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A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
7,538Jan 27Countries 243 to 250
7,421Jan 27Random Foods by Picture
5,348Jan 27English Football Clubs by Badge
1,254Jan 27The 3rd and 4th Century BC Quiz
683Jan 27The Big Bang Theory Characters
518Jan 27North American Countries by Etymology
489Jan 27European Countries Anagrams - Map Quiz
421Jan 27Armenia Bordering Countries
239Jan 27Haribo Jingle in Different Languages
101Jan 27Final Destination Deaths
34,417Jan 26Manchester United Current Squad
23,360Jan 26IMDb Top 250 Movies Quiz
17,851Jan 26Category Elimination - Disney Animated Movies
4,486Jan 26A Square of Merged Countries #2
3,659Jan 26Biggest Cities in South Carolina
986Jan 26Huge List of Famous Authors
822Jan 26All Countries To All Capitals
748Jan 26Guess the Word and City
569Jan 26Monkey Countries Quiz
86Jan 26Wire Loop Game
19,108Jan 25Borderless World Map without 20 Random Countries
6,681Jan 25World Languages with an Empty Map
3,774Jan 25Modern-day countries of the Swedish Empire on a Map
1,059Jan 25A to Z Rock Bands by guitarist
966Jan 25All Countries that have a monarch as head of state
512Jan 25Band Riddles
492Jan 25"We Didn't Start The Fire" Lyrics - Picture Quiz
296Jan 25Formula One 2023 Lineup
147Jan 25Satellite Images of U.S. Cities: Hard
80Jan 25Largest cities in Borneo
14,499Jan 24Top 100 Marvel Superheroes
7,871Jan 24List all Pokemon Video Games
6,911Jan 24100 Biggest Cities in Canada on a Map
5,844Jan 24200 Most Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with A (2021)
2,848Jan 24F1 Tracks by Map 2022
2,317Jan 24100 Biggest Cities of the Roman Empire with a Map
2,016Jan 242 Letter Scrabble Words (Longer Time, 5 min.)
1,451Jan 24Asian Capitals - Map Quiz
1,111Jan 24Biggest Movie Opening Weekends
338Jan 24Country Logic Puzzle by Scambigol #9
15,591Jan 23Kentucky Counties Quiz
2,716Jan 23Sequential European Rivers and Cities
1,979Jan 23Avatar: The Last Airbender (Episode Names Quiz)
1,770Jan 23Flag Vocabulary Mega-Challenge
1,169Jan 23Crayola Crayons in a 24-pack
726Jan 23Manitoba Cities Map Quiz
552Jan 23History of Sub-Saharan Africa
548Jan 23Norway in the Winter Olympics
516Jan 23Random Simpsons Characters by Picture
84Jan 23Neon Genesis Evangelion Quiz
3,597Jan 22Dark Souls I Lore Trivia
3,390Jan 22The only remaining country in the world that... (with a map)
1,458Jan 22Largest Cities in the United States by Decade on a Map
655Jan 22Notable Person by City #1
655Jan 22Indigenous Peoples
614Jan 22Regional Languages
470Jan 22The 16th Century Quiz without Europe
425Jan 22WW1
393Jan 22U.S.A. in Statehood Order
182Jan 22Moves Used by Ash's Pokémon
13,867Jan 21World Capitals By Letter - N
6,393Jan 21Countries that end with the letter "A"
2,678Jan 21Every 1,000,000+ North American City on a Map
957Jan 21Fun Facts about every country
783Jan 21Daily Country Riddle #4
685Jan 21Do You Have A Good Memory?
