Countries/States/Cities+food my friends have visited/will visit

A quiz series by Dumpling45
Photo/text/map quizzes on countries; states, regions; cities my friends/geoguessr players have been to/will visit in the forseeable future. I also included cuisines my friend has tried. Friends and family here include Chris, Mr. Chizinski, Bailey, Namibia G, Stuart,Mayank, Szo, Marco,Lucas,Sneezel, Aidan, Aunt Marni, Immanuel, Romina, Tony,Justin,Uncle Scott,Denis, Dr. R,Xander,zi8gzag,Procrastination,Chrome,lightdig,BreathUralic,Owen McKeever, Dave from Tesco,Joséfe,Ash, TheRatKing,Kiwi,Kodiak, Rainbolt.
Quiz# TakenBest
Chris Counties Visited (2012-Present) (Map)2-
Countries Aidan has been to based off of a hint4-
Countries Ash has visited (Street view)2-
Countries Aunt Marni has been to by random city6-
Countries Chris plans on visiting/has visited (2024) (Map)13-
Countries Chris wants to live in (Capital) (Native Language)7-
Countries Chrome has visited from a map of themostpopulous region(Map)10-
Countries Dave from Tesco has been to (Map)12-
Countries Dr. R has been to by famous musical aritst2-
Countries Dumpling has visited in Chronological Order6-
Countries I plan to visit (2024) (Map)23-
Countries Immanuel has been to (Photo)8-
Countries Josèfe Amiere has been to (Map)5-
Countries Kodiak wants to visit by head of state5-
Countries lightdig has been to (Map)9-
Countries Lucas has been to (Picture)11-
Countries Marco has been to (Picture)9-
Countries Marco wants to visit (2024) (Map)14-
Countries Owen McKeever wants to visit (Map)0-
Countries Sneezel has been to by random subdivision11-
Countries that my Dad has been to by most populous region19-
Countries The Rat King has been to (Map)10-
Countries Tony Plans on Visiting (2024) (Map)7-
Countries Uncle Scott has been to based off of Hardware Stores4-
Countries youtuber zi8gzag has been to21-
Cuisines Szo has tried (Photo)7-
Dumplingman U.S. Counties Visited5-
Every Native American Reservation and TDSA I visited (Picture)8-
First Level Subdivisions Malachi has visited (Map)9-
Guess the prominent cities of India Mayank has visited(Map)6-
Guess which cities Xander has visited/wants to visit18-
Luminous Kiwi Visited or will visit Countries (Google Maps)3-
Notable Cities/Regions Trevor Rainbolt has been to (Map)7-
Order in which I visited/will visit U.S. states (2024)15-
Procrastination Countries Visited (Photo)0-
Prominent cities Justin has been to (Map)7-
Stuart Seaborn 1st level Subdivisions Visited (Map)21-