A quiz series by ItzIngenious
Maybe I should break this series down a little bit…
Quiz# TakenBest
Australian Flags with the Union Jack19-
Australian States and Territories by First Two Letters25-
Canadian four corners26-
Countries Alphabetically-A30-
Countries Entirely in the Southern Hemisphere (Oceania)21-
Countries of Africa with two or more words43-
Countries of Central America by Population34-
Countries of North America with two or more words46-
Countries of South America spelled backwards26-
Countries of the Indian Subcontinent by Population41-
Countries of the World general knowledge25-
Countries of the World in Hawaiian4-
Countries, Seas, and Oceans bordering the Horn of Africa39-
Countries Starting with Every Other Letter31-
Countries that Touched the Equator in 191434-
Countries that Touched the Equator in 194542-
Countries to Continent57-
Countries Where You Have to Type in Another Country Before Getting It182-
Countries whose capital has the same name as the country85-
Countries with research stations on Antarctica43-
Flags of Indochina16-
Flags of the Horn of Africa43-
Guess the Flag by mountain range24-
Ias with countries4-
Indonesian Islands Bordering other countries33-
Landlocked Countries with Two or More Words38-
Modern day countries bordering Czechoslovakia73-
Modern day countries of the Hittite Empire49-
Most Densely Populated Island Countries52-
Name a Valid Middle East Country2,495-
Name an Indonesian island A-Z53-
Name an island country that…85-
Non-Island Caribbean Countries37-
North American Caribbean countries18-
Official Country Names by First Two Letters1,143-
Random Border Crossings Quiz57-
Russian Cities that appear on my globe18-
smallest Middle East countries33-
South American Caribbean Countries14-
Ten largest Canadian islands not in Nunavut25-
The first neighbor alphabetically-Countries24-
Which Tectonic Plate is that Country On?50-