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Yet another Five Islands blog, You must be getting bored with these by now !

How to create numbers in Polish

This blog is about the 1996 Indian general elections, a product of India's weird political system. It shows how India's election system for Prime Minister can doesn't proportionally represent the number of votes they got.

The name turned out to be quite dry, but the theme will be quite tasty. Today we will remember the most famous and delicious dishes of the cuisine of the post-USSR countries, from Georgia to Tajikistan

Norway is a great place for children. Especially for the young ones that go to kindergarten. This blog is about one of the most famous celebrations that are celebrated by them.

P.S. In Danish, the game is called "slå katten af tønden."

This blog is about specific places mentioned in the lyrics of songs.

Hello! I am swedishbob, the creator of Spell Jeppy and 100 Most Popular Names In The World, (I am actually Canadian not Swedish ). I have just over 1000 takes, so please help me get higher. Thank you!

A group of ciphers for you to decrypt. With a JetPunk twist of course!

Another addition to my "popular" Five Islands blog.

A blog about those songs whose lyrics just don't make sense in the real world.

This is the seventh installment in my Fan-Art Fridays series: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The next edition to my long running series. Iran and the Indian Subcontinent.

A short informational, educational and mathematical blog about the working and fundamentals, problems and some other lesser-known features about the Roman numeral system.

Short milestone blog to celebrate completing the JetPunk Word Searches!

Click if you dare, but be careful: a wolf is hidden there.

My dear readers, this time we have the chance to learn more about the amazing Roxy!

In this blog I will tell you about the harsh Russian Siberia, and how I survived in Norilsk, chasing reindeer across the tundra

The German Democratic Republic was infamous for their secret police agency, the Stasi. But how bad was the situation? And what do you think about surveillence. It's as if 1984 came to life!

This blog series primarily focuses on East Berlin but can be applied to an extent throughout the rest of the former country.

This is the sixth installment in my Fan-Art Fridays series: Tears of the Kingdom

A dictator has usurped the Veggie Caliphate, and is making drastic changes in the way the country works. New characters are being introduced to change the fate of the Veggie Caliphate… forever. Father Nature MiecraftMan is in exile, and is not here to save his country. What will happen next?

I think there should be a page for interesting quotes by JetPunk users. So post your quotes in the comments here, and I'll add them to more blog pages if I think they're deserving of it. Be sure to follow me if you want to get notified of new additions to the page!

Guys it is my account birthday yippe yay

I'm opening up JNN applications!! Read the rules to enter and be smart!

I have an idea for a good quiz but I'm not smart enough to make it.

Here are some statistics about Geography Snap, for the month of April.

This is a difficult logic puzzle and math problem. Feel free to have a look if you like very complicated math puzzles.

In this edition of CQMB, we will talk about the new Secret Invasion trailer, the Blue Beetle trailer, the new Spider-Verse trailer, The Marvels trailer, The Penguin trailer, the new The Flash trailer, an update on Thunderbolts, a Deadpool 3 update, a DCU update, thrilling Disney+ news, an update on Jonathan Majors, Fantastic Four casting rumors, Quantumania’s Disney+ release, and exciting news on the upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie.

East Germany was notorious for its surveillance and its horrendous situation that lasted the length of the Cold War. But how was everyday life for an ordinary citizen in the country? Chapter 1 is about the Berlin Wall.

Please Note: Throughout the rest of Germany, the wall that spanned the rest of border between the West and East Germany was called the Intra-German Border.

Round 1 of the 2023 NFL is officially in the books! Here’s a recap of all the picks.

Mazes have fascinated me since 1986, when I saw the classic movie "Labyrinth". Now - many moons later - I've decided to draw on that love of mazes to create a new website. Read about it in this blog!

Have you completed all your JetPunk badges? I haven’t, but if you have, here are some badge ideas.

A blog preview of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

Edit: Sweden won the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

Hello everyone. Today I am showing you a blog about Cyprus. Is it European, Asian, Or African?

But who owns Cyprus anyway?

A blog about how Brit-Punk band The Clash has influenced me during my lifespan along with a rating of the 3 albums I am going to discuss in this blog.

Still trying to get the best of this particular AI.

Poor Pedri...

Anyways this blog isn't talking about Spanish football, so let's turn our focus right back on this island. How many matches can an English side play in a SINGLE season AT MOST?

For your reference, NBA teams play 110 games a season from regular season to play-off final. Do you think any English Professional side can beat that?

I might lose this account in around june

As the new season springs upon us, let's take a look at the journey that millions of birds will be embarking on over the next month.

Simon says interview Simon1006.

Welcome back to the Countries Iceberg, featuring nearly every political entity that currently exists. In this blog, we will cover tiers seven and eight.

Here are some statistics about Geography Snap, for the month of March.

Can you identify all of them?

In this blog I will give you some quizzes to try so that you can achieve the unofficial 'Territory Badge'.

This is sadly not going to show on your account but you still have the bragging rights.

This is the final of the series on introducing all Chinese cities with over 1 million population.

The first edition of Blaze vs Zephesis, carrying on from the storyline introduced in the Blaze Empire section of DOTJE Legacy : Aftermath. is the explanation.

The future of the AAE has been impeded by the assassination of Nickelz and Wako, the leaders of the empire. What will the future hold for the seemingly hopeless empire?

This is the seventh of the series on introducing all Chinese cities with over 1 million population.

In this blog I will be explaining why I am deleting some of my quizzes with a low play count and what I will do to my bad quizzes with a relatively high play count. As you may already know I haven't done a blog in a while but I can assure you that it won't be bad. If you do not who I am (you probably don't know who I am) welcome!

What better day to introduce you to this most amazing collection...?

Recapping all of the trades and free agent signings of this NFL offseason thus far.