Top 10 in ... Stuff

A quiz series by skukka
Quiz# TakenPointsBest
4 x Top 10 Countries With the Hottest Men505--
5 Biggest Cities : Argentina147--
5 Biggest Cities : Azerbaijan77--
5 Biggest Cities : Canada230--
5 Biggest Cities : Laos56--
5 Biggest Cities : Turkmenistan32--
5 Most Common Allergies111--
5 Most Common House Pets1,213--
5 Safest Countries in Asia260--
5 Safest Countries in Latin America665--
10 Biggest Cities : Benelux Countries431--
10 Biggest Cities: Brazil195--
10 Biggest Cities: Canada297--
10 Biggest Cities in Africa198--
10 Biggest Cities: India171--
10 Biggest Cities: Mexico96--
10 Biggest Cities: Nigeria511--
10 Biggest Non-Capital Cities by the Baltic Sea94--
10 Biggest Nordic Urban Areas137--
10 Biggest & Smallest Countries in Europe1,804--
10 Countries with Most Space Travellers235--
10 Countries with the Highest Percentage (%) of Forest109--
10 Safest Countries in Europe310--
10 Worst Smells173--
Countries Producing Most Fashion Models201--
Countries Producing Most Fashion Models per Capita125--
Top 10 Cigarette Smoking Countries264--
Top 10 Cities for Vegans168--
Top 10 Cities with Most Bilionaires213--
Top 10 Countries Closest in Size to California142--
Top 10 Countries Exporting Arms234--
TOP 10 Countries in: Advanced Technology357--
TOP 10 Countries in: Best Education System298--
TOP 10 Countries in: Buddhist Population195--
TOP 10 Countries in: Cotton Production133--
TOP 10 Countries in: Democracy138--
TOP 10 Countries in: Divorce111--
Top 10 Countries in Economic Growth125--
TOP 10 Countries in: Electricity Consumption per Capita93--
Top 10 Countries in Employment127--
Top 10 Countries in Geothermal Energy Production150--
TOP 10 Countries in: Hindu Population163--
TOP 10 Countries in: Information Technology234--
TOP 10 Countries in: Literacy100--
TOP 10 Countries in: Lowest Tax Rates71--
TOP 10 Countries in: Motor Vehicles per Capita82--
TOP 10 Countries in: Natural Resources611--
Top 10 Countries in Nuclear Power Production55,4400-
Top 10 Countries in Number of Nuclear Reactors377--
TOP 10 Countries in: Oil Exporting414--
TOP 10 Countries in: Oil Importing309--
TOP 10 Countries in: Paper Production193--
Top 10 Countries in Paper Recycling172--
Top 10 Countries in Patents154--
TOP 10 Countries in Pet Cats242--
Top 10 Countries in: Rainfall110--
TOP 10 Countries in: Refugees in123--
Top 10 Countries in Renewable Electricity Production167--
TOP 10 Countries in: Salary387--
Top 10 Countries in Sikh Population195--
Top 10 Countries in Strike & Lockdowns69--
TOP 10 Countries in: Strongest Earthquakes104--
Top 10 Countries in UFO Sightings215--
Top 10 Countries in UNESCO World Heritage Sites165--
TOP 10 Countries in: Uranium Production90--
Top 10 Countries in Women in Parliament185--
Top 10 Countries Producing Cars1,453--
TOP 10 Countries That Travel328--
Top 10 Countries with the Most Exports per Capita24,8130-
Top 10 Home Remedies for Common Cold64--
TOP 10 Largest Movie Markets by Number of Admissions98--
Top 10 Least Corrupt Countries153--
TOP 10: Longest Rivers108--
TOP 10 Most Expensive Art47--
Top 10 Most Popular Board Games112--
Top 10 Slavic Countries142--
Top 10 Städte mit den meisten Milliardären224--
Top 10 x 3 : Sexiest Men of All Time362--
Top 10 x 6 Best Stand-Up Comedians of All Time69--
Top 15 Countries in Solar Power Production152--
TOP 15 Largest Movie Markets by Box Office186--
TOP 20 Countries in: Hydropower Production128--
Top 20 Countries in Renewable Energy Production (%)435--