It's All About Countries

A quiz series by Gassu
A collection of my "Answers are Countries" series!
Quiz# TakenBest
45 European Countries, 45 Celebrities276-
45 European Countries, 45 Celebrities (Pictures)388-
45 European Countries, 45 Sights495-
All Countries with a Mountain Higher Than 3000m966-
Bordering Countries with Totally Different Letters87-
Countries and Capitals Closest to the Baltic Sea137-
Countries Bigger than Alaska or Smaller than Rhode Island903-
Countries Bordering a Guinea Country199-
Countries, Capitals, States, State Capitals by Letter - A228-
Countries Closest to Barcelona233-
Countries Closest to Kerguelen105-
Countries Closest to the Equator but Don't Touch It155-
Countries Closest to the Golden Gate Bridge113-
Countries Closest to the Titanic291-
Countries Entirely West or North of New York92-
Countries That Can Be Reached from Los Angeles Airport (LAX)812-
Countries Where the Capital Doesn't Belong to the 3 Biggest Cities349-
Countries which have not adopted the Gregorian Calendar153-
Countries Which Have People in Antarctica1,381-
Countries Which Will Lose People until 2050365-
Countries with More People Than the Egg Has Likes101-
Countries with Multiple Large Urban Areas349-
Countries with Multiple Two-Million-People-Cities225-
Countries Without a Capital122-
Countries with Supervolcanoes121-
Countries with the Most Deaths due to ISIS443-
Countries with the Most Liechtensteiners397-
Countries with the Most Oil Reserves per Capita151-
Countries with the Same Latitude or Longitude as... #2 - The White House114-
European Countries by Picture771-
Five Countries with the Highest IQ by Continent128-
Former Soviet Countries That Don't Border Russia201-
Groups of Countries 1 - 101,177-
Last 20 Countries and Capitals (alphabetically)177-
One Superlative for Every Country446-
Random Country Superlatives89-
Through which Countries are these Rivers Flowing?128-
Top 10 European Countries by Inflation Rate119-