Geography, Countries, and Cities

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All varieties of quizzes about countries, cities, and geographical features.
Airline Flight Routes with the Highest Revenue--
Airlines that Serve the Most Countries--
All Countries to Experience Hyperinflation--
Biggest Seas of the Arctic Ocean--
Capital Name Similar to Country Name--
Caribbean Island Countries by Population--
Cities Along the West African Coastal Highway--
Cities and Places that End in "-ich"--
Cities by Religion--
Cities Closest to Kilimanjaro on the Map (East Africa)--
Cities that End in A by Clue #2--
Cities that Hosted the Summer Olympics on the Map--
Cities that Hosted the Winter Olympics on the Map--
Cities that were Stops on the Orient Express--
Cities Visited in Carmen Sandiego--
Cities Visited in Carmen Sandiego on the Map--
Continents in Order by GDP--
Continents in Order by GDP per Capita (2019)--
Continents in Order by Number of Bitcoin ATMs--
Continents in Order by Number of Countries--
Countries A-Z (Highest GDP)--
Countries A-Z (Strongest Military)--
Countries and Cities with Buildings of 100+ Floors--
Countries and States with Tesla Factories--
Countries and Territories in Free Association--
Countries Bordering the Four Color Seas--
Countries by Age of Oldest Resident Ever--
Countries by Emojis #2--
Countries by Fast Food Chain 🍔--
Countries by Natural Disasters/Hazards and Geography--
Countries by Oldest City--
Countries by Oldest Company--
Countries Completely Surrounded By Just One Country (Enclaved Countries)--
Countries Divided into Noncontiguous Parts--
Countries Explicitly Mentioned in Shakespeare's Plays--
Countries Founded by Former/Freed Slaves--
Countries in BRICS, the Next Eleven, and CIVETS--
Countries in the "Water Hemisphere" of the Earth--
Countries Maintaining Diplomatic Missions of Northern Cyprus--
Countries Not Members of the IMF--
Countries of Brazilian Military Excursions--
Countries of Europe with Tall Buildings--
Countries of Norman Expansion by 1130--
Countries of Oceania by Independence Date--
Countries of Oceania in 1921--
Countries of Oceania in Order by Area--
Countries of the Americas with the Strongest Militaries--
Countries of the Deadliest Crowd Crushes and Stampedes--
Countries Outside Africa Never Visited by a US President--
Countries Outside Africa with Honey Badgers--
Countries Outside Europe with Direct Flights to Israel--
Countries Outside Europe with Highest GDP per Capita--
Countries Outside Europe with Safe Tapwater--
Countries Owning the 200 Most Populous Islands--
Countries Party to the Antarctic Treaty System--
Countries that Administered the Tangier International Zone--
Countries that Ban Foie Gras Production--
Countries that Banned Christmas--
Countries that Don't Drain Out to Sea--
Countries that Don't Use the Latin Alphabet (Officially)--
Countries that Export the Most Turmeric--
Countries that Had a Colony in the Gold Coast--
Countries that Produce the Most Foie Gras--
Countries that Send the Most Students to Study in India--
Countries that Take the Most Cruises--
Countries that Use Plastic (Polymer) Banknotes for Currency--
Countries that Use US Paper Sizes Instead of A4--
Countries that Used to be in the Bulgarian Empire--
Countries that were Ruled by Military Juntas (Dictatorships)--
Countries the Equator Passes Through (in Order)--
Countries Visited by John F. Kennedy During His Presidency--
Countries Where Annual Tourists Outnumber Residents--
Countries Where Child Corporal Punishment is Prohibited--
Countries Where Christianity is the Official Religion--
Countries Where Communist Symbols are Banned--
Countries where Dholes Live--
Countries Where Female Genital Mutilation is Common--
Countries Where Homeschooling is Illegal--
Countries Where Magic (Psilocybin) Mushrooms are Legal or Decriminalized--
Countries Where Marsupials Live--
Countries where McDonald's Coffee Comes From ☕️--
Countries where Nuclear Weapons Exploded--
Countries where Shakespeare's Plays are Set--
Countries Where Turkey Has a Military Base--
Countries with a Creole as an Official Language--
Countries with a Female Majority in Parliament--
Countries with a Stronger Military than All Neighbors--
Countries with Buildings Over 300 Meters (2019)--
Countries with Buildings over 350 Meters--
Countries with Chemical Weapons--
Countries with Cities with New Metro Systems Under Construction--
Countries with Combat Drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)--
Countries with Currencies Pegged to the Euro--
Countries with Deaths from Nuclear and Radiation Incidents--
Countries with Decreasing GDP--
Countries with Decreasing HDI Score (2017-18)--
Countries with Economies that Reached $2 Trillion GDP--
Countries with Fabergé Eggs--
Countries with Gender Equality--
Countries with Highest Coast-to-Land Border Ratio--
Countries with Highest GDP Growth Rate--
Countries with Highest GDP Growth Rate (2017)--
Countries with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs)--
Countries with King Cobras--
Countries with Legal Recreational Marijuana--
Countries with Longest Maximum Distances to the Ocean--
Countries with Longest Wikipedia Articles--
Countries with Lowest Coast-to-Area Ratio--
Countries with Lowest Student-to-Teacher Ratio--
Countries with Medical Marijuana--
Countries with Names that are "The" Something--
Countries with Observatories Above 3000 Meters--
Countries with Outermost Regions of the European Union (EU)--
Countries with Populations in Noncontiguous Parts--
