USA Tourist Attractions by Description #1

Can you name these famous American tourist attractions based on a description?
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Last updated: December 17, 2019
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First submittedJuly 17, 2012
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Huge statue in New York Harbor
Statue of Liberty
Mountain with Presidential faces
Mount Rushmore
Former prison in San Francisco Bay
Brightly lit intersection in NYC
Times Square
Former mission in San Antonio where
Davy Crockett met his end
The Alamo
Place where four states intersect
Four Corners
Spring break island in South Texas
South Padre
Large lake between California
and Nevada
Lake Tahoe
Historic New Orleans neighborhood
French Quarter
World's largest tree, named after
a Civil War general
General Sherman
World's largest cave system,
in Kentucky
Mammoth Cave
Huge dam near Las Vegas
Hoover Dam
New York Harbor island, a former
gateway for US immigrants
Ellis Island
Kentucky Derby racetrack
Churchill Downs
Palatial residence
of William Randolph Hearst
Hearst Castle
Star-filled sidewalk along
Hollywood Boulevard
Walk of Fame
New Jersey city famous for its
boardwalk and casinos
Atlantic City
Famous Yellowstone Park geyser
Old Faithful
Huge waterfalls split between
New York and Canada
Niagara Falls
Orange-red bridge in
San Francisco
Golden Gate
Chicago's tallest building
Willis Tower
Military frigate built in 1797 and
docked in Boston
USS Constitution
Heavily advertised drug store
in South Dakota
Wall Drug
House with weird stuff near
Spring Green, WI
House on the
Level 34
Dec 24, 2012
where the hell is wall drug?
Level 91
Jun 5, 2013
It's a really big destination for RVers. Look on the back of a well-traveled RV, and you'll probably see a Wall Drug bumper sticker.
Level 90
Nov 13, 2013
Wall Drug is 1,460 miles east of San Francisco. Just follow the signs!
Level 58
Mar 5, 2014
If you're anywhere on I-90 between Idaho and Wisconsin, you'll probably see a Wall Drug billboard every 5 miles.
Level 93
Sep 15, 2021
South dakota. I hear it is heavily advertised.
Level 60
Aug 10, 2022
It is extremely advertised. I went on a road trip to Mount Rushmore and on the way, literally every 2 miles, there was an ad for Wall Drug. We finally went and it was obviously very overrated but still I think it was worth it.
Level 20
Dec 24, 2012
Should accept Lady Liberty for statue.
Level 51
Apr 28, 2015
Level 89
Oct 23, 2019
Should accept just Liberty as Statue is redundant to the question.
Level 36
Aug 7, 2013
bourbon street is also a historic new orleans neighborhood
Level 48
May 17, 2022
as a new orleanian, no it isn't. As the name suggests, it's a street, not a neighborhood. It's hardly historic, as most of the tourist attractions (which is what the quiz is about) are bars and clubs without much history. Go one block away from bourbon street and it's a lot nicer
Level 87
Feb 23, 2023
Bourbon St is definitely not a neighborhood, but it is one of the streets in the French Quarter.
Level 13
Aug 7, 2013
Hollywood Sign????????????????????????????
Level 67
Nov 19, 2013
You already told us it is a statue, how about just accepting "Liberty" without statue? ...And thank you for now accepting "old ironsides," because I tried "constitution" several times thinking maybe I misspelled it only to find out I need USS in front.
Level 77
Dec 1, 2013
Level 91
Feb 26, 2014
Yeah, I got stuck on that for a while, when it didn't accept ironsides or constitution. Came up with adding USS before thinking to add Old, though.
Level 84
May 8, 2014
Definitely should accept constitution. After inputting that twice, I assumed the quiz was misspelling it. Never heard of Wall Drug.
Level 63
Mar 14, 2016
Liberty Enlightening the World is the official name
Level 44
Mar 25, 2014
Have you dug wall drug??

Best place ever! I want to live there!

Level 53
Jun 6, 2014
As someone who doesn't get to vacation outside of the Midwest often, I was excited to see Wall Drug and House on the Rock here. Both cool, kinda retro places.
Level 83
Sep 19, 2014
Ditto! I went to Wall Drug as a kid, and hadn't been back until last summer. I thought it would be boring and not fun, but I was pleasantly surprised! Maybe not for everyone, but a unique place on the map.

Wouldn't want to live there though, as one commenter suggested. :-)

Level 19
Feb 18, 2015
I live in South Dakota and have never been to Wall drug... However, there are billboards all around the world (China, Inida, Europe, etc.) and the majority of the signs are on I90...
Level 68
Mar 16, 2015
Been to nine of these... including Wall Drug. I remain unashamed.
Level 51
Apr 28, 2015
Could you accept "Sherman" for "General Sherman"? After all, "general" is already in the question. I thought I'd gotten it wrong when I typed in "Sherman" and it didn't accept it.
Level 69
Jan 28, 2017
Level 42
Jun 14, 2015
Glad to see so many Californian destinations!
Level 71
Mar 16, 2016
Where is the Space Needle, the Grand Canyon, the Empire state building, and the St. Louis Arch? They should be on this list too.
Level 61
Apr 2, 2016
I always found it so interesting that the Statue of Liberty is on the New Jersey side of the New York- New Jersey border, yet they always teach it that it is located in New York.
Level 61
Oct 28, 2016
Actually, the Statue of Liberty belongs to New York. It is an enclave within New Jersey. Ellis island belongs mostly to New Jersey with another New York enclave inside the museum.
Level 22
Jun 16, 2016
Glad to see one from Wisconsin! Kind of sad that I live here and have never been to the House on the Rock. :(
Level 44
Jun 26, 2016
I'm a little disappointed only 7% guessed the House on the rock. Does no one here read Neil Gaiman?
Level 87
Jun 2, 2017
I personally believe, and I think others could agree, that many things on this list don't belong here; there are many things that are not here that maybe should be.

(Space Needle, Grand Canyon, Denali, Empire State Building, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, White House, Capitol Building, Liberty Bell, etc.)

Level 63
Jun 16, 2017
Make your own quiz then.
Level 79
Apr 8, 2023
Why do so many of you want the easiest, most obvious clues on these quizzes? You really need ANOTHER clue on this site about the Grand Canyon, Space Needle, and the freaking White House? Really?
Level 35
May 10, 2018
Can you accept Lady Liberty?
Level 75
Oct 18, 2018
You should accept Padre Island
Level 80
May 23, 2021
please accept sherman
Level 56
Apr 23, 2022
The statue of liberty is in New Jersey...
Level 48
May 17, 2022
It's owned by the State of New York, and the Statue of Liberty is in an enclave controlled by NY inside New Jersey
Level 74
Mar 16, 2023
20/24, thanks for the quiz!
Level 79
Apr 8, 2023
The norm on Jetpunk is to accept the shortened, obvious answer: Liberty, Sherman, Constitution should all definitely be accepted. I thought I was going crazy and must have typed Sherman 5 times. "General" was already in the clue, why would anyone think they had to type that all out?
Level 63
May 27, 2023
The funny things is I've actually been to House on the Rock, but couldn't get it from the description LOL.
Level 60
Feb 13, 2024
So sad that more people don't know Hearst Castle. It is a really cool tour in CA! Had never heard of Wall Drug nor House on the Rock.

Great quiz—thank you!