U.S. Presidential Knowledge - Multiple Choice

Can you answer these multiple choice questions about U.S. Presidents and the office of the Presidency?
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Last updated: March 31, 2020
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1. Who succeeded Thomas Jefferson as President?
James Madison
John Quincy Adams
James K. Polk
2. Who was Kennedy's Vice President?
Richard Nixon
Jimmy Carter
Lyndon B. Johnson
Gerald R. Ford
3. Where was Barack Obama born?
4. What is the official residence of the Vice President?
Gracie Mansion
Number One Observatory Circle
The White House
There isn't one
5. Which of these Presidents WASN'T a state governor?
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
Harry Truman
Ronald Reagan
6. What is the minimum number of votes that a state can have in the electoral college?
7. Which President's real first name was Hiram?
Calvin Coolidge
Harry S. Truman
John Quincy Adams
Ulysses S. Grant
8. Which of these is considered to be a "swing state" in U.S. Presidential elections?
9. What was Richard Nixon's middle name?
10. Which of these is NOT a real location within the White House?
The Oval Office
The West Wing
The Grand Parlor
The Lincoln Bedroom
11. Who can the President communicate with using the "Red Telephone"?
The Secretary of Defense
The Prime Minister of the UK
His Wife
The President of Russia
The "red phone" is not a phone, nor is it red. It is a method for sending secure e-mails.
12. What era of history did James Monroe preside over?
Era of Good Feelings
The Gilded Age
13. Which of these Presidents had a mustache?
Dwight Eisenhower
Theodore Roosevelt
Andrew Jackson
Thomas Jefferson
14. True or false. Every President prior to Obama was a white, Protestant, man?
John F. Kennedy was Catholic
15. What's the longest a President can theoretically serve, according to the Constitution and its amendments?
4 years
8 years
10 years
15 years
16. Who of these was NOT an actual first lady?
June Carter
Mamie Eisenhower
Lady Bird Johnson
Betty Ford
June Carter was a country singer
Level ∞
Mar 10, 2020
#15 is a little tricky. In the event that a President dies or steps down, the Vice President is now President. If that person serves for 2 years or fewer, they are still allowed to run for two more full terms.
Level 84
Mar 10, 2020
It would have applied to Johnson or Truman, but neither got a "third" term.
Level 62
Mar 31, 2020
Actually it wouldn't have applied to Truman. The law limiting terms was enacted during his presidency, and to get him to sign it Congress had to make an exception for the incumbent president.
Level 61
Mar 13, 2020
Tricky if you haven't read the constitution ; )
Level 75
Mar 19, 2020
Which isn't every day reading for most people, especially the 7.4 billion people outside of the US. :)
Level 58
Feb 2, 2021
If the constitution says they are only allowed to serve for 10, then how did FDR serve 12 years?
Level 92
Feb 3, 2021
They changed the law with an amendment after his presidency.
Level 89
Mar 10, 2020
President Cash would actually be an appropriate name for any of them.
Level 87
Mar 10, 2020
One of the fake choices for Obama's birthplace should be Nairobi! :)
Level 77
Mar 10, 2020
I love the Simpsons reference! Cromulently done.
Level 69
Mar 12, 2020
I answered grand parlor for 10, the answer didnt turn green, but has a check and is correct according to the stats. The question turned red (as if it was wrong) but no alternate answer was marked as correct.
Level 90
Mar 31, 2020
Weird. That didn't happen for me. What about now? Has it changed?
Level 84
Mar 31, 2020
I believe the answer to #15 to be incorrect. Let's say Bob is VP and the president dies after a year. Bob serves the remaining three years. Next election, a new president is elected, and Bob is VP again. Again, the president dies, and Bob serves another three years. Next election, same again. Bob just keeps getting elected as VP, then serving as President.
Level 72
Mar 31, 2020
I think after a certain point you would either not be sworn in as VP, or when then president stepped down, the Speaker of the House would become president.
Level ∞
Mar 31, 2020
#15 is correct, but I did change the wording slightly. There are actually two amendments at play here: the 22nd and the 12th. The 12th amendment says "But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States."

This hasn't been tested in courts, and probably never will be, but it seems clear to me that it prevents the scenario you mentioned.

In any case, "unlimited" is not a choice, so the only possible correct answer is 10 years.

Level 82
Apr 3, 2020
hm.. well okay. That was not the answer that was arrived upon in a documentary I watched on the subject.
Level 52
Mar 14, 2021
I'm getting suspicious of this Bob.
Level 84
Mar 31, 2020
I vaguely recall Cheney having an argument with his neighbors over construction on his property. Was that at observatory circle?
Level 82
Apr 7, 2020
I also vaguely remember a news story about the Cheney residence being blurred out on Google Earth, while the White House was still clearly visible. But not sure where that was.
Level ∞
Jan 18, 2021
I just read that exact fact in Ken Jennings' book Maphead.
Level 77
Sep 20, 2022
I would say that in 2022, it might be worth changing the swing state clue. I don't believe that Florida is truly a swing state anymore. Probably better off with Wisconsin or Michigan or something else.
Level 74
Feb 5, 2023
I was about to comment the exact same thing, you can probably switch Florida with either Georgia or Pennsylvania. Florida is just gettin redder and redder each election.