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This blog is telling you things you can not do in this state, that no one would probably do anyway.

Who doesn't love a good game of chess? But there's a problem — there's no real change. You have the same pieces every time, and they make the same moves every time. However, we don't have to play like that. Fairy pieces, pieces that are not found in standard chess, bring a lot of variety to the table. Let's take a look at some of them.

Bumblebee Bob bagged a big blog blurb

Hello! This is a blog where I attempt to cover some information about EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY. This is the first blog doing so. We will discuss three things.

1. Flag

2. Land Borders and Disputes

3. Culture

Also for this series, our main focus is not war.

However, this is a series just meant to tap into countries, and barely even scratches the surface, it is nice to have a short blog about earth country! Enjoy!

This is a blog for ideas for Jetpunk! They can make it better, more popular, and one of them is for convenience.

A blog about having 2,000 takes.

With great divisional games, we’ll find out the Super Bowl matchup next Sunday!

Here is a list of the Sony’s Spider-Man Universe projects (SSU) - (2018-2024)

This also includes the projects in the Spider-Verse - (2018-2024)

This also includes the projects in the Raimi-Verse and the Webb-Verse - (2002-2007) & (2012-2014)

No surprise for this one: cathlete, the winner of the previous WITJ, is my victim interviewee for the 24th blog in the series!

Some interesting things about this nearly impassable border.

This past April break, I went on a trip that I will NEVER forget. Read this blog to find out more...

This is Part 8 of my Obscure Languages, Lets see some languages you added.

Read three fun facts about every Asian country!

Short first blog just trying to protect my account going further.

With the end of Super Wild Card Weekend, there’s a lot to talk about!

These are my predictions about whom could go to the 2026 World Cup hosted by the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Alright, Part 7. Almost to Part Ten! I included some of your languages, Here we go!

These are my favorite albums of this decade (so far) by year

If you have never visited the city and wonder what it looks like, then you can watch these music videos.

Well, it's 2023, and you know what that means. Time to start speculating on next year's election. I've decided to jump aboard and try my hand at it, myself.

Bringing this back from last year, was popular enough that I'm going to try it again this year.

Watching each playoff matchup in the NFL this year closely, looking at key players and stats and predicting the outcomes as well.

The Sixth Part of the series, Sorry if I didnt add some in Part 5 but here I will.

An update on my quiz updates, plus a little bit about me.

Chapter 2 of If Countries Were High Schoolers!

It is snowing and I'm happy

The over dramatized story of taking a crawfish too a creek.

Shoutout to my friend LentoBean, he makes great quizzes! totally not an inside advertising job

This blog is different, It is about colonial empires that were small, lesser known, or attempted but failed colonial empires. The reason why they are unknown because of their short-lived empires.

Week 18 has concluded, and the playoffs begin Saturday!

Which flag is the winner?

Since you recommended some obscure languages. Here are some recommended ones.

Once again, by playing this game, you could become the next interviewee in the series!

Here are some statistics about Geography Snap, for the month of December.

Welcome to the second annual Official Predictions™ of the JetPunk quizmaster, in which this flawed prognosticator tries to make sense of the world by guessing what the future will hold.

Have you ever wanted to trick the system in some way? Use your god given wiles to pull one over on a casino? Get rich quick? This is the true story of my experiences with card counting.

Last February, I made my first annual Official Predictions™ for the coming year. It didn't take very long for many of these predictions to look quite bad indeed. Let's see how I did.

Vote for your favorite flags

In my first of many conversations with an AI, I'll be trying to convince it that American Football is the worst sport.

The monthly round up for JetPunk's Daily Word Search. Featuring some unfortunate news.

A review of Mary Shelley's most famous work, "Frankenstein".

Each year, we compile a list of the quizzes with the most five star ratings in that calendar year. So... here they are!

Happy new year!!

Here are some statistics about Even Split, for the month of December.

This is a list of the top blog (by number of likes) in each JetPunk featured language, as of December 31st, 2022.

In this edition of CQMB, we will talk about 2022 in review in terms of the projects we received and what is coming in the new year, more DC cancelations, Across the Spider-Verse trailer, unfortunate Superman and DC actor news, sneak peeks for Marvel Disney+ shows, bad Black Adam news, The Flash trailer update, an upcoming DCU slate, Wakanda Forever on Disney+, and a delay for a few Marvel shows.

Information on some of my quizzes...

Taking a closer look at the history of the Imperium Sanctus, we learn about the empire's origins and internal conflicts over its first 1.5 years of existence.

Vote for your favorite flags

This is a list of the top 7 quizmakers in each language, as of December 22nd 2022.

In this blog we're going to discover Italian school system.

Sooo…. What exactly happened to all the world leaders after DOTJE took over? This is one of the many dark secrets that I will be uncovering and theorizing in this blog.