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A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
5,429Sep 28Random U.S. States Mouse Hunt!
3,579Sep 28Municipalities of Slovenia with a Map
3,011Sep 28All 196 Countries of the World : No Consonants
2,259Sep 28Alphabetical Word Chain
569Sep 28Kinds Of Cheese
543Sep 28Most Populous Cities in Brazil
182Sep 28Country by Tallest Mountain
157Sep 28World Capitals A-Z Closest to the EU
125Sep 28Country Flags in Black and White
35Sep 28Old-Timey Slang - A
6,883Sep 27Provinces of Indonesia (map quiz)
3,871Sep 27Country Flag-Shape Picture Quiz #9
1,655Sep 27Countries Superlatives A-Z
549Sep 27Countries with Tropical Rainforest
516Sep 271980s Movie Characters by Picture
256Sep 27Largest Municipalities of the Netherlands on a Map
192Sep 27Jurassic World : Dominion Dinosaurs (Hard Version)
150Sep 27Ruler of Everything - Tally Hall
90Sep 27Boston Subway Stations with a Map
69Sep 27Every Suffolk Parish (With Map)
11,436Sep 26World Capitals By Letter - N
1,185Sep 26Countries along the Silk Road
813Sep 26Largest Cities that Contain the Letter B
751Sep 26Provinces (Voivodeships) of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth with a Map
732Sep 26European Geography on a Map
570Sep 26Most Walkable US & Canadian Cities
557Sep 26QRUs Most Important People in History
485Sep 26Country Flags in Reduced Colors
377Sep 26Countries of Central America with Capitals
354Sep 26WRC Drivers Champions
11,809Sep 25Pokemon Types
7,485Sep 25Divided World City Name Puzzle #1
6,841Sep 25Random Point on Land to European Country
3,001Sep 25Star Wars Characters Screen Time by Movie
1,616Sep 25100 Most Populous Cities in Canada
1,100Sep 25Smallest Countries With Multiple Time Zones
703Sep 25Countries That Lost Citizens In 9/11
498Sep 25Countries which have won the International Mathematical Olympiad
452Sep 25U.S. Cities Which Have Cut their Population in Half
37Sep 25Music Trivia: Albums of 2019
3,013Sep 24Guess The Country By Connecting The Lines
2,162Sep 24Countries with Territorial Claims in Antarctica (With a Map)
1,662Sep 24All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe in 1939 on a Map
1,308Sep 24Word Scramble - Deities
1,252Sep 24Medicine and Anatomy by Letter - F
494Sep 24Random Greek Words #1
275Sep 24Artists by Pictures of Artwork 2
153Sep 24Korfball Quiz
140Sep 24Taskmaster Contestants
117Sep 24Hamilton Characters by Picture
6,090Sep 23Find The Mystery Country By Hints
3,646Sep 23100 Biggest cities in Mexico on a map
1,131Sep 23French Desserts
1,076Sep 23Capital Cities with Four Letters
941Sep 23Brazil by Picture
829Sep 23100 Biggest Natural Lakes in Europe with a Map
702Sep 23Which Colour? Click Quiz
690Sep 23Zoo Tycoon 2 Animals
359Sep 23Vague Hint and Word Scramble - Capitals
305Sep 23Formula 1 Drivers by Team History
10,443Sep 22One Piece Characters
7,009Sep 22Name a Valid Country A-Z
1,522Sep 22F1 Grand Prix by Picture
895Sep 22Sydney Train Network Map
747Sep 22City Name Word Addition Click Quiz
632Sep 22Cities Bigger Than Their State Capital On A Map
538Sep 22Countries That Produce The Most Root Vegetables
451Sep 22Berlin Conference Flags
423Sep 22Countries That JetPunk is Planting Trees In
215Sep 22Agatha Christie Books by Character
8,864Sep 21All Countries from North to South by Geographical Center, with an Empty Map
2,261Sep 21UEFA Champions League Final Goalscorers
1,959Sep 21Most populated islands A-Z
1,774Sep 21Map of Asia by Flag Colours
1,454Sep 21Geography of Wales
1,212Sep 21Name the Badly Drawn Flags #2
604Sep 21The Lake District
355Sep 21Enemies of Rome
255Sep 21Alternative medicine treatments
116Sep 21Ountriescay ofyay ethay Orldway
19,004Sep 20World Coats of Arms
1,177Sep 20Canadian Cities with Names Derived from Indigenous Languages
1,145Sep 20Top 20 Most Common English Surnames
960Sep 20Largest Cities that Contain the Letter A
845Sep 20Cities By Image Quiz
778Sep 20Top Grossing Movie Franchises
677Sep 20Most Commented Countries on JetPunk
176Sep 20The Sopranos Characters by Picture
104Sep 20Every Song by Weezer
63Sep 20Winners of the Chopin International Piano Competition
5,429Sep 19Oblasts of Ukraine (With a Map)
4,989Sep 19Countries of Napoleonic France (With Map!)
