Miscellaneous Geography

A quiz series by ThatOnePunk
A list of geographical quizzes that don't fall under my other quiz series. Enjoy!
Biggest Two-Word Countries--
China True or False?0-
Countries and States of the Levant on a Map--
Countries Bordering Asia--
Countries Bordering Cameroon With Map--
Countries Bordering Colombia With Map--
Countries Bordering Europe--
Countries Bordering Mali With Map--
Countries Bordering Slavic Countries on a Map--
Countries Bordering the Rep. of the Congo--
Countries Bordering Uganda on a Map--
Countries by Groups on a World Map--
Countries in the Dymaxion Map of the World--
Countries Name in French--
Countries Name in German--
Countries Name in Polish--
Countries Name in Portuguese--
Countries Name in Spanish--
Countries Name in Swedish--
Countries Names in Half #1--
Countries Names in Half #2--
Countries of the World by Most Common Surnames--
Countries of the World Quiz - Impossible Challenge--
Countries Producing the Most Wind Power--
Countries Visiting Singapore the Most--
Countries with Border Conflicts--
Countries with IKEA on a Map--
Countries with the Highest Food Quality--
Country Shapes Hidden on the Christmas Tree--
Do You Even Know Anything About England?--
Easternmost Island Countries--
English-Creole Speaking Countries--
Every German State Shapes Quiz--
Island Countries A-Z--
Largest Cities in the UK by Suffixes--
Mountains of Germany on a Map--
Name a Valid Country - Currency--
Northernmost Island Countries--
North Sea Countries on an Empty Map--
Scandinavia... Or Scandinavia?--
Slavic Countries on a Map--
Southeast Asia - Map Quiz--
Southernmost Island Countries--
Westernmost Island Countries--