You Can Call Me AL

Can you guess these answers that all start with the letters AL?
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Last updated: December 8, 2023
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First submittedDecember 8, 2023
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One of Canada's provinces
A country in Europe
An element of the Periodic Table
Inconveniently, he lost a Presidential election by the thinnest of margins
Al Gore
Actor who, at age 83, became a father again
Al Pacino
Something with the chemical formula C2H5OH
The Muslim name for God
A capital city in Africa
The attempt to turn base metals into gold
Its bad luck for a sailor to kill one of these birds
The first U.S. state, alphabetically
Sequel to the movie "Alien"
An alter-ego; a pseudonym
State-owned news channel based in Qatar
Al Jazeera
A Disney animated movie from the 1990s
Branch of mathematics improved by an 9th century Baghdad
scholar named Al-Kwarizmi
Kelp and seaweed are not plants, they are ...
Historical region of France which at times has belonged to Germany
Title character of a Lewis Carroll book
California's top cash crop
Level 85
Dec 9, 2023
Nice quiz AL.
Level 60
Dec 10, 2023
I agree, AL reALly knocked it out of the park with this one.
Level 79
Dec 10, 2023
Pacino is 54 years older than the woman he had a child with. He had been in 20+ movies before she was born. All three parts of The Godfather were out before she was born. Keep it in your pants, dude.
Level 80
Dec 11, 2023
Alter-ego isn't a very good clue for the answer alias. Nickname or fake name would be a much better alternative.
Level 83
Dec 13, 2023
Agreed, I couldn't think of anything else as alter-ego also begins with AL
Level 65
Dec 27, 2023
I agree as well. An alias is just an alternate name. This stumped me as well.
Level 67
Dec 22, 2023
That California question thoroughly stumped me... my best guess was that they were growing huge quantities of allspice lmao
Level 57
Dec 26, 2023
Bush stole the election.
Level 42
Dec 26, 2023
just a heads up, Allah is the name for God in Arabic, not just Islam. Many Christians do call God "Allah".
Level 53
Dec 26, 2023
Good point as I was thinking the same thing!
Level 63
Dec 26, 2023
Seaweeds are not plants? The Wikipedia page for seaweed says: "The term refers to both flowering plants submerged in the ocean, like eelgrass, as well as larger marine algae."
Level 64
Dec 26, 2023
if you'll be my bodyguard
Level 56
Dec 27, 2023
Is using the Paul Simon image a violation of copyright?
Level 51
Dec 27, 2023
That should be "It's bad luck for a sailor..."
Level 75
Dec 29, 2023
An ALLONYM is an alter ego or a pseudonym beginning with AL.

Actually it works better than the current answer if you look into it.

Level 44
May 9, 2024
C2H5OH is actually ethanol, which is just an example of an alcohol.