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A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
7,194Jun 27World Capitals By Letter - V
6,531Jun 27Category Elimination - European Geography #3
2,433Jun 27Biggest Cities in the Western Hemisphere
743Jun 27Trace the coast of the world (Hard(no map))
226Jun 27National Soccer Kits by Picture
219Jun 27British Racecourses
169Jun 27MLB World Series MVP's
39Jun 27Multiple Choice Country Etymologies
39Jun 27Mumbai True or False?
23Jun 27Assets owned by Paramount Global
9,216Jun 26Biggest World Cities by Letter - G
1,213Jun 26Mobile Legends: Characters
887Jun 26The Voyage of Darwin - Animated Map Quiz
886Jun 26Island Countries Outside Oceania Farthest from the Mainland
675Jun 26Countries with Highest Coast-to-Land Border Ratio
635Jun 26Official Country Names by First Two Letters
435Jun 26British Prime Ministers by First Names
307Jun 26Words That Can Use Any Vowel
246Jun 26Science Fiction Films (Movies) from Plot Summaries
120Jun 26Current Governors of the United States
5,052Jun 2520 Biggest Cities in Germany on a Map
1,174Jun 25Country by Eurovision Songs
1,071Jun 25Spanish Words Widely Known by US Americans
595Jun 2519th Century Quiz A-Z
523Jun 25Top 10 Foreign Prisoner Nationalities in UK
503Jun 25Canadian Metro Areas With The Highest Murder Rate
424Jun 25European Capitals by Google Description
338Jun 25Lord of the Rings discrepancy questions - Fellowship members
101Jun 25ALL Cities/Settlements of Slovenia on a Map
46Jun 25Spell the World's Longest Place Names
3,677Jun 24All 50k+ Cities in Germany with a Map
3,517Jun 24249 Countries of the World according to ISO
2,894Jun 24Name a Three to Seven Letter Word A-Z
1,332Jun 24Geography Mega Generator Puzzle #4
1,238Jun 24Map of Asia by Flag Colours
1,065Jun 24Top 100 in the Line of Succession to the British Throne
622Jun 24100 Cities by Letter - A
607Jun 24Best Selling Artists by Decade
458Jun 24100 Longest Rivers in North America - with a Map
302Jun 24Highest Goalscorers in Europes Top 5 Leagues 2021/22
6,453Jun 23Divided World City Name Puzzle #1
4,091Jun 23African Geography A-Z
1,694Jun 23The Alphabet - Backwards!
883Jun 23Most Peaceful Countries by Continent
739Jun 23100 Biggest Cities of the United States in 1900 with a Map
500Jun 23Animals Trivia - Groups of Five
496Jun 23U.S. National Parks By Photo
414Jun 23RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars Queens
125Jun 23Minecraft Effects Quiz
9Jun 23OHL Teams in Order of Instagram Followers
11,540Jun 22Geography by Letter on the World Map - J
4,598Jun 22All 45 European Countries Being Drawn
2,921Jun 22Capital Cities Based on First Two Letters #2
1,295Jun 22TOP 500 World Languages
807Jun 22100 biggest cities in Central America on a blank map
552Jun 22Animal General Knowledge #1
404Jun 22Selling Sunset Trivia
267Jun 22All Formula One Pole Sitters Ever
256Jun 22Sources of Rivers #2
199Jun 22Seattle Four
10,436Jun 21All Premier League Managers Ever
1,156Jun 21Countries Mentioned in the Wikipedia Page of Australia
1,137Jun 21Three Real and One Fake - Country Flags
1,002Jun 21Every Country in a Best Picture Movie
979Jun 21PDC World Darts Championship champions (1994-2022)
484Jun 21One Piece All characters
367Jun 21Minor League Baseball Teams (MILB)
323Jun 21US Counties with population > 1 million
225Jun 21U.S. Cities with the Lowest Median Age
91Jun 21Super Smash Bros. Melee Tier List
4,284Jun 20Breaking Bad characters
3,202Jun 20Top Five Languages by Language Family
2,925Jun 20Australia... or New Zealand?
