A quiz series by skukka
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5 Biggest Semitic Languages119-
5 Biggest Slavic Languages146-
5 Most Spoken Languages in Europe171-
15 Most Guessed European Country Shapes in 1 minute74-
Ancient Planets in Ancient Languages80-
Animals from Spanish to English721-
Animals in Germanic Languages266-
Biggest Languages of Russia295-
"CAT" in which Language?125-
"DOG" in which Language?118-
Food Words in Different Germanic Languages287-
Food Words in Different Romance Languages178-
"LANGUAGE" in which Language?84-
Languages - 10 biggest germanic languages400-
Languages - 10 biggest romance languages194-
Languages - 10 biggest slavic languages307-
Languages - 10 biggest uralic languages168-
Languages : Animals from Dutch to English172-
Languages : Animals from Estonian to English239-
Languages : Animals from Finnish to English112-
Languages : Animals from French to English198-
Languages : Animals from German to English577-
Languages : Animals from Hungarian to English120-
Languages : Animals from Italian to English521-
Languages : Animals from Slovak to English100-
Languages : Animals from Swedish to English166-
Languages of Sweden385-
Languages that JRR Tolkien Studied167-
Languages: Vegetables from Dutch to English120-
Languages: Vegetables from Finnish to English133-
Languages: Vegetables from French to English263-
Languages: Vegetables from Hungarian to English107-
Languages: Vegetables from Polish to English144-
Languages: Vegetables from Spanish to English142-
Languages: Vegetables from Swedish to English104-
Months in 15 European Languages87-
Months in Czech208-
Months in Estonian93-
Months in Finnish160-
Months in German91-
Months in Icelandic67-
Months in Italian164-
Months in Latvian54-
Months in Lithuanian222-
Months in Polish71-
"NEW" in What Language ?84-
Official Languages130-
Official Languages #2101-
Official Languages #388-
Official Languages #474-
People in Different Germanic Languages176-
Random French Words - Randomly4,273-
Random German Words - Randomly5,018-
Second Languages208-
Second Languages #2132-
Second Languages #3129-
Second Languages #495-
Second Languages #482-
Second Languages #572-
TOP Language Families147-
Travel Vocabulary : Italian280-
Travel Vocabulary : Spanish159-
Vegetables from German to English314-
Weekdays in Czech171-
Weekdays in Estonian158-
Weekdays in Finnish98-
Weekdays in French85-
Weekdays in Icelandic92-
Weekdays in Latvian86-
Weekdays in Lithuanian126-
Weekdays in Polish102-
Weekdays in Spanish100-
"World" to Languages66-