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Can you guess these vocabulary words that start with the letter Z?
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Last updated: December 7, 2022
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Striped African animal
Letter of the Greek alphabet
The twelve astrological signs
Overly fanatical person
Study of animals
A generic huge number
Snappy insult
British spelling of the letter Z
German loan word meaning
"spirit of the times"
Mineral sometimes substituted
for diamonds: Cubic ______
Rigid dirigible
Tiered Babylonian temple
Undead person
Genre of music from Louisiana
Variety of green squash known to
the British as a courgette
The west wind
Opposite of nadir
Tube-shaped pasta
Outer skin of a citrus
Level 56
Feb 14, 2013
I may well be wrong, but wasn't the temple of Zerubbabel also a babylonian temple? That may not even be the name of the temple, I've just always known of it as the temple of Zerubbabel.
Level 74
May 9, 2013
Ziggurat is the general term for the building style the Babylonians used for their temples. It's a type of pyramid. Zerubbabel was a descendent of King David in the bible. He returned to Israel/Jerusalem from the Babylonian exile after the Persians conquered it and the land of Israel among other real estate. He became king of Israel. Though he was in Babylonia, he was Jewish, so I doubt very much that he was connected with any Babylonian (pagan) temple. He was involved in the rebuilding of the Jewish temple but it was [1] in Jerusalem and [2] never called Zerubbabel's temple.

Who's Shaggy?

Level 91
Dec 23, 2014
All the above, except that the temple he laid the foundation for is often referred to by his name. Do a google search for "Temple of Zerubbabel" (include quotes), and you'll find they all refer to the edifice also called the Second Temple.
Level 82
Dec 2, 2018
The 1st Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians and many Hebrews were taken into captivity in Babylon. After the Persian conquest of Babylon, Zerubbabel led his people back to Jerusalem where they constructed the 2nd Jewish Temple. It wasn't as cool as the 1st temple. There was much rending of clothes and lamentations. Later on Herod the Great greatly expanded this temple making it one of the most impressive structures in the entire Roman Empire. Titus Andronicus burned it down after a Jewish revolt.

Anyway... Zerubbabel is indeed connected to a temple, and he did spend time in Babylon, but the temple he's connected to certainly isn't Babylonian. And it didn't have tiers, either.

Level 58
Jan 10, 2020
Thanks for the pointless and unasked for cut and paste from wikipedia
Level 77
Jan 11, 2014
100% and i'm a tad druink
Level 26
Dec 21, 2020
Nobody cares
Level 85
Nov 2, 2021
Don't presume to speak for the rest of us.
Level 71
Aug 4, 2014
Did anyone else also try Zodiac for rigid dirigible or was that just me?
Level 70
Dec 2, 2018
Not just you. *sigh*
Level 58
Mar 22, 2024
should probably be accepted. Dirigible just means capable of being steered. and is used for airships to distinguish them from hot air balloons which cannot be steered.

A Zodiac rigid inflatable boat is definitely dirigible.

Level 17
Nov 11, 2014
u should accept zealous too
Level 80
Dec 3, 2014
Why, zealous is not a noun - zealot is.
Level 75
Feb 11, 2015
Does anyone else start tapping their feet when they think of zydeco? I can't help it, I just start dancing while still seated in my chair.
Level 43
Mar 20, 2015
I always heard just 'Zing' for Snappy Insult instead of Zinger, could you maybe accept that as well?
Level 51
Apr 30, 2015
Darn, I'm silly. I put in "zealous" and didn't think to try "zealot." But that's my fault. The question clearly was asking for the noun, not the adjective.
Level 25
Jun 18, 2015
Can you accept "zing" for "zinger?" I kept putting that in and getting nothing. I've always heard them referred to as "a zing."
Level 80
Jun 18, 2015
zillion?? Really?? That is just sad...
Level 77
Dec 3, 2018
Level 84
Dec 2, 2018
Please accept 'zorilla' for striped African animal.
Level 68
Aug 20, 2019
Is that the lovechild of a zebra and a gorilla?
Level 81
Dec 3, 2018
Zircon is not usually used as a substitute for diamonds, that would be cubic zirconia. Zircon is a gemstone that is often substituted for Turquoise especially for the December birthstone.

Cubic Zirconia= Synthetic Material that looks like diamond. Zircon=Natural Mineral that can be cut into gemstones and used in jewelry applications. Zirconium=Natural metal (although it needs to be refined for purity) used in many applications (especially corrosive environments) including jewelry applications.

Level 55
Apr 2, 2020
Yeah I was going to say this too.. the box should be "Cubic ______" with the answer being zirconia not just zircon. I know most probably don't know or care that there is a difference, but, well... there is. :D
Level ∞
Dec 7, 2022
Fixed, thank you.
Level 68
Aug 20, 2019
Never heard of zydeco or ziti, got all the others. (half expected the spellchecker to go off typing these two but it didn't so I guess they áre real words ;) )
Level 52
Feb 22, 2020
I thought it was zagilian not zillion
Level 58
Mar 22, 2024
that's a zillion zillion
Level 67
Jan 6, 2022
I know ziti from Sopranos
Level 66
Jul 9, 2022
The words zed and courgette are used in many places apart from Britain.
Level ∞
Dec 7, 2022
No where does this quiz say otherwise.
Level 69
Feb 18, 2023
British (and non-US) spelling of Z is Z.
Level 58
Mar 22, 2024
At what point do you decide someone is 'overly' fanatical and thus classified as a zealot?

maybe just change the clue to 'Fanatic'?