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A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
24,863Jun 7100 Greatest Songs of All Time (according to Rolling Stone, 2004)
6,435Jun 7Official Country Names of the World Quiz
5,646Jun 7Countries Closest to Finland
1,451Jun 7Every Upside Down European Country Shape
1,197Jun 7Name 5-Letter Words Containing Each Letter in Each Position
816Jun 7Chicago Neighborhood Map Quiz
459Jun 7Places Named After People
375Jun 7Most military aid pledged to Ukraine as a percentage of GDP
308Jun 7Countries with KFC
268Jun 7Nations Nudged by Number of Nigerians
10,138Jun 6Mississippi Counties Quiz
5,573Jun 6Marvel Comics - Top 30 most famous Superheroes
4,298Jun 6Click Every Chemical Symbol
2,228Jun 6Every Formula 1 Driver Ever
1,480Jun 6Name Every Kendrick Lamar Song (UPDATED)
1,325Jun 6Majority Christian Countries on a Map
921Jun 6UEFA Europa League Finals
753Jun 6Teams that Beat the Netherlands in Football
594Jun 6Six Degrees of Separation - Football Clubs
168Jun 6Entries in the Elder Scrolls Series
11,621Jun 5All UK Parliament Constituencies on a Map
8,738Jun 52015-16 Leicester City Winning Squad
7,794Jun 5Solve the Secret Capital City #2
2,097Jun 5Countries A-Z where you can find ...
1,783Jun 5Countries of the Caribbean with Capitals
1,427Jun 5UEFA Champions League Trivia
1,257Jun 5Bands by Pictures of Everyday Things
1,192Jun 5Who is that general?
611Jun 5Country Borders True or False #1
486Jun 5Click the Compass #3
11,007Jun 4All Counties of the United States by First Two Letters
9,184Jun 4Category Elimination - Capital Cities #3
7,291Jun 4Which country is bigger?
2,872Jun 4Regions of Finland Map Quiz
1,963Jun 4Belgische Gemeenten / Communes de Belgique: Compleet / Complète
1,796Jun 4US and Canadian States/Provinces Where Capital is Largest City
926Jun 450% Quiz - Geography General Knowledge
917Jun 4Things that have the wrong name
370Jun 4Countries in the 2023 World Baseball Classic
163Jun 4List of Airbus A340 Operators
8,250Jun 3Name 4-Letter Words Containing Each Letter A-Z
6,328Jun 3Champions League 2010's Winners Starting XI
5,473Jun 350 biggest cities in The Netherlands
3,138Jun 3Countries Larger Than Texas
552Jun 3Name a Valid Pixar Movie
475Jun 3Country Click Quiz #1
472Jun 3Famous People Named Anthony
303Jun 3111 «One» Questions
239Jun 3Classical Music- multiple choice
132Jun 3Guess the Opera by its One-Sentence Description
9,371Jun 2Modern-Day Countries of the Mayan Empire on a Map
4,927Jun 2Alphabets, scripts or writing systems
3,346Jun 2Map of Asia by Flag Colours
3,124Jun 2Modern-Day Countries of the First Bulgarian Empire on a Map
2,615Jun 2Chancellors of Germany(1871-present)
844Jun 2Baseball Pitches
808Jun 2Countries with Tropical and Polar Climates
260Jun 2Breaking Bad Trivia #B
254Jun 2Flagship State Universities with Unusual Names
163Jun 21950's British Films: Screenshots
6,638Jun 1Countries Closest to Poland
1,285Jun 1Flags of Non-Recognized Countries and Territories of the World
1,163Jun 1Countries which have won the International Mathematical Olympiad
529Jun 1Colorful Musical Acts
398Jun 1All Places Mentioned in Beatles Lyrics
394Jun 1Bestselling Swiss watch brands - Extreme
349Jun 1Pokémon by Picture: Generation II
273Jun 1Biggest Cities in each Swedish County - Extreme
263Jun 1Name 160 K-POP Groups
182Jun 1The Constitution of Sparta
6,710May 31Busiest Air Routes from London Heathrow
4,661May 31All countries by Area - as you proceed you are given starting letter as hint
