Superhero Characters

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All my quizzes on any superheroes.
Quiz# TakenBest
Arrow-Main Characters256-
Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame Deaths376-
Ben 10- All Aliens325-
Black Lightning- All Characters16-
Complex's Top 25 Hot Comic Book Females22-
CW- All Superheroes127-
CW Arrowverse- All Main Villains588-
CW Arrowverse- Villains Killing Villains51-
Daredevil- Main Characters65-
DC- All Animated Movie Universe Films90-
DC- All Earth-16 (Young Justice)Characters332-
DC- All Lantern Corps Oaths64-
DC- All Lanterns (Part 1- Red, Green, Yellow)46-
DC- All Lanterns Part 2 (Blue,Indigo,Violet,Orange,Black,White,Alpha)15-
DC- All Omnis6-
DC- All Speedsters162-
DC- Bat Family's Rogues Gallery105-
DC- Film Subjects47-
DC- Flash's Rogues Gallery155-
DC- Green Arrow Rogue's Gallery47-
DC: Injustice Comics- All Characters165-
DC- Injustice Insurgency Members170-
DC- Injustice Regime Members195-
DC- Junior Heroes219-
DC- Justice League Dark62-
DC- LOT Main Villains21-
DC- Nightwing's Rogues Gallery35-
DC- The Bat Family171-
DC- The Birds of Prey47-
Flash-Main Characters (Pre-Crisis)50-
Injustice 1 and 2 - All Fighters828-
Iron Fist- Main Characters29-
Jessica Jones- All Characters23-
Legends- Extended Family9-
Legends of Tomorrow- Main Characters (Pre-Crisis)105-
Luke Cage- Main Characters7-
Marvel- All Avengers625-
Marvel- All Big Hero 6 Members15-
Marvel- All Defenders163-
Marvel- All Guardians Of The Galaxy267-
Marvel- All Spider-People141-
Marvel- All Super-Soldiers44-
Marvel- All Symbiotes214-
Marvel- All Universal Threats86-
Marvel- All X-Men870-
Marvel/DC-Amalgam Universe/Earth-9602 Characters20-
Marvel- Film Subjects122-
Marvel- MCU Variants225-
Marvel-Omega Level Mutants48-
Marvel- Spiderman Love Interests235-
Marvel- Spiderman's Rogues Gallery312-
Marvel- The Web Warriors34-
MCU- All Villains1,510-
Overwatch- All Heroes75-
Ranker's Top 30 Sexiest DC Superheroines195-
Ranker's Top 30 Sexiest DC Supervillainesses142-
Ranker's Top 30 Sexiest Marvel Superheroines410-
Ranker's Top 30 Sexiest Marvel Supervillainesses143-
Suicide Squad-All Members192-
Supergirl-Main Characters (Pre-Crisis)172-