Countries with Shortest Maximum Distances to the Ocean0-
Countries with Shortest Wikipedia Articles--
Countries with Territory in the "First Island Chain"--
Countries with Territory More than 36 Hours from London--
Countries with the 20 Most-Reviewed Places on Google Maps--
Countries with the 50 Oldest Living People--
Countries with the Death Penalty for Blasphemy--
Countries with the First Full-Color TV Channels--
Countries with the Highest Incidence of TB (Tuberculosis)--
Countries with the Highest Remittances (2020)--
Countries with the Largest Monoliths (Stone Blocks)--
Countries with the Last Cases of Smallpox--
Countries with the Least Economic Freedom--
Countries with the Least Liveable Cities--
Countries with the Longest Cable-Stayed Bridges--
Countries with the Most Ascents of Mount Everest0-
Countries with the Most Attempted Coups--
Countries with the Most Bitcoin ATMs--
Countries with the Most Bitcoin Nodes--
Countries with the Most Concentrated Populations--
Countries with the Most Contamination from Chernobyl--
Countries with the Most Deaths from the Deadliest Floods--
Countries with the Most Deaths on Mount Everest--
Countries with the Most Facebook Users--
Countries with the Most Irrigated Land--
Countries with the Most Recent Cases of Polio--
Countries with the Most Rivers Over 600 Km--
Countries with the Most Supercomputers--
Countries with the Most Ultra-Prominent Mountain Peaks--
Countries with the Most Walmart Stores--
Countries with the Shortest Tallest Buildings--
Countries with the Tallest Churches--
Countries with the Tallest Flagpoles--
Countries with Twisted Buildings--
Countries with Wild Giraffes--
Countries Within 10 Days from London in 1914--
Countries Without Netflix--
European Countries with Monarchs Regularly Participating in Government--
European Countries with More Wealth than Russia--
European Countries with the Highest Tourism Growth (2010–2016)--
European Countries with the Least Forest (%)--
Famous Bays of the World on the Map--
Famous Coasts (Name the Country)--
Famous Coasts of the World and History--
Famous Routes by Picture--
First 28 Countries of Wuhan Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak--
Former USSR Soviet Countries by Current Population--
High Income (Non-UN) Economies--
Hyphenated Countries and Capitals--
Island Countries by Biggest and Most Populous Islands--
Island Countries Farthest from a Continental Mainland--
Island Countries Outside Oceania Farthest from the Mainland--
Island Countries: Poorest and Smallest Economies--
Island Countries with the Biggest Economies 🏝--
Island Countries with the Strongest Militaries--
Islands with Longest Maximum Distances to the Sea--
Landlocked Countries with the Strongest Militaries--
Landlocked "Seas"--
Large Countries with Small Economies0-
Largest Airlines in Africa--
Largest Cities in the "Land" Countries--
Largest Cities in the "Stan" Countries--
Largest Countries (by % of Continent)--
Largest Countries Without Protected Land--
Largest Islands in Oceania (Population and Area)--
Largest Peninsula by Continent--
Largest Unitary States (Countries) by Category--
Least Populous Mainland Countries--
Least Populous Mainland Countries by Continent--
Lonely Planet's Top Ten Cities for 2019--
Mainland Countries with the Shortest Coastlines--
Major Rivers Sourced on the Tibetan Plateau--
Members of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)--
Most Common Street Suffixes in the United Kingdom--
Most Litigious Countries (Lawsuits per Capita)--
Most Populous Arctic Ocean Islands--
Most Populous Atlantic Ocean Islands--
Most Populous Caribbean Sea Islands--
Most Populous Countries Never Visited by a US President--
Most Populous Countries that Didn't Qualify for the 2022 World Cup--
Most Populous Countries Without a Walmart--
Most Populous Indian Ocean Islands--
Most Populous Islands of China--
Most Populous Islands Outside the Tropics--
Most Populous Subdivision by Country--
Most Populous Subdivisions of Countries--
Most Recent Countries to Get a McDonald's--
Most Recent Countries to Get KFC Restaurants--
Name the Countries Along the Line--
Name the Island Group or Archipelago--
Notable Capes on the Map--
Officially Atheist Countries--
Oldest Capital Cities of Countries--
Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) of the European Union (EU)--
Place Names in the United Kingdom with Royal Patronage--
Plateaus of the World on the Map--
River Deltas on the Map--
River Mouths on the Map--
Rivers with Colorful Names--
Small Countries with Large Economies0-
States/Provinces Where NHL Hockey Players Are From--
The 5 Archipelagic Countries (UN)--
The Biggest City Between Two Cities--
The Capitals of Countries with More than One Capital--
The Least Christian Countries in the Americas--
The Most Christian Countries in Africa--
The Most Christian Countries in Asia--
Top 5 Countries by Cause of Death--
Top 10 Countries with the Most Forest (in Order)--
Top 10 Expensive Cities for Business Travelers--
Top 10 Richest Island Countries0-
Top 10 Richest Island Countries (PPP and Nominal)--
Top 20 Healthiest Countries--
Top Black Pepper-Producing Countries--
Top Cashew-Producing Countries--
Top Chocolate-Exporting Countries 🍫--
Top Coffee-Exporting Countries--
Top Pumpkin-Producing Countries--
Top Sesame Seed-Producing Countries--
Top Titanium-Producing Countries--
Transnistria Quiz (Unrecognized Country)--
UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the Map--
Volcanoes on the Map 🌋--