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A list of quizzes which have appeared in the User Spotlight in the last two weeks.
24,899Dec 9Category Elimination - Disney Animated Movies
12,067Dec 9Asia Map with Random Merged Countries
1,751Dec 9Countries by Former Name
1,715Dec 9Mario Kart Wii Tracks - Map Quiz
1,404Dec 9Countries Symbolized on a Pirate Ship
746Dec 9All ATEEZ Songs
456Dec 9Countries with the longest rail network
355Dec 9NFL Final 4 teams every year in the Super Bowl era
353Dec 925 Famous People from New Zealand
204Dec 9Islands of the U.S.
29,138Dec 8WWE/WWF Mens Royal Rumble Entrants 1988-2023
2,484Dec 8Flags of the USSR Republics
938Dec 8Regions of Guyana with a Map
861Dec 8Largest landlocked countries
609Dec 8It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) lyrics - R.E.M.
488Dec 8Christmas Symbols
415Dec 8Lonely Planet top places to go in 2024
311Dec 8Tom Hanks is Bad at Boating
81Dec 8Build Icelandic municipality names
42Dec 8Councils of Connecticut
19,164Dec 7Geography by Letter on the World Map - I
4,952Dec 7Countries in Assassin's Creed Games
3,733Dec 7HARD Random Geography General Knowledge
3,140Dec 7Largest Cities once part of the Byzantine Empire
1,222Dec 7Lowest Ranking Team in Each Confederation Entering World Cup
546Dec 7Flags of the World but Nordic #2
516Dec 7Balkan Speedrun
435Dec 7U.S. States By State Route Sign
146Dec 7The Office US Pixel Quiz
72Dec 7Random World Series Winners by Year
10,711Dec 6World Map Minesweeper Randomized (Expert)
4,155Dec 6Japanese Kanji Grade 2
3,666Dec 6Serie A Top 4
3,427Dec 6Geography Ending in D, Starting with A-Z
3,245Dec 6Artists in Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Songs List
1,652Dec 6Every Country That Hosted A Eurovision
691Dec 6US Open Champions
663Dec 6U.S. States Ranked by Area
630Dec 6Where in the World am I? #2
436Dec 6NFL WR BY PICTURE 2023-24
6,410Dec 5World Capitals Containing K
4,542Dec 5British Army Ranks
4,523Dec 5Solve the Secret Country by 6 Clues in 45 Seconds #1
2,937Dec 5World Capitals by Last Letter (A-Z)
2,250Dec 5Fill the World Map by Bordering Country Pairs of different Size
903Dec 5British Royal Family Quiz : Pictures
742Dec 5Element Etymologies: Places
679Dec 5Queen & David Bowie - Under Pressure Lyrics
415Dec 5A Peachy Quiz
158Dec 5Cricket: Leading Run Scorer in Each Men's World Cup
17,515Dec 4Name Countries Containing Each Letter A-Z
2,880Dec 4Asian Capitals Mystery Route
2,612Dec 4Countries by Borders and Proximity in 90 seconds
2,181Dec 4Former Countries Revealing Former Countries
1,892Dec 4USA States and Capitals - with MAP
1,340Dec 4196 countries, 196 facts
1,130Dec 4Australia or Papua New Guinea?
324Dec 4Numbers of Factors 1-100
168Dec 4Capitals and Countries by Flag
144Dec 4Days of the week in Dutch
10,899Dec 33 Largest Countries by Each Letter
8,108Dec 3Which country is bigger?
