Inventory of First-Level Country Subdivisions

A quiz series by ThatOnePunk
Everything subdivision-related, most of them containing a map! Also try: Second-Level Subdivisions
Quiz# TakenBest
All Coat of Arms of Western Europe Subdivisions121-
Autonomous Islands of the Comoros on a Map196-
Canada Provinces & US States Bordering Each Other134-
Coat of Arms of French Regions67-
Countries of the Netherlands on a Map179-
Countries of the Realm of New Zealand on a Map155-
Decentralized Administrations of Greece on a Map270-
Departments of Benin on a Map514-
Departments of Haiti on a Map869-
Departments of the Republic of the Congo on a Map397-
Districts of Seychelles on a Map364-
Districts of The Bahamas with a Map1,683-
Divisions of Fiji on a Map225-
First-Level Subdivisions of Myanmar on a Map765-
First-Level Subdivisions of the United States - Map237-
Governorates of Bahrain on a Map333-
Governorates of Lebanon on a Map1,218-
Governorates of Oman on a Map617-
Islands of Mauritius on a Map221-
Islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis on a Map169-
Municipalities of Cape Verde on a Map296-
Municipalities of Qatar on a Map619-
Occupied Palestinian Territories on a Map254-
Prefectures of the Central African Republic433-
Provinces of Nepal on a Map928-
Provinces of Rwanda on a Map180-
Provinces of Sierra Leone on a Map190-
Provinces of the Dominican Republic on a Map2,370-
Provinces of the Solomon Islands425-
Provinces of Zimbabwe on a Map453-
Regions and Municipalities of Trinidad & Tobago1,399-
Regions & Departments of Peru on a Map4,985-
Regions of Guinea-Bissau on a Map621-
Regions of Malawi on a Map193-
Regions of North Macedonia on a Map156-
Regions of Slovenia on a Map514-
Regions of the Gambia on a Map210-
Regions of Togo on a Map304-
States of Nigeria on a Map4,249-
States of Palau on a Map525-
States of the Federated States of Micronesia481-
Subdivisions of Bosnia & Herzegovina on a Map433-
Subdivisions that Touch the Rhine with a Map195-
Urban Planning Areas of Singapore on a Map327-