Literature, TV, Movies, and Film

A quiz series by interopia
Various quizzes about works of literature, television, and cinema.
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1980s Kids Movies by Picture281--
1989 Movies by Picture617--
Actors Nominated for Acting Oscars in Five Different Decades176--
Adventure Novels by Author and Year147--
AFI's 100 Years of Film Scores (Top 25)291--
All Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween Movies605--
All Predator and Alien Movies191--
Ancient and Early Literature and Books95--
"And Something" Book and Novel Titles614--
Antonio Banderas Movies by Clue73--
Artificial Intelligences in Fiction (Films/TV, Books, Games)250--
BBC's 100 Funniest Movies (Comedies)239--
Book Titles in Literature that are "The" Something606--
Books and Novels with a Year in the Title199--
Books Considered the "Great American Novel"1,027--
Books Set in the Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum7--
Characters from Tommy Wiseau's The Room47--
Characters from Tommy Wiseau's The Room by Picture59--
Characters in Moby Dick40--
Cheers Actors108--
Click the Stanley Kubrick Film of the Quote29--
Coen Brothers Films with Oscar-Nominated Performances131--
Comic Book Companies/Studios67--
Covers of First Issues of Magazines89--
Creatures, Species, Races in Star Wars Movies253--
Devices from Science Fiction by Picture552--
Dog Breeds with the Most Film/TV Credits114--
Dr. Seuss Books by Picture127--
Elements of Literature (Fiction)149--
Famous Actors in "Magnolia"102--
Famous Fictional Dinosaurs in Pop Culture 🦕91--
Famous Fictional Dogs by Picture156--
Famous Fictional Ducks332--
Famous Fictional Fish, Whales, and Dolphins307--
Famous Fictional Frogs and Toads 🐸303--
Famous Fictional Mice and Rats237--
Famous Fictional Rabbits and Hares253--
Famous Fictional Wolves and Foxes175--
Famous Lions and Tigers 🦁🐯202--
Famous Movie Producers by Movie103--
Famous Prequel Movies212--
Fantasy Movies and Films by Picture260--
Fantasy Movies and Films by Plot Synopsis1,029--
Fictional Bears by Picture 🐻99--
Fictional Birds by Picture 🐦86--
Fictional Dinosaurs and Dragons by Picture64--
Fictional Diseases in Movies, Books, and Television175--
Fictional Fish, Whales, and Dolphins by Picture66--
Fictional Kingdoms in Film, TV, Literature and Games224--
Fictional Lands and Settings by Picture102--
Fictional Mice and Rats by Picture44--
Fictional Snakes and Legendary Serpents167--
Fictional Sports and Games41--
Films Adapted from Non-Fiction Books33--
Films Based on Disney Rides and Attractions139--
Films Based on Michael Crichton Novels77--
Films by Ivan Reitman (RIP) by Clue51--
Films by Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro32--
Films Directed by Darren Aronofsky220--
Films Featuring Dogs71--
Films Featuring Insects and Spiders51--
Films Featuring Mental Disorders104--
Films Featuring Miniature People45--
Films Featuring Slavery50--
Films Rated NC-17 or X56--
Films Written or Directed by Charlie Kaufman77--
Finance, Business, and the Stock Market in the Movies288--
Food and Drink of Fictional Characters45--
Found Footage Movies358--
Francis Ford Coppola Movies by Clue33--
Gambling and Casinos in the Movies105--
Games by id Software31--
Groundhog Day (The Movie) Trivia Quiz98--
Hanna-Barbera Characters by Picture57--
Highest-Grossing Actors and Actresses435--
Highest-Grossing Directors (Updated)292--
Highest-Grossing Films Ever (at the Time)213--
Highest-Grossing Movie by Decade511--
Highest-Grossing Movie Film Genres396--
Highest-Grossing Movie in Each Category315--
Hosts of Family Feud52--
Hosts of Late Night, The Late Show, and The Late Late Show108--
Hosts of The Tonight Show124--
Huge and Giant Creatures, Beings, and Beasts89--
Joe Pesci Movies by Clue48--
John Goodman Films by Clue38--
Judy Blume Books by Summary28--
