Word Chain - Russia

Guess these words related to Russia. The last letter of each word is the same as the first letter of the next word.
All the answers are a single word
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Last updated: July 9, 2017
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Tchaikovsky's Christmas ballet
"Mad Monk" favored by the last tsarina
Fifth largest-city: Nizhny ________
Species of Laika - the first animal
to orbit the Earth
Last leader of the USSR
Largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean
Soviet spy agency
Moscow's most famous ballet theatre
Russian name that is the equivalent of John
He failed to conquer Russia in 1812
Russian for "no"
"Blocky" video game invented in 1984
Ethnic group that includes
Russians, Poles, etc...
Mountain range on the Georgia border
"Rite of Spring" composer
First democratically-elected
leader of Russia
St. Petersburg's river
Youngest daughter of the last tsar
National airline of Russia
Forested biome that spans Russia
Country invaded in 1979
Level 65
Jul 9, 2017
The perfect series!
Level 54
Jul 17, 2017
Russia did not invade Afghanistan, the Soviet Union did. Two different countries, even if the current leader of the existing country longs for the days of the previous one. :P
Level 89
Sep 12, 2018
You mean the Russian Empire that farcially renamed itself for 70 years?
Level 56
Jun 27, 2022
Why is it farcical lol
Level 85
Jul 20, 2017
Surprised 87% knew how to say "no" in Russian
Level 73
Oct 25, 2017
Too high or too low? I think it could have been higher if Niet was accepted as a spelling.
Level 69
Oct 26, 2017
or njet
Level 68
Aug 18, 2019
yea I would have been stuck on njet if I hadnt run into the same problem on a previous quiz. Otherwise I would ve been stumped.
Level 46
Mar 21, 2024
Too high. I think she or he is thinking of Americans. If most Americans took the quiz. I think most Europeans would know. In middle America most people don't encounter foreigners every day.
Level 58
Oct 25, 2017
83% now
Level 86
Sep 17, 2017
Would you consider accepting a few more spellings, like Bolchoi or Niet?
Level 72
Oct 25, 2017
Level 52
Oct 25, 2017
And njet.
Level 59
Oct 26, 2017
Generally "v"/"w" and "j"/"y" for every word since they are the same in russian and it depends on the translation.
Level 90
Oct 25, 2017
I hit a road block going down with the spelling of the city, so I worked backwards. I had a devil of time coming up with a breed of canine that ended with a "g". Word to the wise regarding word chains. If you have to go backwards be sure to read the clues carefully.
Level 32
Oct 25, 2017
Niva. I put Niva. :(
Level 69
Oct 26, 2017
lena. i put lena. ☹
Level 77
Oct 25, 2017
Wow... I didn't know the two most well known ones... But I did get the second through sixth hardest...
Level 94
Oct 27, 2017
quite easy, but thank you for giving us the "nizhny" i still have to learn how to spell it
Level 84
Jan 15, 2020
Why is "Net" accepted as a type-in for "Nyet" but not "Niet"?
Level 64
Mar 26, 2020
Because in Cyrillic it is нет which is the translitiration of net
Level 46
Mar 21, 2024
Level 69
Sep 27, 2021
Wow, I would 'neva' have got that river!
Level 46
Mar 21, 2024
Can you accept Gorbie for Gorbachev? That's what they called him in the West when I was little.It made him softer for kids. Also you could use the port wine stain identifier bc most XERS would remember that.