4,103Sep 19Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics
2,258Sep 19Name a Valid Eurasian Country
1,346Sep 19Which City in South Asia?
819Sep 19100 Biggest Cities of the German Empire in 1905 with a Map
540Sep 19Capital Cities of Constituent Countries of the UK
437Sep 19Lisbon City Trivia
395Sep 19In Which Star Wars Movie? Click Quiz
258Sep 19Every #1 Song On The Hot 100 Of The 2020s
21,229Sep 18World Capitals on an Empty Map
2,769Sep 18Trace the Route of Ibn Battuta on a Map
2,704Sep 18It's All About New Zealand
1,328Sep 18Turkey Immigration by Country
554Sep 18All Teams to Ever Play in the FIFA Women's World Cup
449Sep 18Which Countries Tile Quiz
258Sep 18Chicago 'L' Stations with a Map
79Sep 18JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Quiz
41Sep 18Every UEFA Europa Conference League Goalscorer 2022/23
29Sep 18NRL Player of the Week
18,525Sep 1740 Random missing Countries on the World Map
7,509Sep 1720 Biggest Cities in the USA on a Map
3,274Sep 17Medicine and Anatomy by Letter - A
1,792Sep 17Simpsons Characters by Picture
1,157Sep 17Country nearest neighbour connect
680Sep 17Country Connect by Alphabetical Order
665Sep 17Musical Artists with Top 40 Hits in the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s
620Sep 17Flags of British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies
436Sep 17World Chess Champions
331Sep 17Artists by Pictures of Artwork 1
21,749Sep 1620 Random Countries on an Empty World Map
2,406Sep 16British Royalty Line of Succession
1,834Sep 16Countries With Two Borders
531Sep 16Timeline of Ages
406Sep 16Tolkien mythology chain quiz #2
231Sep 16Countries On A Line With Equal Latitude and Longitude
229Sep 16Landmark Supreme Court Cases
187Sep 16The journey of Alexander the Great - Map Quiz
91Sep 16Taylor Swift Songs in Alphabetical Order
41Sep 16Toronto Subway Stations by Ridership
6,844Sep 15Clear All Country Borders on the World Map
1,423Sep 15NFL Teams by Super Bowl Record
1,228Sep 15Countries by Partial Satellite Image #4
1,163Sep 15Kings of Portugal
800Sep 15British Prime Minister Trivia
685Sep 15British Royalty: Years of Accession
660Sep 15Word Addition Click Quiz #2
652Sep 15Queen Elizabeth's Prime Ministers
641Sep 15Fill the Royal Arms with British Monarchs
445Sep 15Fun Facts about every country
13,983Sep 14The Same Name - Geography
7,465Sep 14Count in Roman Numerals - One Minute Sprint
4,058Sep 14100 Biggest US Cities in 1950
3,670Sep 14Top 100 NBA Players (2021-2022)
1,986Sep 14Contemporary Ethnic Groups of Europe
1,983Sep 142023 UEFA Champions League Teams
1,163Sep 14Geography of England
1,080Sep 14South Africa True or False?
629Sep 14Biggest town/city in each English county
200Sep 14Western Australia State Quiz