Kevin Bacon Movies by Clue77--
Kevin Costner Movies by Clue150--
Kevin Spacey Movies and Films by Picture25--
Kevin Spacey Movies by Synopsis83--
Long Novels392--
Macaulay Culkin Movies by Clue27--
Magazines by Picture of First Issue Cover36--
Major Works of James Joyce123--
Marijuana in the Movies254--
Michael Crichton Book Movies by Picture44--
Michael Crichton Novels by Clue33--
Mockumentary Films and Shows by Clue67--
Morgan Freeman Voice-Overs and Narration in Films76--
Most Translated Literary Works175--
Movie Ratings (MPA/MPAA)92--
Movies About Boxing863--
Movies Based on Philip K. Dick Stories82--
Movies by Female Directors114--
Movies by Kevin Smith in the View Askewniverse25--
Movies by Saturday Night Live (SNL) Alumni426--
Movies by their Fictional Films (Films Within Films)45--
Movies Directed by Mel Gibson41--
Movies Featuring Virtual Reality or Simulated Reality54--
Movies in The Conjuring Universe714--
Movies in which Famous People Play Themselves152--
Movies Scored by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead88--
Movies that are "The" Something #2108--
Movies with Aliens by Picture79--
Movies with Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek27--
Movies with Corey Feldman AND Corey Haim7--
Movies with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau17--
Movies with James Franco and Seth Rogen48--
Movies with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck77--
Movies with "Movie" in the Title104--
Movies with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino160--
Movies with Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis306--
Movies with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan91--
Movies with Trey Parker and Matt Stone27--
Movies with Witches187--
Movies with Witches by Picture110--
Name the Ernest (Jim Varney) Movies46--
Name the Series in the Mario Franchise75--
National Lampoon Films and Movies73--
Novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald63--
Numbers in Movies and Literature115--
One-Syllable Book Novel Titles in Literature479--
One-Word Shakespeare Play Titles268--
One-Word Stephen King Novel Book Titles269--
One-Word Titles of Novels and Books in Literature2,337--
Pee-wee Herman Quiz (RIP)57--
People who Won 3 or More Acting Oscars218--
People with 10+ Oscar Nominations for Acting118--
Rappers who Became Actors in Movies85--
Reality TV Show by Elimination Phrase95--
Reality TV Show by Host72--
Rob Reiner Films by Clue94--
Santa Claus in Movies and Film96--
Science Fiction A-Z80--
Science Fiction Movies and Films by Plot Clue443--
Science Fiction Movies by Picture255--
Sketch Comedy Shows by Clues27--
Sports of Fictional Characters421--
Stanley Kubrick Films by Novel or Story75--
Star Trek Series and Captains500--
Star Wars... or Star Trek?17,4010-
Star Wars Vehicles by Picture846--
States Where Mark Twain Lived77--
Stop-Motion Animated Films by Clue54--
Stop-Motion Films by Picture33--
Stories: Aesop, Brothers Grimm, or Hans Christian Andersen?72--
Susan Sarandon Movies by Clue59--
T. S. Eliot (Major Poetic Works)102--
The Big Lebowski A-Z527--
The Settings of Movies on the Map212--
The Wizard of Oz A-Z52--
Timeline of Highest-Grossing Animated Film Movies143--
Top 10 Highest-Grossing Movie Producers55--
Twin Films (Concurrent Movies with Similar Plots)484--
Types of Conflict in Literature99--
Video Games by Picture2,637--
"War" Movies223--
William Faulkner Quiz23--
Willy Wonka Candy 🍫130--
Works by Ernest Hemingway by Clue30--
Works of Literature by Picture619--
Works of Southern Literature48--
Worst Movies (Films So Bad They're Good!)361--
Worst Movies of All Time (by Picture)145--
Wrestlers who Became Actors in Movies75--
Writers/Authors with the Most TV & Movie Adaptations165--
Years Marty Travels to in Back to the Future 🗓️49--