Crime & Punishment

A quiz series by skukka
Quiz# TakenPointsBest
10 Most Notorious Prisons in the U.S.101--
Assassinations #2170--
Celebrities Who Killed Someone130--
Countries that Imprison the Most Foreigners139--
European Countries with the Highest Incarceration Rate108--
Famous Criminals149--
Famous Mobsters181--
Famous People Who Were Murdered258--
Foreign Nationals Executed in the US76--
Foreign Nationals in Death Row in the U.S137--
Most Dangerous Countries for American Travelers19,2110-
Terrorist Group to Country446--
Top 10 Countries in Executions194--
Top 10 Countries in Gun Violence320--
TOP 10 Countries in: Hackers178--
TOP 10 Countries in: Hashish Production115--
Top 10 Countries in Lowest Murder Rate243--
TOP 10 Countries in: Opium Production218--
Top 10 Countries in Overdose Deaths135--
Top 10 Countries in Police Force955--
Top 10 Countries with the Highest Murder Rate99--
Top 10 Serial Killer Countries806--
Top 10 U.S. States by Highest Incarceration Rate77--
TOP 10 US States: Drug Overdose Deaths202--
Top 10 US States in Drug Overdoses per capita96--
Top 10 X 2 : Asia’s Most Dangerous Cities112--
TOP 10 X 2 : Most Dangerous Cities in Latin America122--
Top 10 x 3 : Europe’s Most Dangerous Cities754--
TOP 10 X 3 : Most Dangerous Cities in the US271--
TOP 10 X 3 : Most Dangerous Cities in the World133--
Top 15 Countries in Prison Population140--
TOP 20 Most Dangerous Countries542--
Top 25 Countries by Americans Killed184--
Top 25 Countries by Travel Warnings Issued by the U.S. State Department226--
Top 5 Canada's Most Dangerous Cities82--
Top 5 Nationalities in US Prisons493--
Top 5 UK's Most Dangerous Cities288--
Top Countries by Highest Suicide Rate164--
US States by Highest Drug Overdose Mortality58--
US States by Lowest Drug Overdose Mortality39--
US States With Most Serial Murder484--
US States with the Most Death Row Inmates116--