A quiz series by interopia
Various music-themed quizzes about bands, artists, songs, and more.
Quiz# TakenPointsBest
3-Piece Bands (Trios) by Members277--
90s Alternative Rock Star by Picture496--
1964-1966 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric293--
1967-1969 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric350--
1970-1974 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric407--
1975-1979 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric441--
1980-1983 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric383--
1984 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric284--
1985 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric325--
1986 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric360--
1987 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric267--
1988-1989 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric196--
1990-1993 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric271--
1990s Rock Albums by Tracks327--
1990s Rock Albums by Tracks #2278--
1994-1995 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric173--
1994 Albums by Picture of Cover33--
Albums by Arcade Fire17--
Albums by Captain Beefheart30--
Albums by Frank Zappa392--
Albums by Future Islands18--
Albums by Peter Gabriel9--
Albums by Radiohead (Updated)714--
Albums by the Pixies55--
Albums by Thom Yorke of Radiohead53--
Albums by Ween44--
Albums by "Weird Al" Yankovic118--
Albums Featuring Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters)151--
Albums that are Concept Albums254--
Alter Egos and Pseudonyms of Musicians154--
Artists with the Most Best Rock Album Grammys293--
Band Names (No Vowels)185--
Bands by Name Origin (A-C)215--
Bands by Name Origin (D-F)151--
Bands by Name Origin (G-L)154--
Bands by Name Origin (M-S)155--
Bands by Name Origin (T-Z)145--
Bands that Won a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance74--
Bands with Body Part Names368--
Beatles Songs Acronyms392--
Best Rock Album Grammy to Artist618--
Best-selling Boy Bands of All Time280--
Biggest-Selling Vinyl Record Albums of 201646--
Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) Quiz46--
Bob Dylan Songs by Synonyms348--
Chris Cornell (RIP) Quiz91--
Christmas Song Acronyms681--
Christmas Song Titles by Synonyms8,3410-
Cities Mentioned in James Brown's "Living in America"53--
Click the David Bowie Song Title Ending72--
Click the Doors Song Title Ending26--
Click the Nine Inch Nails Song Title Ending47--
Click the Pearl Jam Song Title Ending102--
Click the Pink Floyd Song Title Ending131--
Click the Pixies Song Title Ending50--
Click the Radiohead Song Title Ending958--
Click the Smashing Pumpkins Song Title Ending110--
Countries by Music Genre135--
Countries in which BTS Performed482--
Countries in which Nirvana Played Concerts83--
Countries in which Pearl Jam Played Concerts156--
Countries in which Pink Floyd Played Concerts254--
Countries in which Radiohead Played Concerts412--
Countries in which the Beatles Played Concerts195--
Countries in which the Smashing Pumpkins Played Concerts58--
Famous Ballets211--
Famous Music Festivals, Venues, and Concerts79--
Famous Music Record Labels120--
Famous Operas641--
First Names of 1990s Rock Singers551--
Guitar Chords by Picture 🎸478--
Guitars: Fender... or Gibson?90--
Huey Lewis and the News Song Titles (Fill in the Blank)96--
Keyboard Musical Instruments by Picture 🎹29--
Lyrics of "A Horse With No Name" by America117--
Members of Radiohead160--
Most Popular Song by Year (1940-2016)248--
Movements in "Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens77--
Music Artists who Sold 100+ Million Records Both Solo AND in a Group140--
Musical Artist/Band Names with Umlauts (¨)118--
Musical Artists by 1994 Album38--
Musical Artists by Final Album158--
Musical Artists by Signature Song (Part 1)77--
Musical Artists by Signature Song (Part 2)81--
Musical Artists with Top 40 Hits in the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s1,604--
Musicians who Played the Lilith Fair67--
Name the Members of the Ultimate Fantasy Rock Band53--
Nirvana... or Pearl Jam?242--
Nirvana Songs by Synonym203--
Pearl Jam Song Title Acronyms11--
Periods (Eras) of Classical Music858--
Phil Collins Quiz186--
Pink Floyd Song Title Acronyms23--
Pink Floyd Songs by Synonyms232--
Pixies Band Music Trivia Quiz132--
Pre-1964 Pop Songs by Artist and Lyric83--
Radiohead Albums by Cover Picture187--
Radiohead Song Acronyms97--
Rap Rock Songs55--
Rock Albums that Cost the Most to Produce133--
Rock Bands (by Picture)1,270--
Rock Bands (by Picture) #2653--
Rock Genre by Band431--
Roger Waters Quiz89--
Rolling Stones Songs by Synonyms116--
Saint-Saëns Quiz62--
Smashing Pumpkins A-Z44--
Smashing Pumpkins Albums by Cover Picture20--
Smashing Pumpkins Singles by Lyric161--
Smashing Pumpkins Songs by Synonyms34--
Song Titles that are "The" Something62--
Songs About Cars and Driving 🚘29--
Songs "Banned" by Clear Channel after 9/11200--
Songs Nirvana Covered39--
Songs that Hit #1 with Two Different Artists158--
Songs with "Black" in the Title225--
Songs with "Born" in the Title174--
Songs with "Down" in the Title80--
Songs with "Dream" in the Title91--
Songs with "Fly" in the Title67--
Songs with "Heaven" in the Title61--
Songs with "Right" in the Title34--
Songs with "Rock" in the Title300--
Songs with "Sun" in the Title74--
Songs with "Time" in the Title80--
Songs with "Way" in the Title83--
Spanish-Language Songs that Hit #1 in the U.S.149--
The Seattle Four Grunge Bands AND Albums320--
Tool Albums by Cover60--