Which U.S. State Capital?

Can you guess the state capital which applies to each clue?
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Last updated: October 27, 2023
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Where Abraham Lincoln practiced law
Record high temperature: 122 °F
Site of Tesla headquarters since 2021
Founded in 1850, two years after gold was discovered at nearby Sutter's Mill
Home to the U.S. Naval Academy
The northernmost state capital
Burned by General Sherman on his March to the Sea
Named for a German chancellor
Paul Revere and Samuel Adams lived there
George Washington crossed the icy Delaware River to surprise Hessian troops stationed there
The nearby motor raceway has a capacity of 250,000 people, making it the
largest sporting venue in the world
Founded by Brigham Young who said "this is the right place, drive on"
Salt Lake City
Named for a town on the English Channel
Proudly calls itself "The Insurance Capital of the World"
From 1850–1893, it was the capital of a monarchy
A common name for men born in France
Its name is Spanish for "Holy Faith"
Santa Fe
Founded during the Land Run of 1889, its population increased from zero to
10,000 in a single day
Oklahoma City
In 1951, Oliver Brown sued the Board of Education of this city
Baseballs travel further here than in every other Major League city
Level 75
Oct 28, 2023
Should there be a yellow box? I can just name random capitals (I don't think there should be an apostrophe in "it's name is Spanish").

Also, I may have guessed Lincoln for the first one.

Level ∞
Oct 28, 2023
Fixed, thank you.
Level 85
Oct 28, 2023
Not sure I understand the baseball one - other than knowing the dimensions of the MLB ball parks.

Kinda surprised at the low numbers for the 'Insurance Capital' and 'Brown v. Board of Ed.'

Level 86
Oct 29, 2023
Denver is higher than the other state capitals, the air density is lower thus the balls are less slowed down.
Level 85
Nov 6, 2023

As an engineer, I have to wonder if the difference is noticeable - or even measurable...

Level 67
Nov 30, 2023
It is commonly-known among baseball fans that the air quality in Denver creates a significant difference in offense. Balls fly around and out of that park. Star pitchers do not want to play for the Rockies because it will damage their stats (and therefore their value), and hitters are often penalized in the eyes of sports writers for getting a boost from Denver's air. Todd Helton, for example, is the best Rockies hitter of all-time and would probably already be in the Hall of Fame if he had the same stats with any other team, but he's still not in (although he got very close last time). Larry Walker was another surefire pick that had to wait longer than expected because he played so many games in Denver. So I'm sure the difference can be measured by an engineer.
Level 79
Nov 6, 2023
It is apparently noticeable, the things I've found say that distance is around 7-10% farther at altitude. Quite interesting.
Level 83
Oct 28, 2023
Admittedly pedantic (apologies), but the last clue should be “farther,” not “further.”
Level 74
Oct 28, 2023
Love how the AI thumbnail guy is missing a finger
Level 77
Oct 30, 2023
i was wondering about that! Quizmaster is accepting the future, it seems
Level 19
Oct 29, 2023
6/20, not great. I can't believe I missed my own state capital.