Geography: US-centric

A quiz series by interopia
Those geography quizzes which are more American-centric.
Quiz# TakenPointsBest
10 U.S. States With The Lowest Murder Rates29,6690-
California... or Florida?38,7890-
Cities in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex (Texas)1,218--
Cities in the Greater Houston Area (Texas)203--
Coasts of Florida92--
Connecticut Cities and Towns by Clue30--
Connecticut Cities and Towns Named "-Ford" or "-Bury"177--
Connecticut Cities and Towns Named "New"220--
First Seven US States with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases626--
Florida Keys Along U.S. Highway 1 (Difficult...Don't Try)227--
Gulfs and Bays of the United States on the Map154--
Highest Mountain by Given US State114--
Largest Cities in US States That are Commonwealths94--
Largest River by US State Capital City201--
Largest State Bordering Each State190--
Largest State Bordering Given US State89--
Largest Territorial Acquisitions of the United States284--
Least Populated U.S. Territories and States187--
Most Common Street Suffixes in the United States109--
Most Dangerous U.S. States for Pedestrians162--
Ohio, Idaho, or Iowa?208--
Smallest State Bordering Each State100--
States from which the Most Presidents Came887--
States that are the Largest State Bordering Another State116--
States that are the Smallest State Bordering Another State88--
States that Hosted a Super Bowl231--
States that Won Super Bowls851--
States where a Wrestlemania was Held142--
States with In-N-Out Burgers299--
States with the Highest Average FICO Credit Scores65--
States with the Lowest Average FICO Credit Scores60--
States with the Most Missing Persons per Capita 👤47--
States with the Most Prominent Summits137--
States with Venus Flytraps36--
US Cities with the Biggest Subreddits109--
US States Hit Directly by the Most Hurricanes766--
US States Lewis and Clark Went Through (in Order)150--
US States on the Appalachian Trail (in Order)100--
US States & Territories with Most Islands & Greatest Insular Areas117--
US States that are the Birthplace of the Most Actors per Capita99--
U.S. States that were Partitioned from Existing States139--
U.S. States Where the Cardinal is State Bird44--
US States Where Voting in Presidential Elections is Easiest71--
US States Where Voting in Presidential Elections is Most Difficult99--
U.S. States where You Can't Pump Your Own Gasoline47--
US States with Armadillos190--
US States with Grizzly Bears251--
US States with Legal Recreational Marijuana323--
US States with Shortest Maximum Distances to the Ocean310--
US States with the 50 Drunkest Counties167--
U.S. States with the 100 Richest Places232--
US States with the Highest Radon Levels35--
US States with the Least Central Capitals196--
US States with the Most Cases of Hantavirus49--
US States with the Most Lightning ⚡️97--
US States with the Most Patents per Capita121--
US States with the Most Patents per Year69--
US States Without a "(Something) State" Nickname63--
US States Without Toll Roads110--
US Territories and Their Largest Cities72--