72
Apr 6, 2022
The snow belt is another belt that wasn't on the quiz
Level 77
Jun 28, 2022
Consider allowing "Yankee Stadium" for #6?
Level 68
Nov 5, 2022
Hoover's quote aged horribly.
Level 84
Nov 25, 2022
It's the day after belts necessary!