U.S. States by Wikipedia Descriptions #2

Can you name the state based off a description from its Wikipedia article?
Answer must correspond to the yellow box
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Last updated: February 19, 2019
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The only U.S. state located in Oceania
Adirondack Park was given state constitutional protection to remain "forever wild"
New York
Its population is largely concentrated in the Willamette Valley
Known as the Peach State
The traditional prominence of dairy farming and cheesemaking have led
to the nickname of "cheeseheads"
The pronunciation with the final "s" being silent was made official by an act
of the state legislature
Three U.S. presidents have been elected while living in the state: Abraham Lincoln,
Ulysses S. Grant, and Barack Obama
The easternmost state in the contiguous United States
A common misconception that it is the flattest state in the nation
Its license plates carry the state motto, "Live Free or Die"
New Hampshire
The state experiences the most tornadoes in the United States, an average of 139 a year
There are 11,842 lakes over 10 acres in size
Family Guy is based in a fictional city named Quahog
Rhode Island
Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill form the Research Triangle
North Carolina
The Battle of Gettysburg was fought in the south central region of the state
Federal lands include two national parks - Grand Teton and Yellowstone
The French founded the region's first European settlement at Old Mobile in 1702
Significant rivers within the state include the Cuyahoga River,
Great Miami River, and Maumee River
Thomas Jefferson and many of the state's early leaders favored the
Neoclassical architecture style
Home to Sun Records, where musicians such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash,
Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roy Orbison began their recording careers
Level 73
Feb 20, 2019
Another fun quiz, 2:53. Would love to see you get more granular with the quiz questions for this concept, maybe make an "hard" version.
Level 75
Mar 7, 2021
Also make a "for dummies" version please.
Level 76
Feb 21, 2019
Love it when the Great Miami River is located in Ohio, not Florida!
Level 86
Jun 7, 2019
Miami University vs. University of Miami.
Level 78
Jul 13, 2019
Miami University is also in a town called Oxford, which makes it even more confusing
Level 78
Mar 4, 2021
Miami University (Ohio) was founded in 1809. The University of Miami (Florida) was founded in 1925. I'd say that the one in Florida is a very expensive copy of the original.
Level 67
Jul 13, 2019
Wisconsin actually has more lakes than Minnesota, and Minnesota has more cows than Wisconsin.
Level 33
Mar 4, 2021
Minnesota actually has significantly more lakes, as they use a larger acre standard for what a lake is. That cow fact is quite interesting though
Level 39
Oct 28, 2021
Interesting because it's blatantly false, I suppose.

Wisconsin has 3,350,000 cattle total while Minnesota has 2,280,000. Even looking at dairy cattle specifically (versus dairy and beef cattle combined), there is no contest between number of cows in Wisconsin versus Minnesota. There are 1,260,000 head of dairy cattle in Wisconsin, surpassed only by the larger state of California. Minnesota is ranked 7th in the nation with 455,000 dairy cattle.

Level 60
Jul 13, 2019
Why Arkansas? Why????
Level 65
Apr 1, 2023
America egsblain! What you mean it Arkansaw?!
Level 27
Jul 16, 2019
Anyone else try numerous spellings of Illinois for the Arkansas clue?
Level 79
Jan 3, 2021
I kept trying the correct spelling of Illinois before thinking of the other state with a silent 's' 😂
Level 71
Mar 4, 2021
Please try my New Jersey true or false quiz.
Level 25
Mar 6, 2021
Why does no one include Utah or idaho
Level 40
Feb 13, 2023
Level 24
Apr 2, 2023
i did it!
Level 58
Apr 3, 2023
Alaska should also be accepted for the lake answer. It has as many as was specified in the question and more. Therefore it is also a valid answer.
Level 40
Apr 3, 2023
Finally, something else for us texans to be made fun of for