Which European Island?

Can you name the European island described in each clue?
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Last updated: October 19, 2023
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First submittedOctober 19, 2023
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Largest island in the Mediterranean
Where Napoleon was born in 1769
Island to which Napoleon was exiled in 1814 before escaping
Island nation where roads are sometimes diverted to avoid disturbing elves
Ancient tablets from this island written in Linear B have been deciphered.
Tablets in Linear A have not.
Island just off Naples which a type of pant is named for
Island in the Seine where Notre-Dame can be found
Île de la Cité
England's largest island – in 1970 an estimated 600,000 people flocked there
to see Jimi Hendrix perform
Isle of Wight
British crown dependency located halfway between Great Britain and Ireland
Isle of Man
For 200 years, the Knights Hospitaller ruled this Greek island just off
the coast of Turkey
Cagliari and Olbia are two its largest cities
Island nation which is the only European country to speak a Semitic language
Appropriately, this island is about 5 times larger than its neighbor Menorca
Greek island, swarming with tourists, which was partially destroyed by a massive
volcanic eruption around 1600 B.C.
Croatia's most populous island, its name has 3 letters but no vowels
Odysseus was the king of this Greek island
Copenhagen sits on many islands, the largest of which is ...
A U.S. state is named after this island in the English Channel
The largest of Scotland's Inner Hebrides, the flag of this island incorporates
a Viking ship and a Celtic cross
Isle of Skye
The largest island in the Baltic Sea, it is part of Sweden
Level ∞
Oct 19, 2023
Pictured: Flag of the Isle of Man.

Remarkably, the flag of Sicily also features three legs in the same arrangement.

Level 71
Oct 19, 2023
Good quiz, didn't do very well though. Can't believe I tried Cyprus for the fourth question.
Level 49
Dec 12, 2023
I did the exact same thing.
Level 89
Oct 19, 2023
This seems like it should be yellow boxed or people will just exhaust the list of European islands they know without even reading the hints.
Level 45
Oct 20, 2023
Agreed on this one, would make it play a lot harder but would be a positive.
Level 53
Dec 13, 2023
Would not have gotten Crete without it but I agree :)
Level 75
Oct 19, 2023
Great quiz, thank you.
Level 83
Oct 19, 2023
Wight is England's second largest island ...
Level ∞
Oct 19, 2023
Level 76
Oct 19, 2023
I think Djilas' point is that England's largest island is Britain. Of course, England being only a part of Britain makes this statement somewhat problematic, but the quoted source does mention Britain and its contextual "mainland" status as the reason for its absence from the list.
Level 75
Oct 24, 2023
I think it's pretty clear that Great Britain is the UK's largest island, not England's.
Level 82
Oct 20, 2023
ohhhh, *pant*. I was reading *plant* and was incredibly confused when the answer appeared
Level 67
Nov 15, 2023
Me too
Level 61
Dec 12, 2023
i read it as "paint"
Level 78
Oct 23, 2023
The Isle of Wight question wasn't just to see Hendrix. It was a multi-day festival, with a number of star musicians/groups performing.
Level 75
Oct 24, 2023
The three legs symbol is a common variant of the triskelion, an old three-pronged spiral design found especially in Celtic areas. No idea why Sicily (and the Naples coat of arms as well BTW) feature it though.
Level 78
Oct 30, 2023
Fun quiz. One quibble: just as Cyprus is (rightly) considered by Jetpunk to be Asian, owing to its position, should the same not apply to Rhodes?
Level 76
Oct 31, 2023
The entire notion of a border between Europe and Asia is cultural much more than it is geographical. For that reason, unless there's a very clear geographical feature that has to take priority, it makes sense to follow country borders. Past the Dardanelles, there's basically no border-like geographical feature at all. Placing Cyprus in geographical Asia is ultimately arbitrary but at least it doesn't defy logic, splitting Greece between the two continents is just pretty absurd.
Level 69
Dec 13, 2023
Should be: Cagliari and Olbia are “its two”

largest cities

Level 78
Dec 14, 2023
I think that Sassari is bigger than Olbia. I passed through both a couple of months back.