Misc Geography

A quiz series by Stewart
Miscellaneous quizzes all about Geography!
Quiz# TakenPointsBest
15 Most Populous Countries that Drive on the Left1,306--
15 Most Populous Countries that Drive on the Right898--
Belts of the United States794--
Bordering Countries with the Greatest Combined Population Density1,582--
Bordering Countries with the Smallest Combined Population Density2,043--
Canadian Provinces or African Countries by Area685--
Counties of the British Isles by First Two Letters1,857--
Counties of the UK and Ireland79,2860-
Countries and US States with the same name1,697--
Countries by Borders - Hard Version2,795--
Countries by Largest % (Percentage) of Population in their Capital City2,701--
Countries by Smallest % (Percentage) of Population in their Capital City1,258--
Countries by Unique Letter Pairs #11,220--
Countries by Unique Letter Pairs #2761--
Countries by Unique Letter Pairs #3459--
Countries Closest to the point 30ºN 30ºE348--
Countries I have slept in / been to, with a Map (Stewart)749--
Countries of the World... but Backwards!1,112--
Countries of the World whose Official Name is Identical to their JetPunk Name307--
Countries on the Ring of Fire - With a Map1,723--
Countries Similar to France by Category476--
Countries Taller than the United States664--
Countries that American Airlines flies to - with a map4,648--
Countries that Codified Constitutions before 1900302--
Countries that easyJet flies to - with a map893--
Countries that have been represented in every Olympic Games1,223--
Countries with 5 Letters - 30 Second Sprint299--
Countries with 5 Letters - One Minute Sprint326--
Countries with 5 Letters - Two Minute Sprint739--
Countries With a Population Similar to the State of California369--
Countries With a Population Similar to the State of Texas228--
Countries with a Unique Last Letter82,0670-
Countries with an Equal Number of Consonants and Vowels841--
Countries with an Official Spotify 'Top 50'1,297--
Countries with Camels - with a map1,307--
Countries with Cities Founded by Romans753--
Countries with Double Letters - 30 Second Sprint333--
Countries with Double Letters - One Minute Sprint353--
Countries with More Cows than Chickens100--
Countries with More Than One Letter U684--
Countries with Multiple Words by Initials689--
Countries with roughly 10% of Population in their Capital City179--
Countries with the Five Hottest Cities by Continent399--
Countries with the Highest Number of Google Results489--
Countries with the Lowest Number of Google Results344--
Countries with the Most Expensive McDonald's Big Mac361--
Countries With the Most Public Holidays by Law303--
Countries with the Most Tourists per Square Kilometer288--
Countries with Turkeys - with a map523--
English Cities with "Keynes" in their Name206--
EU Countries Containing E or U550--
European Countries by a Single Clue929--
European Countries not in NATO27,3510-
European Countries with the Most Cinema Admissions438--
Geography 2-in-1: Coldest or Largest Countries596--
Geography Nicknames1,391--
Geography of Western Africa on a Map1,810--
Great Plains States and Provinces on a Map31,3420-
How did we end up here? - Geographical Travels2,604--
International General Knowledge Quiz (Answer & Country)847--
Largest Landlocked Countries by Population and Area1,636--
Longest Serving U.S. Presidents525--
Merged Country Flags #15,412--
Merged Country Flags #22,791--
Merged Country Flags #32,847--
Modern Day Countries of Prussia1,327--
Most Hashtagged Countries on Instagram584--
Most Popular Colors on Country Flags4,417--
Most Populated U.S. States by Decade1,687--
Most Populous Countries by Bordering Sea672--
Most Populous One Border Countries608--
Most Populous One Word Countries1,731--
Most Populous Regions of Countries - Excluding Asia292--
Municipalities of Puerto Rico (with a map)8,264--
Name the Group - Geography1,344--
NATO Countries on a Map7,572--
One Border Countries with the Longest Borders532--
Smallest Landlocked Countries by Population and Area1,287--
States of the Texas Annexation on a Map454--
States the U.S. Route 20 Passes through - With a Map409--
The 7 Continents by Total Land Area466--
The Biggest and Best Countries by Numbers561--
The Smallest and Worst Countries by Numbers422--
Top 10 African Countries by Percentage Population Increase251--
Top 10 Asian Countries by Percentage Population Increase205--
Top 10 Countries in Eurovision 2019873--
Top 10 Largest EU Capitals by Population960--
Top 10 Smallest EU Capitals by Population903--
Top 15 Least Populous Countries Ending in "IA"357--
U.K. Counties with Letters Missing398--
U.S. Aircraft Carriers Named After Presidents281--
U.S. State Rhymes297--
U.S. States as U.S. Baby Names619--
U.S. States by National Parks and Borders in 45 Seconds1,109--
U.S. States Featured on a Monopoly Board301--
U.S. States the Quizmaster Hasn't Visited122--
US States with a Double N - 30 Second Sprint629--
US States with a Double S - 30 Second Sprint267--
U.S. States with a Place Called Paris137--
US States with an Official State Reptile85--
US States with Double Letters - 30 Second Sprint184--
US States with Double Letters - By Double Letter380--
U.S. States with the Least Disconnected Youths94--
U.S. States with the Most Disconnected Youths95--
U.S. States with the Most Elite Universities659--
U.S. States Without the Letter A or E571--
Word Swallow 'n' Scramble - Countries448--
World Capitals Equidistant from two other Capital Cities114--