2,217Jun 20Trace the Route of Ibn Battuta on a Map
1,292Jun 20Regions & Departments of Peru on a Map
1,100Jun 20Countries with Great Apes
1,028Jun 20Top 50 Countries With The Tallest People
789Jun 20Regions of Kazakhstan (With a Map)
273Jun 20All ISO 2-Letter Country Codes to Country
69Jun 20California's Congressional Delegation
10,403Jun 19The Full Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Character Quiz
6,898Jun 19Best Picture Oscar Nominees
3,537Jun 19Lord of the Rings - Name to Name
3,236Jun 19Football Players by Picture #1
2,131Jun 19Largest River Basins by Area on a Map
2,099Jun 19Most Guessed Countries Bordering Each Other
1,577Jun 19Trace the Route of Francis Drake on a Map
532Jun 19Winning Countries of the World Series of Poker
505Jun 19All countries by democracy index
420Jun 19America in the Middle Ages
9,075Jun 18Formula 1: Top 3 in Driver's Championship
6,596Jun 18Demonyms of Nations
3,688Jun 18Lonely Planet Top 200 Cities Map Quiz
2,370Jun 181,000 Rock Bands by their most Popular Song
1,743Jun 1850 pairs of cities with the exact same name (with a map)
1,559Jun 18Crown Lands of Austria-Hungary in 1914 with a Map
1,097Jun 18Most Populated Cities by Color
799Jun 18Chemistry Quiz
746Jun 18Cities of Canada by Picture
450Jun 18Countries That Own Part of Antarctica with Flags
2,103Jun 17Full name of the UK
1,737Jun 17Random Sequential African Capitals on a Map
1,729Jun 17Literature Multiple Choice #3
1,390Jun 1740 People in Science that Everyone Should Know
771Jun 17Longest U.S. Interstate Borders
754Jun 17European Union countries by date of accession
627Jun 17Waterloo - ABBA
283Jun 17Canadian Provinces and Territories in Order of Confederation
153Jun 17Chinese History 101 Quiz #8
37Jun 17Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Characters
11,501Jun 16Countries of the World by Similar Area in 90 Seconds
3,123Jun 16Languages that are Official in more than One Continent
2,555Jun 16Countries By Wikipedia Word Clouds
2,210Jun 16Official Names of Countries
1,601Jun 16Provinces of Turkey Map Quiz
827Jun 16Quiz on Hinduism - Multiple Choice
761Jun 16Northernmost/Southernmost Countries
435Jun 16Important People of the 19th century
311Jun 16Running Up That Hill Kate Bush Lyrics
179Jun 16Destiny's Child Members
14,465Jun 15World Countries by 10 Category Elimination #2
6,265Jun 15World Currencies on a Map
1,676Jun 15U.S. & Canadian Geography on a Map
1,548Jun 15Click Timeline: Harry Potter and the Wizarding World
763Jun 15Biggest Movie Opening Weekends
745Jun 15United States Cities with the Most Spanish Speakers
740Jun 15Canadian Cities with Names Derived from Indigenous Languages
634Jun 15Dutch Eredivisie Clubs by Badges
430Jun 15Multiple Choice: Biggest City in Each US State and Territory
143Jun 15All NCAA D1 Wrestling Programs
10,650Jun 14Iowa Counties Quiz
5,266Jun 14All Islands on the World Map
1,771Jun 14British History A-Z Picture Quiz
1,507Jun 1450 Least Visited Countries in the World 🌎
1,257Jun 14UEFA Champions League Final Goalscorers
750Jun 14Highest English Proficiency Index (EPI) - Europe
702Jun 14500 Most Popular Boys Names in the US (2021)
400Jun 14Star Wars Characters That Made it From Animation to Live Action
286Jun 14Smallest English Towns/Cities with a Football Club
102Jun 14Países antigos por capital
6,599Jun 13World Map Divided into Regions
1,258Jun 13Canada Flags Map Quiz
970Jun 13Geography Generator Puzzle #10
958Jun 13All 1M+ Languages on the Map
613Jun 13French Desserts
454Jun 13Highest Elevation and Most Populous Combined U.S. Cities
378Jun 13Title in the Lyrics - Disney
342Jun 1350 States, 50 Towns and Cities Quiz - Very Hard Version
325Jun 13Not Quite A Movie Title - Tom Cruise
193Jun 13British Princes by Their Subsidiary Titles