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A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
4,849Apr 19Biggest Cities in South Carolina
3,766Apr 19Prefectures of Japan Map Quiz (Highlighted Version)
2,774Apr 19Countries by Languages without English, French and Spanish (with Map)
2,160Apr 19Movie Titles with Shared First Words #6
1,552Apr 19Just Go South ! - United Kingdom
952Apr 19100 Biggest Cities in Indonesia with a Map
719Apr 19Largest Cities in the United States - Map Quiz
178Apr 19Every Masters Winner
98Apr 19Who's House is That?
67Apr 19The Beatles Songs Quiz - Extreme
17,867Apr 18Win the 1828 U.S. Presidential Election
3,800Apr 18Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Songs
3,290Apr 18World Cities to World Cities - Click Quiz
1,266Apr 18Countries with Palindromes
916Apr 18Languages of the Persian Empire with a Map
635Apr 18Guess the nation to which these football teams belong
462Apr 18Formula 1 Podium Finishers
247Apr 18States of India in 1950 (with map)
169Apr 18Director Multiple Choice
108Apr 18Metallica Album Tracklist
18,955Apr 17NCAA Basketball Teams by State
18,717Apr 17World Capitals By Letter - G
2,354Apr 17Provinces of the Later Roman Empire with a Map
1,705Apr 17What Countries would never say (Spoiler: Controversial)
1,180Apr 17Biggest World Cities That End in O
974Apr 17All D1 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Programs
688Apr 17Middle Initials of Famous People
440Apr 17US State Capitals in Alphabetical Order
397Apr 17Failed Flag Proposals - Crosses
298Apr 17The Best NBA Player to Wear Each Jersey Number
11,342Apr 16Countries of Europe before World War II with a Map
7,718Apr 16Countries of Europe in 1828 (with a Map)
4,689Apr 16Cities in European Economic Areas on a Map
1,744Apr 16Countries Similar to Australian Subdivisions by Population
483Apr 16Every Political Party Ever: The British House of Commons
269Apr 16Gettysburg Address
148Apr 16Every Frank Ocean Song
81Apr 16Non-Passerines Quiz
29Apr 16League of Legends Items 2024
12Apr 16Aurora songs by first lines
8,831Apr 15All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of Super Bowl Era
4,253Apr 15Every Country in its Official/Native Language
3,300Apr 15Flags of partially recognised states and non-sovereign territories
1,817Apr 15U.S. States by Partial Flag Images #1
1,089Apr 15Failed Flag Proposals #3
962Apr 15Countries with more than a 100 thousand Jehovah's Witnesses
920Apr 15Need for Speed Games
829Apr 15Countries of Oscar Best International Film
570Apr 15Ultimate Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Horcruxes Quiz
87Apr 15Southern Alberta Cities on the Map
11,185Apr 14Five Busiest Cities by Airports by Continent
9,863Apr 14Territorial Evolution of the United States on a Map
8,685Apr 14Category Elimination - European Countries #2
3,759Apr 14British History A-Z Picture Quiz
3,267Apr 14Extremely Hard General Knowledge #1
1,943Apr 14World Chess Champions
1,423Apr 14Five Biggest Countries by Time Zone - Full Version
646Apr 14Countries with Seven Borders
458Apr 14Countries Closest to Chad - One Minute Sprint
142Apr 14North American Sports Teams 1974-75
25,945Apr 13All-NBA Teams
6,890Apr 13Agatha Christie Novels
3,111Apr 13Visual Satisfaction - Match the Colors #1
2,689Apr 13Biggest Cities in the World by Century
2,376Apr 13EXPERT LEVEL Characters in A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones
1,309Apr 13Every country that starts with "Mal" on a map
1,104Apr 13Cheese Or Place Name?
