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Who would win in a war between the United States and China? In this blog, I'll be breaking down numerous factors that could contribute to that victory, and ultimately, declare a winner!

Something that matters for smaller quiz-makers on JetPunk: How can you ensure your quizzes get as many takes as possible by releasing them at the optimal time of day?

Almost no country has purple on its flag. But why? Read this to find out the history of the color. This blog also contains objectives for relaunching the blog server in 2024.

Welcome to my tailgate!! If you love college football, then this is the place for you! If you don' will.

An academic overview of whether the French Revolution's objectives were fulfilled with time.

I am not Estonian, but Estonia is my absolute favorite country. I couldn't tell you why. Get this badge if you want illegitimate Estonian citizenship from an American 👍

r/PictureGame is a Reddit/Discord community based around the playing of the eponymous Picture Game. February 15th 2024 marks 10 years since the game first started.

Here are some statistics about Geography Snap, for the month of January 2024.

It's like Moby Dick, but written by the JetPunk blogging community. Okay, so it's nothing like Moby Dick.

An academic overview of the sequence of events in the French Revolution leading to Napoleon becoming ruler of France.

The seventh challenge is here!

blurbity blurb blurb

This is my first blog and will be about the Loch Ness Monster

The Underdogs are facing elimination! Let's see which two of them leave the game!

The second part of a detailed guide to the French Revolution.

Tired of shifting clocks forward and back every year? You are far from alone. In fact, that's just one of the many problems with Daylight Saving Time. In this blog we'll talk about them, as well as the reasons why DST should be scrapped for good.

We know the matchup of Super Bowl LVIII, so it's time to talk about it and make predictions!

Welcome to the new episode of US State Viewer Voting! This will be the 14th elimination, and the voting mode is ranking.

In this edition of CQMB, we will be talking about sad updates for both Echo and the end of What If…? Season 2, an update on Thunderbolts, Jonathan Majors’ GMA interview, an update on a dispute regarding Spider-Man 4, a Deadpool 3 trailer update, and a cast update from both Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow and Thunderbolts.

Time for the results of the sixth challenge!

An academic overview of Epicurus' theory of moderate hedonism.

This is your chance to help create a new Step-by-Step story!

Now that the divisional round is over, it's time to predict what the Super Bowl matchup will be!

Have you ever wondered how your Internet interlocutor's life turns from another part of the world? After all, his life has so many differences, and with all the similarities, it is so unlike yours! So why not lift the veil of secrecy and find out how other people from other countries, cities and continents really live?

Goodbye. The time has come. I am leaving JetPunk. I do not know how long, I do not know if I will visit the site before I return, if I return, or anything. I have just decided that I should leave the site. You can read this to find out why.

In general, nuclear weaponry is seen as a terrible, atrocious, cancer-inducing, radiation poisoning, weapon of mass destruction which has the potential to destroy humanity. But in this blog, I'm going to argue why nuclear weapons are one of our best inventions in humankind history👍:)

The first part of a detailed guide to the French Revolution.

It's been two years since we took a look at the most popular JetPunk series. This year we look again to see what has changed.

I just wanted to update that I've added more than 100 Russian language quizes to JetPunk in last few days.

Now that the Wild Card round has ended, it’s time to preview the Divisional Round!

This blog contains the sixth challenge for your tribes!

Complete all the Pokémon themed quizzes to earn your (unofficial) Pokémon badge!

We're so back.

An academic overview of Aristotle's concept of virtue ethics.

Ever wondered how a band decided on its name? Then this is the blog for you!

Statistics and behind the scenes on my quiz megaseries "Islands by Satellite Picture"

Welcome to Chapter One of Step-by-Step Story. Follow the adventures of a shark, a survivalist, a badger, a zombie, and a millionaire in this hilarious comedy created by the JetPunk community. This blog was compiled and made possible by McKenzieFam and Astana, as well as everyone who commented.

Your JetPunk Quiz Report for 2023 is now available!

This is a list of the top 7 quizmakers in each language, as of December 21st 2023.

Now that the 2023 NFL regular season has ended, its time to talk about the playoffs!

An academic overview of the reasons why the French Revolution contradicted many of its liberal principles promised to citizens.

Its called: Easy 5 points! the premise is that theyd be featured quizzes with very easy questions, basically like a free 5 points! The problem is the quizzes need to be featured for it to work so i'll have to see. @Quizmaster what do you think?

Oregon may seem like a nice place to live. It may not. In this blog, I will go over the pros and cons of living in Oregon. It is very eco-friendly, but it has bad weather, legalized drugs, and homelessness. Not to mention the 9.0 earthquake that may occur tomorrow...

Ever wanted the stats on all quizzes taken in 2023? What about the most taken quizzes? Well, here it is!

This is an experiment in social story-writing.

Welcome to the third annual Official Predictions™ of the JetPunk quizmaster, in which this flawed prognosticator tries to make sense of the world by guessing what the future will hold.

An update to my 2020 challenge of quizzes.

Each year, we compile a list of the quizzes with the most five star ratings in that calendar year. Welcome to the most upvoted quizzes of 2023. Enjoy!

The QM has done some annual predictions for the last couple of years and I thought I should give it a go! Please note, I am British so most of these predictions are UK centric

Here are some statistics about Even Split, for 2023.