A quiz series by Malbaby
Geographic General Knowledge:
Quiz# TakenBest
10 Largest & 10 Smallest Countries of the World - Map144-
Australia Quiz307-
Countries of the World by Initial.158-
Countries that Border Russia and/or China - Map68-
Countries with more than 2 'A's in their name:75-
European 'Length of Coastline' Quiz - Longest to Shortest.131-
Foreign Aid as % of GNI - Top 2031-
Geography Eight137-
Geography Eleven103-
Geography Fifteen65-
Geography Five96-
Geography FOUR x FOUR102-
Geography Fourteen82-
Geography Nine71-
Geography One1,051-
Geography Seven97-
Geography Six78-
Geography Sixteen58-
Geography Ten63-
Geography Thirteen69-
Geography Three200-
Geography Twelve66-
Geography Two356-
Hidden Countries64-
Island Sharing Nations quiz53-
Islands of the World Quiz - In World Map103-
Largest Countries of the World A to Z79-
Largest lakes in area by continents227-
Mal's Top 10 - 'Greenest' Least Polluted Cities in the World75-
Mal's Top 30 Countries by Energy Consumption per Capita499-
National Foods - Picture Quiz174-
Population growth - Top 60 Countries by % Growth:62-
Random Geographic facts 1min Sprint7,186-
Rivers, where do they discharge?51-
The 20 Countries with the Lowest 'Road Vehicle Death Rate'682-
The World’s Most Reputable Cities:92-
Top 20 Countries where Britons have emigrated to around the World135-
Top Ten (10) countries receiving Aid from UK in 201633-
Top Twenty Wealthiest Nations:76-
Two Letter US State Abbreviations Quiz - In 2 1/2 Minutes141-
World Countries - What's in a Name?46-
World Flags with NO RED (Pictures )88-
Worlds Longest Borders between Sovereign Countries: 1 - 20113-