Will Smith : A National Concern

Will Smith has been in the news a lot lately. Can you guess these facts about the famous A-list actor?
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Last updated: April 13, 2022
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Sitcom he starred in from 1990–1996
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
City in which he was "born and raised"
Movie for which he won an Oscar for Best Actor (hint: tennis)
King Richard
Person he slapped at the Oscar award ceremony
Chris Rock
What Will is short for (no, it's not William)
D.J. who started a hip hop duo with Will Smith in the 1980s
D.J. Jazzy Jeff
Word, starting with J, that was added to the dictionary because
of a Will Smith song
Will Smith song about a city where "the heat is on, all night, on the beach
'til the break of dawn"
Movie franchise he starred in alongside Tommy Lee Jones
Men in Black
Movie franchise he starred in with Martin Lawrence
Bad Boys
1996 movie in which he punched an alien
Independence Day
Comic book movie in which he played a villain named Deadshot
Suicide Squad
Steam punk western movie with the initials WWW
Wild Wild West
First name of Will's wife
His son who starred in the 2010 remake of "The Karate Kid"
Jaden Smith
His daughter who is a singer
Willow Smith
Rapper who said that, unlike Will Smith, he has to cuss to sell records
African-American actress with whom Smith once expressed a desire to be in a
polyamorous relationship
Halle Berry
Level 74
Apr 14, 2022
Aww, no questions about Hancock? That's by far the best Will Smith movie lol
Level 81
Aug 30, 2022
I thought maybe Six Degrees of Separation (but probably would have got it wrong lol)
Level 84
Apr 14, 2022
ID won't work for Independence Day?
Level 85
Apr 16, 2022
ID4 works as a type-in.
Level 89
Apr 15, 2022
Willard was was the one sent upriver to slap some sense into Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Level 54
Apr 21, 2022
Level 35
Apr 25, 2022
Level 66
Apr 21, 2022
As far as I know Will Smith wanted to be in a polygamous relationship with Halle Berry and Misty Copeland. Where does polyamory fit into the picture?
Level 58
Apr 21, 2022
isn't polygamy just a type of polyamory?
Level 82
Apr 21, 2022
Polygamy is marriage to multiple people.

Polyamory is an approach to relationships, or simply a belief or value or personality type, wherein you feel that one person can be in love with multiple different people at the same time, or have romantic feelings for someone new without diminishing the romantic feelings they have for established partners or anyone else.

Polyamory is often talked about as being distinct from something like "swinging" - swingers being people who may be in committed, loving relationships with one partner, but who openly engage in purely physical relationships with other partners - because polyamorous couples and individuals don't limit their other relationships to the purely physical. Actually, they often prefer not to.

It's entirely possible that polyamorous people may wish to engage in polygamy... but... if they're not marrying multiple people at the same time then they can be polyamorous without being polygamists.

Level 44
Apr 21, 2022
The eminem lyrics came quicker than any of the other answers haha
Level 70
Apr 23, 2022
all i know is i'm upstairs listening to my will smith cd
Level 62
Apr 21, 2022
Nice quiz. Hancock was a good movie.
Level 78
Apr 21, 2022
Thinking about the quiz description... can someone who isn't famous be an A-list actor? Hmm.
Level 76
Apr 22, 2022
Level 65
Apr 24, 2022
I put in "Townes," "Jeff Townes," and "Jeffrey Townes" before putting in "Jazzy Jeff." Those shoudl all three be accepted.
Level 89
Apr 25, 2022
Jeffrey Townes & The Fresh Prince doesn't really have curb appeal.
Level 81
Aug 30, 2022
Getting tossed out of a Bel Air mansion though...
Level 68
Apr 25, 2022
Just guessed Halle Berry
Level 58
Apr 25, 2022
'A National Concern' 🤣 Can totally see why he went with Will instead of Willard