Soccer (Football)

A quiz series by geographynerd
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2020-2021 Serie A Teams Quiz348-
2020-2021 UEFA Champions League Quarterfinals Teams125-
2020-2021 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Teams155-
2020-2021 UEFA Champions League Teams475-
2020-2021 UEFA Champions League Teams Map Quiz363-
2021-2022 Serie A Teams Quiz376-
2021-2022 UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Teams211-
2021-2022 UEFA Champions League Teams219-
2021-2022 UEFA Champions League Teams Map Quiz566-
2022-2023 Serie A Teams Quiz99-
2022-2023 UEFA Champions League Teams227-
2022-2023 UEFA Champions League Teams Map Quiz442-
2023-2024 UEFA Champions League Teams116-
2023-2024 UEFA Champions League Teams Map Quiz168-
All Teams To Ever Make The UEFA Champions League187-
American Soccer Players Playing for Big European Teams Quiz152-
Atalanta Players by Picture63-
Atalanta Players Quiz46-
Atlético Madrid Players by Picture113-
Atlético Madrid Players Quiz75-
Barcelona Players by Picture201-
Barcelona Players Quiz242-
Bayern Munich Players Quiz371-
Best Player on Every Team: Bundesliga140-
Best Player on Every Team: Premier League169-
Best Player on Every Team: Serie A120-
Best Soccer Player From (Almost) Every Country Quiz1,510-
Best Soccer Player From Many States27-
Borussia Dortmund Players Quiz242-
Borussia Mönchengladbach Players Quiz32-
Chelsea Players Quiz169-
FIFA 21 Team of the Year224-
FC 24 Players with a 90+ Rating1,327-
FIFA Teams That Aren't JetPunk Countries74-
Juventus Players Quiz737-
Lazio Players Quiz50-
Liverpool Players Quiz219-
Manchester City Players Quiz283-
Manchester United Players Quiz254-
MLS Teams Map Quiz619-
National Team Kits by Picture115-
Paris Saint-Germain Players Quiz2,392-
Porto Players Quiz86-
RB Leipzig Players Quiz74-
Real Madrid Players Quiz654-
Sevilla Players Quiz45-
Teams that Bruno Fernandes Has Played For188-
Teams that Christian Eriksen Has Played For141-
Teams that Cristiano Ronaldo Has Played For597-
Teams that Ederson Has Played For77-
Teams that Erling Haaland Has Played For465-
Teams that Gianluigi Buffon Has Played For166-
Teams that Harry Kane Has Played For366-
Teams that Jan Oblak Has Played For64-
Teams that Kevin De Bruyne Has Played For302-
Teams that Keylor Navas Has Played For110-
Teams that Lionel Messi Has Played For1,779-
Teams that Mohamed Salah Has Played For318-
Teams that N'Golo Kanté Has Played For197-
Teams that Robert Lewandowski Has Played For248-
Teams that Sadio Mané Has Played For194-
Teams that Sebastián Abreu Has Played For32-
Teams that Sergio Ramos Has Played For240-
Teams that Son Heung-min Has Played For147-
Teams that Thibaut Courtois Has Played For143-
Teams that Toni Kroos Has Played For176-
Teams that Virgil van Dijk Has Played For188-
Top-Level League Football Champion in Every European Country87-
UEFA Euro 2020 Quarterfinals Quiz115-
UEFA Euro 2020 Round of 16 Quiz139-
UEFA National Team Captains152-