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the title says it all
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10 Largest Cities in South Africa49-
15 largest landlocked countries232-
20 Countries with the Highest Suicide Rate236-
20 Countries with the Lowest Homicide Rates71-
20 Least Densely Populated Countries104-
100 Largest Empires with Images212-
All First Nations of Canada3-
ALL Secessionist Movements' Flags17-
All US Capital in Order of Population62-
Canada Provinces by last 2 letters!50-
Canadian Provinces and Territories by Border13-
Capital Cities: Backwards26-
Capitals That Start with A93-
Cities that start with "Y" - With a twist!13-
Continental Geography Decoder - Extreme404-
Countries by Equator Territory29-
Countries by territory on the Prime Meridian15-
Countries by territory on the Tropic of Cancer9-
Countries closest to another country without bordering65-
Countries Closest to the Equator27-
Countries of Europe but backwards!48-
Countries of the World - Languages23-
Countries of the World - X18-
Countries that can be typed on one row32-
Countries That Start and End With the Same Letter294-
Countries with 5 or more syllables116-
Countries with a coastline32-
Countries with one Syllable114-
Countries with red on their flag312-
Countries with the Biggest Databases on Cityquiz.io17-
Countries with the Highest Population Growth Rate37-
Countries with the most Islands392-
Countries with the Most Military Troops61-
Countries word scramble #251-
Country chain quiz58-
Country word scramble quiz #145-
Divided Islands!70-
English Counties by Flag154-
Federal Subjects of Russia (With Flags)81-
First Five Capitals Alphabetically by Continent62-
Historical Flags Quiz #1 - Afghanistan50-
Historical Flags Quiz #2 - Albania9-
Landlocked Countries72-
Landlocked Countries with Exceptions47-
Largest U.S Cities by Area51-
Longest Reigning Monarchs21-
Most and Least dangerous countries bordering each other1,409-
Most Forested Countries A-Z44-
One Border Countries76-
Overseas Territories253-
RANDOM Flags of the World!38-
Richest Counties in the United States81-
Russian Federal Subjects by Coastline32-
Second to last countries45-
Smallest countries in the world with exceptions48-
Stan countries by population58-
States without a State University40-
Tajikistan Country Quiz29-
The shortest borders in the world42-
Top 20 Poorest Countries66-
Top 20 Richest Countries87-
Transcontinental Countries1,779-
U.S Counties with less than 1000 people11-
US State Nicknames with Exceptions11-
US States by last 2 letters!154-