Capitals of Countries

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A variety of quizzes regarding Countries and their Capitals:
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4 letter Capital Cities + Their Country112-
15 Random Asian Capitals on a Map74-
African Capitals Alphabetical268-
African Capitals - Fill the Map88-
All 156 Capitals from North Pole to Equator:108-
All 42 Southern Capitals from South Pole to Equator:618-
Antipodean Capitals - Opposite Capitals on the Globe144-
CAPITAL + A CITY Anagram Madness!77-
Capital Cities Crazy Trivia68-
Capital Isograms (no letter used twice) - 162-
Capital Isograms (no letter used twice) - 236-
Capital Isograms (no letter used twice) - 358-
Capitals Alphabet-Soup Sprint 136-
Capitals - Missing Letters 236-
Capitals of South America - With Empty Map64-
City Anagram Pictures46-
Countries + Capitals of North America with Empty Map74-
Countries & Capitals of South America Map56-
Countries + Capitals with the same Initial letter82-
Cryptic Capitals36-
Cryptic Capitals 225-
European Capitals - Fill the Map93-
Hidden Capitals45-
Mal's 1 Minute = 20 Easiest "No Thinking" Capitals quiz.253-
Mal's 20 Capitals Closest to the Equator85-
Mal's 20 Highest Capital Cities (Altitude)133-
Mal's 20 National Capitals by Population72-
Mal's 23 most difficult Capitals quiz4,113-
Mal's African Closest Capitals Hopscotch450-
Mal's Asian Closest Capital Hopscotch279-
Mal's Capital City Rivers317-
Mal's European Closest Capital Hopscotch1,285-
Mal's - Name the largest populated City when it is not the Country's Capital987-
Mal's The 'Americas' Closest Capital Hopscotch134-
Mal's 'World Capitals Anagrams'114-
Mal's 'World Capitals Anagrams' No. 290-
Missing Letters Capitals 160-
Name Countries & Capitals of Africa - Map178-
Name Countries & Capitals of Europe - Map95-
Name Countries & Capitals of Oceania - Map67-
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Name Every Country & Capital in the World - Map43-
Name the Capitals - Fill the World Map109-
Random- Given US State Capital - Guess the State59-
Second City!!......Now What's the Capital?110-
The Giant Capital to Country & US State Quiz31-
World Capital Cities that begin with the Same letter as their Country?1,801-
World Capitals start with a vowel121-