U.S. General Knowledge #8

Can you answer these random questions with an American focus?
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Last updated: February 24, 2022
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First submittedJuly 17, 2015
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What is the "twin city" of Minneapolis?
St. Paul
What were the Spruce Goose and the Spirit of St. Louis?
Who was the second President of the United States?
John Adams
What is forbidden by the Fifth Amendment, but happens on a game show
formerly hosted by Alex Trebek?
Double Jeopardy
If I have two Benjamins, three Jacksons and a Hamilton, how much money do I have?
What city in Kansas did people need to "get the hell outta"?
Dodge City
What TV program once concluded with "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney"?
60 Minutes
What animal appeared on the back of a nickel from 1913–1938?
Who, according to the Constitution, serves as the President of the Senate?
The Vice President
What movie was about a crashed U.S. military helicopter in Somalia?
Black Hawk Down
What was the lowest terror alert level ever reached?
Elevated (Yellow)
Which major 2008 Presidential candidate was not born in a U.S. state?
John McCain
What do internet retailers call the Monday after Black Friday?
Cyber Monday
What kind of "handles" do Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida have?
In which state do Ducks battle Beavers?
What was discovered in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1874?
What criminal was famously pursued by Prohibition agent Eliot Ness?
Al Capone
What are forbidden on Michigan's Mackinac Island?
What fraternal organization is known for wearing fezzes and driving miniature cars?
What TV alien was over 200 years old, wanted to eat the family cat,
and had a girlfriend named Rhonda?
Level 74
Jul 28, 2015
The Panama Canal Zone was an unorganized territory of the United States from 1903 - 1979. John McCain was born there on August 29, 1936. You'll need to correct that question.
Level ∞
Jul 28, 2015
Changed the question slightly to avoid confusion.
Level 87
Feb 25, 2022
Maybe in 2024 you will be able to update this to Canada native Ted Cruz.
Level 59
Jul 8, 2022
I hope not
Level 54
Aug 3, 2022
As a Texan, I too hope not.
Level 85
Oct 23, 2015
Love that you accept Gordon Shumway for ALF.
Level 77
Jul 7, 2022
Always seemed kind of weird that they called him ALF. I mean, he had a name, and was perfectly capable of telling it to them. "No, we're gonna call you 'alien life form' instead."
Level 45
Oct 23, 2015
The animal is actually a bison, not a buffalo. Yes, they are called "Buffalo Nickels" but you should also accept bison, since that's what the animal is.
Level 90
Feb 24, 2022
...and the answer should display as Bison.

Buffalo are not indigenous to North America.

Level 83
Feb 24, 2022
"American bison (Bison bison), also commonly referred to as the American buffalo or simply "buffalo" in North America". Words can have several meanings, animals can have several names.
Level 58
Aug 10, 2021
Ness also famously pursued the Cleveland Torso Murderer.
Level 86
Feb 24, 2022
When I was on Mackinac Island I saw both an ambulance and construction vehicles. Not trying to suggest that the answer is wrong, but "forbidden" ain't all it's cracked up to be.
Level 72
Jun 25, 2022
Who says they weren’t forbidden? I think you’ll find that all of those construction workers and the ambulance driver were all arrested, rendered to a CIA black site and are currently being detained, indefinitely, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. And a good thing too, those sick bastards!
Level 86
Feb 25, 2022
Now I really want to go to Minnesota and see that giant spoon and cherry.
Level 74
Feb 25, 2022
Sko Beavs
Level 68
Jul 7, 2022
10/20, but i am Greek.
Level 68
Jul 7, 2022
6/20, but I am in New Zealand
Level 60
Jul 7, 2022
4/20 but I'm an Aussie
Level 76
Jul 7, 2022
wern't it that barko barner?
Level 84
Apr 27, 2023
"What was discovered in the Black Hills in 1874?" is also a question on US General Knowledge #6. I suggest switching one of those out for a new general knowledge question.
Level ∞
Apr 27, 2023
Thanks. It looks like Quiz #6 never got revamped in our latest cycle. Sorted now.
Level 50
Jan 12, 2024
The Jeopardy! question was actually on Celebrity Jeopardy! this week. Somebody must have played this quiz.