2,272May 31Districts of Serbia
1,937May 31A Superlative for Every European Country
1,298May 31Every Country by Picture
1,168May 31World Cities to World Cities - Click Quiz
882May 31Popular Movies by Poster
604May 31Countries without armed forces
451May 31Six Degrees Of Separation - American TV / Movies
191May 31Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emperors
15,254May 30The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Entire Opening Monologue
3,472May 30Draw Islands Larger than 10,000 km2 on the Empty World Map
955May 30Countries Symbolized on a Pirate Ship
935May 30German Citizenship Test
702May 30All ISO 2-Letter Country Codes to Country
693May 30Where in the World am I? #1
633May 30U.S. Presidential Rematches
515May 30Tier 1 and 2 Rugby Nations
503May 30All Monsters in My Singing Monsters (4/19/23)
314May 30Artists by Pictures of Artwork 3
8,597May 29List all Pokemon Video Games
4,657May 29Netherlands Municipalities Quiz
2,692May 29Countries that Beat Malaysia
1,952May 29Things That are Round by Picture
1,931May 29Country Flags with Crowns - Picture Quiz
516May 29World's Fair Locations
271May 29Finish the lyrics: Candy Store-Heathers
270May 29Donald Duck Characters #1
251May 29Countries, US States and Capitals - alphabetical order
163May 29Biggest Cities in Qatar on the Map
5,160May 28100 Biggest Cities in France
5,108May 28Eliminate Countries #1
4,132May 28United States A-Z
3,861May 28Clueless #1
3,247May 28Word Addition Click Quiz #4
2,661May 28Largest Cities (and Towns) in the UK (Extreme)
1,414May 28Largest City by First Two Letters
482May 28Films Based on Science Fiction Books
325May 28Name a Valid 5-Letter Word by Two Letter Sequence
120May 28Dukes of Normandy
10,042May 27Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #6
8,619May 27Country Shapes in the World Map #1 - 30 Seconds Sprint
5,734May 27Biggest Cities in the United States - Very Extreme
3,418May 27Countries of the World by Bordering Sea in 90 Seconds - Map Quiz
2,711May 27Roman Numerals Quiz
2,372May 27Cities on Random European Train Routes
527May 27Easy General Knowledge Quiz
388May 27Outdated Popular Names from the 1900s
302May 27The 24 (Elder) Futhark Runes
148May 27National Park by Ansel Adams Photo
28,172May 2620 Random Countries on an Empty World Map
4,285May 26TXT Songs Quiz
2,889May 26Mystery Categories #1
1,873May 26Complete the Countries
1,659May 26Biggest World Cities A-Z with Exceptions
1,044May 26Transcontinental countries (with map)
977May 26National Holidays around the world
766May 26Verbs Ending in ISH #1
382May 26Inland Empire Cities Quiz
258May 26The Legend of Zelda Games
18,740May 25Click the Compass #1
11,490May 25Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #5
6,261May 25U.S. & Canadian Geography on a Map
5,886May 25Solve Five Secret Countries by Continent
3,470May 25USA Quiz on a Map
2,443May 2540 Classic Film Directors by Filmography
1,067May 25World Capitals A-Z Closest to the EU
972May 25Iranian Diaspora
561May 25Garbled Proverbs #2
303May 25Random Word to Language - English Version
7,705May 24Name the Colour, Not the Word (Stroop Test)
3,983May 24Name a Valid Country of Each Name Length
3,948May 24Trace the Route of Vasco da Gama on a Map!
2,163May 24Every City in Colorado on a Map
2,158May 24Countries with the 50 Oldest Living People
1,269May 24Sexiest Man Alive by Picture
902May 24Countries Mentioned in Breaking Bad
464May 24Unique Ideologies
222May 24CS:GO Major Teams
119May 24Alphabetical Pokemon - Generation I