Learning Geography

A quiz series by Wolfskin1
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Quiz# TakenBest
10 Strongest Countries In America’s36-
15 largest Countries43-
30 Best Countries In 2050 By GDP77-
About UK26-
Asian Comparison7-
Asian Comparison #111-
Best Countries in order23-
Capital city 112-
Capitals #129-
Countries and their Currency P118-
Countries by aircraft 202226-
Countries Closest To France51-
Countries Closest To Philippines South North And West50-
Countries Names In Countries Names42-
Countries part of Spanish Empire22-
Countries taken over by brits 29-
Countries Taken over by Brits117-
Countries that like The United Kingdom44-
Countries which can start WWIII (World War 3)190-
Countries with Similar Flags #146-
Countries With Similar Flags144-
Countries With Stripes Horizontal 4+9-
Countries with the Best Elite Special Forces51-
Countries with the most deaths12-
Countries with the most nukes39-
Country comparison28-
Country Comparison Population Full P1 ….. To ….13-
Europe Country Comparison #120-
Europe Country Comparison #215-
Europe Country Comparison #321-
European Comparison #127-
Global Peace Index Today 202113-
Guess the European Fact File #133-
Guess The Hint Name To Language 147-
Island Country quiz22-
Military Comparison #16-
Military Comparison #1 202114-
Military Comparison #29-
Most Famous Capital Cities By Rank P114-
Most Favourited Countries29-
Most Populated In the World 2021 By Flags #215-
Most Populated In the world by Flags 2021 #129-
Most Richest Countries #128-
My favourite countries34-
Next 30 Guessed Countries In Countries of the World Quiz18-
Oil Reserves Comparison #116-
Philippine (Philippines) Quiz30-
Places,Countries Bigger than China32-
Power countries of the world36-
Questionable countries 115-
Strongest Countries Per Continent P1 Of The Fight19-
The hard logos so impossible #1444-
The most Famous Cities P133-
The most Well Spoken Languages44-
The Most Widest Countries By Length55-
The Strongest Countries in Military 2022 by Power Index184-
Top 10 most Hated Countries196-
Top 30 Most Guessed Countries From Countries of the World quiz47-
Top 50 Guess My Fav Countries(Randomized)35-
UK Cities P125-
Uks enemys27-
What Does BRICS Stand For25-