444Jan 21World City Flags Quiz
330Jan 21NBA Trivia Chain Game
328Jan 21Municipalities of Bulgaria on a Map
302Jan 21Baden-Württemberg State Quiz
22,346Jan 20WWE/WWF Mens Royal Rumble Entrants 1988-2022
13,459Jan 20Category Elimination - European Geography #3
10,356Jan 20Food & Drink Brand Logos
2,390Jan 20Draw the Coast of the Black Sea on the Map
826Jan 20Mathematics Multiple Choice #1
690Jan 20Countries of the World using only "C" and "V"
296Jan 20Megapredators of Ice Age North America
230Jan 20F1 Grands Prix - 2023 Season
100Jan 20Every 2022-2023 player in the nhl
43Jan 20Noise Rock Bands
1,836Jan 19World's Dirtiest Rivers
1,765Jan 19Top Countries by Welsh population
1,659Jan 19Subdivisions of the Russian Empire with a Map
1,185Jan 19Randomized Homophones Quiz
1,029Jan 19ALL Mario games
613Jan 19One City from Every Country
519Jan 19Can You Count?
452Jan 19Old City of Jerusalem on a Map
123Jan 19Toxic - BoyWithUke
22Jan 19Geometry Dash Extreme Demon Quiz
5,762Jan 18Name Countries Containing Each Letter A-Z
1,285Jan 18Shipping Forecast areas
1,193Jan 18Trick Questions #2
1,103Jan 18Flags Revealing Flags #1
1,098Jan 18European History A-Z
973Jan 18Who Controls It? #2
688Jan 18All Slovak cities quiz
326Jan 18Ultimate Nazi Germany Quiz
237Jan 18PvZ2 Plants [World]
135Jan 18Complete Bob Dylan's Portrait with Albums
7,707Jan 17ATP Top 100
3,185Jan 17Famous Landmarks Out Of Focus #3
2,798Jan 17100 Biggest Cities in the Americas
1,130Jan 17All Countries by HDI Index (2020)
965Jan 17Name a Valid Asian City
747Jan 17China or India?
689Jan 17Portuguese Cities by Picture
532Jan 17Kurdistan Quiz
444Jan 17Groups of Things - Age of Empires 2 DE
122Jan 17South Korea Cities/Counties Quiz (with map)
10,989Jan 16States of India Map Quiz
4,747Jan 16A-Z: A Beatles Song for Each Letter
1,141Jan 16Word Creation Puzzle
834Jan 16Giant Great Britain 20th Century Quiz
739Jan 16German Cities by Etymology
536Jan 16US Metro Areas with the Most Roller Coasters
252Jan 16U.S. National Forests Quiz
163Jan 16Topological Map of the States of Brazil
109Jan 16Finnish Prime Ministers
36Jan 16中国地级行政区 Chinese Prefecture-level Municipality
12,334Jan 15Departments of France Quiz (with map)
5,519Jan 15States in a Tank of the U.S. Map
3,716Jan 15Which Countries Do You Transit With These Straight Lines?
2,609Jan 15British History A-Z Picture Quiz
1,470Jan 15Next Countries Alphabetically #1
1,414Jan 15The Voyage of Darwin - Animated Map Quiz
1,041Jan 15Did It Happen in 2022?
957Jan 1550 Biggest Cities of Africa in 1500 with a Map
702Jan 15Countries by Unique Starting Letters
539Jan 15U.S. Speakers of the House
21,182Jan 14DC and Marvel Heroes and Villians
5,333Jan 14Name all the Valid Countries
2,670Jan 14Presidents of Brazil
2,194Jan 14Every City in California on a Map
864Jan 14Canada Metro Areas over 100k 2021
750Jan 14Cities That Beat Amsterdam
548Jan 14Belgrade City Quiz
464Jan 14Have you read your Bible?
347Jan 14Elemental Songs
193Jan 14History of Arizona Quiz
5,556Jan 13Sweden, Norway or Finland?
2,154Jan 13James Bond Theme Song Artists
2,075Jan 13All 196 Countries of the World : No Vowels
2,037Jan 13Influential People We Lost in 2022
1,763Jan 13All Capitals with Flags
1,316Jan 13Every Country by Notable People Born There
1,068Jan 13Top 10 Manchester United Starting XI
1,034Jan 13Smallest neighbour of every European country
803Jan 13All Battleships and Battlecruisers Ever Built
56Jan 13Better Call Saul Episode Titles