Quizzer6794's Series

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Series# RatingTakes
Random Map Quizzes1724.623,816,281
Top Five by Continent113204.501,887,175
Directional Geography30134.75771,904
Cartes aléatoires664.63677,557
Continental Largest Cities (Map)1054.74386,270
Clickable Map Quizzes1744.09368,888
Geography Sprints1414.16340,339
Divided Puzzles854.82329,633
Football (Soccer) Quizzes4144.18322,432
A-Z Geography Quizzes5254.27235,597
Countries Closest to - A-Z1924.65213,771
One Minute Sprints1824.34195,229
Countries by Initial Letter624.71166,050
Decoder Puzzles534.31160,109
Borderless Map524.87153,125
Unknown Country A-Z1024.71137,844
Five Biggest Countries by...3024.62133,155
Countries > Their Neighbors724.70131,102
Category Elimination1114.36127,439
Most Tourists824.29127,257
Language Quizzes3014.36126,638
Five Most Populated Countries by...724.73105,287
Merged Country Shapes334.8798,225
Hemisphere Geography524.8493,622
Time Zone Quizzes1114.2782,095
Percent of Continent424.8376,828
Google Quizzes824.0973,368
Geography by Letters824.3355,788
Countries Bordering...1314.7849,262
Fast Typing Tests1304.2038,828
Element Quizzes1514.6737,497
FIFA Women's Quizzes914.7330,437
JetPunk Games913.7027,745
World Cities by Location A-Z414.5927,665
Countries by Letter (with a map)1904.5924,354
Only Geography on the Map1204.6524,240
Top by Continent3304.2823,188
Biggest Cities3104.3922,925
Secret Geography1904.5420,295
Country Flags1104.6013,992
Unknown Category1304.4713,620
Geography Safe Crackers504.2313,220
Countries Bordering by Letter2304.8512,112
No Outlines: Clickable Maps404.0111,617
Math Quizzes504.608,719
Most Populated Countries Containing...2004.118,324
Largest Countries Containing...230-7,966
Top Paired Geography904.367,492
Cartes vierges504.446,509
Future/Past Largest Cities503.895,767
What's Wrong With This Map?504.005,608
Religion Quizzes603.735,268
Tile Select Quizzes404.235,106
Currency Quizzes704.095,089
Random Clickable Map304.544,186
Olympics Quizzes504.754,131
Countries by Number of Borders904.733,967
Continental Borders with Maps904.903,907
Largest Cities Containing...2304.603,835
Generator Puzzles603.003,572
"Containing Word" Countries904.073,498
Countries by First Vowel504.803,478
Anagram Country Quizzes604.833,400
Most Common Country Letters504.483,394
Picture Puzzles503.983,051
Origin Countries503.912,981
JetPunk Community304.102,858
Add a Letter904.142,616
Countries of the World Variants504.802,426
Capitals Closes to ... Quizzes804.242,333
Fill in the Lyrics30-2,326
Name a Valid...204.222,163
Multi-Word Geography503.832,145
Most Common English50-1,983
Top by Area or Population404.601,572
Countries and Capitals603.801,560
Countries without Extreme Letters403.491,395
UEFA Quizzes404.131,240
McDonald's Quizzes60-1,229
A-Z Word Puzzles60-1,215
Guesser Games303.781,173
Country by Ranked Group304.70936
Misc Sprints40-800
World Cities by Number of Letters50-761
Countries by Haiku204.00755
Random / Scrambles40-651
Most Populated Countries in 195040-639
Mystery Countries Puzzle20-551
Most Guessed20-417
Stan Countries20-324
Major Cities Closest to...30-248
Cities Closes to A-Z20-169