Misc Country Trivia

A quiz series by skukka
Quiz# TakenPointsBest
2-Letter Geography277--
Alcoholic Drink to Country282--
All Countries with a Nuclear Reactor280--
Animals in Countries182--
Avalanche Prone Countries135--
Baltic States144--
Biggest Countries with Left-Hand Traffic169--
Biggest Countries with NO Mountains168--
Biggest Countries without Mountains118--
Biggest Countries without Rivers93--
Biggest Country in...233--
Biggest Country in... #2148--
Biggest & Most - Asia138--
Biggest & Most in Europe262--
Biggest Neighbouring Countries159--
Biggest Neighbouring Countries #2108--
Bordering Countries200--
Bordering Countries #2107--
Bordering Countries #3107--
Bordering Countries #4115--
Bordering Countries #5158--
Bordering Rivers70--
Candy Company to Country65--
Countries Bigger than Canada798--
Countries Bordering Baltic States136--
Countries Bordering Former Yugoslavia127--
Countries Bordering NATO Countries168--
Countries Bordering Nordic Countries76--
Countries Bordering OPEC Countries77--
Countries Bordering Soviet Union95--
Countries Closest in Size to US States52--
Countries in Eurovision Song Contest149--
Countries Most Affected by the 2004 Tsunami18,2810-
Countries Named After People239--
Countries Named After People #2241--
Countries Neighbouring EU259--
Countries of James Bond Movies That Were NOT Filmed in Those Countries88--
Countries of the Rudest People215--
Countries of These Capitals107--
Countries on Multiple Continents150--
Countries Producing Most Fashion Models998--
Countries Producing The Most Flowers147--
Countries That Border Five Countries68--
Countries That Border Four Other Countries65--
Countries That Border Only One Country159--
Countries That Border Only Two Other Countries115--
Countries That Border Six or More Countries81--
Countries That Border Three Countries58--
Countries That Drink the Most Wine290--
Countries That Eat Most Fast Food1,035--
Countries That Gained Independence in 1980 or Later266--
Countries That Have Michelin 3-Star Restaurants190--
Countries that have Never Participated in Miss Universe157--
Countries that have Never won the Eurovision Song Contest287--
Countries That Share These Regions243--
Countries That Share These Regions 2#155--
Countries That Share These Regions 3#140--
Countries That Share These Regions 4#123--
Countries Where Divorce is Illegal89--
Countries Where Neanderthals Lived397--
Countries Where Prostitution is Illegal130--
Countries with 50% or more Forest297--
Countries with a Finnish Embassy749--
Countries with a Metro117--
Countries with an Embassy in Togo110--
Countries with a Nobel Prize for Literature94--
Countries with as Many Vowels and Consonants33--
Countries with Brazilian Embassies159--
Countries with Geysers60--
Countries within Countries133--
Countries with Left-Hand Traffic157--
Countries with Miss Universe Title Wins122--
Countries with More Than 1 Billion People120--
Countries with More Than One Capital City127--
Countries with Most Islands97--
Countries with NO Airports174--
Countries with NO Army78--
Countries with NO Conflict121--
Countries with NO Copyright Law23--
Countries with NO Extradition Treaty with US113--
Countries with NO Olympic Medals159--
Countries with NO Political Parties98--
Countries without Death Penalty, with Exceptions560--
Countries with Peruvian Embassies80--
Countries with Same-Sex Marriage638--
Countries with the Highest Proportion of Adults in Higher Education108--
Countries with the most Linux-Users128--
Countries with the Most... Per Capita86--
Countries With The Most Public Holidays96--
Countries with the Shortest Coastline62--
Country Codes - Cars42--
Country of This Lake47--
Country of This Lake #244--
Country of This Lake #333--
Country That Borders These Waters92--
Country That Borders These Waters #280--
Country to a Thing1,019--
Country to a Thing #270--
Country to a Thing #366--
Country to a Thing #443--
Country to a Thing #544--
Earthquake Prone Countries238--
Flags with only Blue and White - Picture Quiz173--
Flags with only Blue and Yellow - Picture Quiz203--
Flags with Only Green and White - Picture Quiz237--
Flags with Only Yellow and Red - Picture Quiz161--
Hurricane Prone Countries144--
Ideology to Country274--
Kind Countries58--
Least Borders - Africa90--
Least Borders - Americas47--
Least Borders - Asia81--
Least Borders - Europe89--
Most Badly Behaved Tourists844--
Most Beautiful Women × 6118--
Most Bordered European Countries113--
Most Borders - Americas57--
Most Obese European Countries183--
Native Peoples to Countries129--
Nordic Countries - Quiz133--
Nordic Countries and Capitals63,0890-
OECD Countries with the most Single Mothers310--
OECD Countries with the most Single Parents142--
Pet Owning Countries191--
Public Bathing Culture to Country174--
Random Countries123--
Regions to Countries115--
Regions to Countries #298--
Regions To Countries #379--
Regions To Countries #496--
Regions To Countries #5103--
Regions To Countries #680--
Second Countries85--
Smallest Country in...104--
Smallest Landlocked Countries139--
Smallest & Least - Asia67--
Smallest & Least in Africa74--
Smallest & Least in Europe170--
Smallest Neighbouring Countries105--
Smallest Neighbouring Countries #259--
Smart Countries79--
Theocratic Countries137--
TOP 10 Smallest Countries in Asia96--
TOP 10 Smallest Countries in Asia by Population71--
Top 11 Countries with the Highest Rates of Eating Disorders in the World2,210--
Top 15 Countries in Teenage Abortions247--
Top 15 Countries With The Oldest First-Time Mothers120--
Top 15 Countries with the Worst Reputation157--
TOP 20 Most Peaceful Countries165--
Top 3 Countries in A...124--
Top 3 Countries in B...92--
Top 3 Countries in C...94--
Top 3 Countries in D....74--
Top 3 Countries in E...85--
Top 3 Countries in F...81--
Top 3 Countries in G...88--
Top 3 Countries in H...73--
Top 3 Countries in I....93--
Top 3 Countries in J...70--
Top 3 Countries in K...82--
Top 3 Countries in L...84--
Top 3 Countries in M...80--
Top 3 Countries in M...68--
Top 3 Countries in N...95--
Top 3 Countries in O...94--
Top 3 Countries in P...80--
Top 3 Countries in Q...70--
Top 3 Countries in R...82--
Top 3 Countries in S...79--
Top 3 Countries in T...124--
Top 3 Countries in U...91--
Top 3 Countries in V...101--
Top 3 Countries in W...102--
Top 5 Countries with Largest Textile Industry297--
Top 5 in 4-Letters95--
Top 5 in 5-Letters48--
Top 5 Volunteer Abroad Destinations55--
Top 7 Countries That Spend Most On Toys163--
Tsunami Prone Countries291--