2,358Dec 3Click Chain #5
1,777Dec 3Confusing and Similar Country Flags
1,678Dec 3Top 2500 Cities According to SimpleMaps with a Map
1,282Dec 3Top 20 Big 5 European Football Leagues By Season
500Dec 3Slovakia quiz
312Dec 3NFL Top 100 Players' College Teams
134Dec 3NCAA Division II Basketball Teams
120Dec 3World Series Droughts
16,098Dec 2The Full Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Character Quiz
9,672Dec 2Oblasts of Ukraine (With a Map)
8,669Dec 2Every North American Country Shape Quiz
7,050Dec 2Crossword - Countries
6,809Dec 2European languages with more than 1,000 speakers
5,037Dec 2Prove You're Not a Robot
1,559Dec 2Capital Cities With Similar Names
258Dec 2Minecraft True or False
213Dec 2Organic Chemistry Functional Groups Picture Quiz
195Dec 2Random Order: Capitals of Oceana
10,086Dec 110 Random Megacities on the World Map
3,640Dec 1Solve the Secret Word
2,224Dec 1World Cities to World Cities - Click Quiz
1,399Dec 1Cities in Squares on a Map - United States
1,150Dec 1Zoo Tycoon 2 Animals
1,130Dec 1Category Elimination - Football Clubs (21/22)
677Dec 1Democracy Index -- All Time
396Dec 150 States, 50 Natural Landmarks - Picture Quiz
270Dec 1Roman Numeral Vocabulary
4,932Nov 30Doctor Who Episodes: 2005 -
2,149Nov 3080's Songs by Lyrics
1,752Nov 30Most Populous City Given Second and Third Place
907Nov 30Map Minesweeper Tutorial
629Nov 30Bordering Countries
427Nov 30Radioactive Lyrics - Imagine Dragons
241Nov 30All Member Cities of the OICC
196Nov 30UK Towns that Applied for City Status in 2022
153Nov 30Cricket: Most Wickets in Men's World Cups
70Nov 30Magic Kingdom Attractions
19,969Nov 29Countries, US States, Capitals, Elements, 100 Most Common Words: Complete List
3,258Nov 29Countries Closest to Ethiopia - Without Map
2,672Nov 29Geography Mega Generator Puzzle #1
2,651Nov 29Disputed Territories Flag-Shape
2,320Nov 29Countries with the Highest Minimum Elevation
1,916Nov 29Name a Disney/Pixar Movie A-Z
1,225Nov 29Teams that have defeated the All Blacks
1,195Nov 29Click Chain #20
280Nov 29State Capitol Buildings without a Dome
273Nov 29Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Chapter Titles
16,502Nov 28All Too Well (10 Minute Version) Lyrics
3,165Nov 28Biggest 1M World Cities within 500 Km
2,047Nov 28All NHL Starting Goalies of the 2010s
1,799Nov 28Click to Translate - Danish
1,190Nov 28Best Current NBA Player by Letter
1,038Nov 28Football (soccer) teams that don't share their city's name
642Nov 28Countries That Have Won an Olympic Medal at Volleyball
379Nov 28USAU Ultimate Frisbee Champions
54Nov 28Magic: The Gathering (MTG) Formats
17Nov 28The Ten Principles of Burning Man
7,739Nov 27Official Country Names of the World Quiz
3,320Nov 27Countries whose Capitals are not the Largest Cities
1,939Nov 27Match The Lyrics to the Kanye West Song
1,072Nov 27Countries with the Most English Speakers
547Nov 27Manchester City Players by Picture
424Nov 27Mother Teresa... or Miley Cyrus?
412Nov 27Soloists in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
89Nov 27US Navy Cruisers 1-160
53Nov 27Counties of Kansas Quiz (No Map)
36Nov 27Monty Python Johann Gambolputty
13,096Nov 26Two-Word Countries
5,330Nov 26Most Followed Artists on Spotify
2,338Nov 26Finland Immigration by Country
2,203Nov 26Countries of North and South America - One Minute Sprint
1,241Nov 26English Geography A-Z
1,098Nov 26Rebus Puzzles
634Nov 26Andalusia Quiz
525Nov 26Cities that hosted the Junior Eurovision song contest (+map)
199Nov 26Quiz About Blobfish - Multiple Choice
183Nov 26Biggest US Cities sharing the same name as the 50 biggest US cities
8,926Nov 25Japanese Kanji Grade 1
8,160Nov 25Departments of Colombia (with a map)
7,289Nov 25All NFL Starting Quarterbacks of Super Bowl Era
3,586Nov 25Countries that Start with M - Shape Quiz
3,492Nov 25Every Country in its Official/Native Language
1,549Nov 25Female Music Pop Culture
885Nov 25Progressively Smaller Cities on a Map
848Nov 25Continental Categories- Geography
482Nov 25U.S. States by Israeli Population
57Nov 25The Monkees Songs