U.S. State Capitals Closest to Mexico

Name the capitals of U.S. states that are geographically closest to Mexico.
As the crow flies. Only counts points on land.
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Last updated: December 10, 2019
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First submittedJanuary 19, 2018
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Santa Fe
Oklahoma City
Baton Rouge
Carson City
Salt Lake City
Level 87
Jan 19, 2018
Fun quiz! Nice contrast to one about state capitals closest to Canada.
Level 44
May 5, 2023
quizmaster is a million people making a bunch of quizzes. also, why does pixabay suck so much? if I search up something like dirt, I'll get pictures of concrete. Also, if you log in to your account twice from different devices, couldn't more people make more quizzes?
Level 82
Jan 19, 2018
I get such a mental block on us state capitals, I could probably name more major chinese cities which is ridiculous.
Level 69
Jan 20, 2018
I'm right there with ya! It's on my list of things to learn this year.
Level 64
Jan 20, 2018
Let's see.........Chinese cities closest to Mexico. Hmmmmm
Level 82
Jan 20, 2018
Shanghai and hangzhou would feature prominently I'd wager :)
Level 59
Dec 6, 2020
Xiamen would be a good shout as well
Level 61
May 4, 2023
Okay, you all got me curious! Closest I could find was Heihe, clocking in at 8,800 km. The closest "major" city is probably Harbin at around 9,200 km. Shanghai comes in at about 10,600 km, Hangzhou at 10,800, and Xiamen at 11,400. Turns out because of curvature the shortest path from basically anywhere in China is going to be over the North Pacific to Tijuana. Thanks for the fun little excursion y'all :)
Level 44
May 5, 2023
who wants to take a trip to Qingdao? very good name for us english speakers.
Level 84
Jan 24, 2018
I was so certain that I must be spelling Albuquerque wrong...
Level 78
Jan 31, 2018
Whoops. I did a capitals quiz once and wondered why the hell the quiz wasn't accepting Seattle. Happens to the best of us.
Level 72
Feb 1, 2018
Was taking a country capitals quiz trying to figure out why it wasn't accepting Toronto!
Level 50
Feb 19, 2018
Pretty easy.
Level 66
Mar 9, 2018
I am not able to convince myself that little rock isn't slightly closer than jackson.
Level 49
Apr 1, 2018
Accept Oklahoma for Oklahoma City.
Level 70
Jul 15, 2018
Oklahoma is not the name of the capital. also, maybe you could be polite and request instead of demand.
Level 71
Jul 17, 2018
Carson and Salt Lake are not the names of the capitals either, yet they are accepted... (But you're right. A "please" would have been nice.)
Level 57
Dec 3, 2020
Okc works.
Level 62
Jan 16, 2022
SLC works to for Salt Lake City
Level 60
Aug 24, 2019
Trickier than I thought. Trying too much to the east ! Forgot 2 western capitals.
Level 55
Nov 24, 2019
I was surprised Little Rock wasn't included. This would be fun with Canada.
Level 51
Dec 5, 2020
Nice quiz
Level 68
Feb 24, 2021
Almost didn't get OKC. I typed out Oklahoma and assumed it was like country capitals, where it would automatically take if it was correct.
Level 23
May 8, 2023
Got 9/10. Somehow missed Carson city though.
Level 66
Oct 4, 2023
Where's Chisinau?