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Name these movies that starred Will Ferrell.
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Last updated: December 4, 2019
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Mustachioed 1970s newsman falls into depression after his dog is punted off a bridge
NASCAR driver is challenged by an effete Frenchman
Talladega Nights
Thirty-somethings form a college fraternity that is open to men of all ages
Old School
Rival male figure skaters join forces and compete as a pair
Blades of Glory
Adult losers become brothers when their parents marry each other
Step Brothers
Evil fashion designer conspires to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia
One of Santa's helpers travels to NYC to meet his biological father
Interlopers attend weddings - and funerals - for the purpose of seducing women
Wedding Crashers
Basketball team from Flint, Michigan has a chance to become part of the NBA
Man and his father are rival youth soccer coaches
Kicking & Screaming
Two sexuallly-agressive brothers strive to gain admittance to an exclusive nightclub
A Night at the Roxbury
Trigger-happy cop shoots Derek Jeter and has a partner who compares himself to a tuna
The Other Guys
A man's entire life is narrated by a British author
Stranger Than Fiction
Baby-punching congressman faces a naive challenger backed by evil billionaires
The Campaign
Hapless actor is the victim of a witch's love spells
Level 82
Dec 22, 2013
Anyone else notice that he plays essentially the same exact character (grossly oversexed dim-witted manchild that gets laughs from his immaturity and the fact that he is not actually sexy) in both Anchorman movies, Wedding Crashers, Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory, and Semi-Pro? Maybe some of these others as well. His characters in Old School and A Night at the Roxbury (perhaps the latter being the genesis of this archetype) were very similar, too.
Level 82
Dec 22, 2013
and Elf.. if you subtract the oversexed aspect and amplify the overgrown manchild part.
Level 45
Apr 22, 2014
In that case, don't forget about Step Brothers.
Level 73
Feb 5, 2016
So You came to a website, found a quiz about an actor you don't like, probably took the quiz, and then took the time to post in the comments section about how you don't like that actor. Man it sounds like you've got some seriously important stuff going on in your life.
Level 82
Nov 3, 2016
Nothing as important as taking a quiz, opening up the comments section, finding a comment I don't like, and then berating the person who made the comment in a lengthy comment of my own.
Level 61
Nov 20, 2016
I'm pretty sure everyone notices that. Some folks like the humor, some don't. I laugh my butt off at most of his movies. I won't hold it against you that you don't.
Level 82
Jun 26, 2019
Where did I say that I held it against anyone who liked his movies or even that I thought they were unfunny? Or that I disliked Ferrell? Don't be so sensitive.
Level 78
Dec 22, 2013
At least he's not overexposed.
Level 28
Nov 9, 2014
Couldn't think of the name of Step Brothers to save my life even though I have seen it a few times now!
Level 59
Nov 10, 2014
10/15. Not bad, considering I've never seen a single one of these movies. I really don't like Will Ferrell.
Level 43
Nov 11, 2014
The Landlord was my favorite Ferrel movie ; )
Level 43
Nov 11, 2014
should add Men Seeking Women and Starsky and Hutch. He's in those too.
Level 69
Nov 12, 2014
I don't think this was meant to be a complete list. He's been in quite a few other movies too (e.g. Land of the Lost, Everything Must Go, etc.)
Level 45
Nov 12, 2014
the lego movie??????????????????
Level 72
Aug 24, 2015
Land of the Lost??
Level 29
May 2, 2016
The clue for A Night At the Roxbury has a typo
Level 66
Dec 20, 2017
Not a big Will Ferrell fan, so I didn't do very well on this quiz. Elf was tolerable, but most of his movies are not my kind of comedy. The only role I really enjoyed of his was from his SNL days, when he was Alex Trebek in their celebrity Jeopardy skits. That was brilliant.
Level 86
May 17, 2018
I agree that Trebek is Ferrell's greatest role. Overall, from this list I think I generally prefer the ones where he plays a smaller role to the ones where he is the star.
Level 89
Jul 17, 2018
He mimicked James Lipton doing Inside the Actors Studio to a T except he's about a foot taller.
Level 86
May 17, 2018
Prime Minister of *Claymatia.
Level 46
May 29, 2018
The absurdity of these movie descriptions is just unbelievable. Sadly they're not as funny as they sound.
Level 47
Feb 7, 2019
what about land of the lost, daddy's home and kicking and screaming??
Level 20
Apr 17, 2019
Pretty sure this was made before that
Level 77
Sep 18, 2021
Stranger Than Fiction is a legitimately excellent movie with good serious acting by Ferrell. I highly recommend if you've never seen.
Level 93
Jan 5, 2022
Little did he know, it would be one of his best performances.
Level 79
Jan 9, 2022
3 Ls in "sexually"