1,097Apr 13Winners Of The Monuments (Cycling)
188Apr 13All Minecraft Mobs
156Apr 13Sultans of the Ottoman Empire by Picture
13,444Apr 12Random Hamilton Song Lyrics
12,590Apr 12Elements of the Periodic Table by Symbol
9,562Apr 12Languages of the Ottoman Empire with a Map
5,464Apr 12Pink Floyd Songs
3,626Apr 12Word Scramble - Random Food
1,912Apr 12Geography Safe Cracker Challenge #5
1,044Apr 12Countries Closest to New York City
973Apr 12Shared Islands
857Apr 12Click to Translate - Yiddish
80Apr 12Magic: the Gathering sets from the 1990's
16,392Apr 11One Piece Characters
9,241Apr 11All 50k+ Cities in Germany with a Map
7,936Apr 11All Countries and US States by Area, with World Map and hints
6,643Apr 11Oxford Dictionaries Top 1000 English Words - 115 Are 3 Letters Long Or Shorter
4,133Apr 1120 Biggest Cities in India on a Map
2,956Apr 1120 Countries on a Topological Map #3
2,088Apr 11Every Point-Scoring Formula 1 Driver
1,410Apr 11All Indonesian Regencies/Kabupaten and Cities with a Map
599Apr 11Real Madrid CF Legends
337Apr 11Saxony State Quiz
15,307Apr 10Countries Closest to an Unknown Country A-Z #4
4,124Apr 10Click Chain #6 - Difficulty+
3,052Apr 10Groups of Countries Which Border the Same Countries
1,915Apr 10Biggest metro areas in Mexico
1,813Apr 10Washington Metro Stations (with map)
1,109Apr 10Best MLB Baseball Seasons of All-Time
506Apr 10Famous (and Infamous) Typefaces
383Apr 10Districts of Samoa with a Map
366Apr 10Formula 1 Team Quiz - Ferrari
198Apr 10Try to name these recent March Madness upsets
8,276Apr 910 Country Deduction Puzzle #1
2,486Apr 9Random Countries by Bordering Flags
1,934Apr 9Solve the Secret JetPunk Quiz by Answering Questions
1,718Apr 9Failed Flag Proposals #2
1,654Apr 9Countries of Asia by Size - Hard Difficulty
1,512Apr 9Largest World Cities That Have Never Been Below Freezing
1,036Apr 9Former Country Flags
988Apr 9Tibet Trivia
917Apr 94-Letter Word Chain
696Apr 9Most democratic countries
21,121Apr 8All Pokémon Moves Quiz
11,177Apr 8Asia Flags Map Quiz
5,123Apr 8Glee Trivia
2,695Apr 8Greek Mythology
1,945Apr 8Adelaide Suburbs
1,190Apr 8Identify the Language
756Apr 8Which Wikipedia Page Has More Views?
729Apr 8Official Country Names Quiz
512Apr 8China Tile Quiz
199Apr 8Born in Chicago
16,900Apr 7Geography by Letter on the World Map - K
9,364Apr 7Current US Senators by Picture
7,872Apr 7European Geography on a Map
5,965Apr 7World Cities by 10 Category Elimination
4,810Apr 7The Office (US) : Number of Character Lines
2,486Apr 7Random Name Things by Letter - Geography
1,887Apr 7Pink Floyd songs by lyrics
1,213Apr 7England Opponents
1,185Apr 7Country Quiz on a Map - Turkey
525Apr 7Fact or Fiction?
17,453Apr 6Category Elimination - U.S. States #3
5,610Apr 6Three Countries Closest to United States A-Z
4,605Apr 6Trace the Route of Francis Drake on a Map
2,260Apr 6Alphabet Breadcrumb Trail #2
1,928Apr 6Which City in India?
1,779Apr 6Every Fortnite Named Location (Up to C5 S2)
866Apr 6Busiest Airports Worldwide
466Apr 6English Words Without the Vowels - Randomized
356Apr 6U.S. Cities With GUS Inside the Name
52Apr 6LGBTQ Supreme Court Cases
27,476Apr 5Bands with Colors in their Name
4,234Apr 5Four Letter Geography A-Z #3
2,934Apr 5US Catholic Dioceses Map Quiz
1,940Apr 5All Teams Never to Play in the Premier League
1,060Apr 5Click the American Country Shape
1,051Apr 5Gran Colombia And Present Day Countries
1,023Apr 5Pokémon by Picture: Generation IV
520Apr 5History of Taiwan Quiz
420Apr 5Name the Artist - 1970s UK Number 1's
296Apr 5Notable former Americans