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Series# RatingTakes
All Football Teams Ever1624.47235,531
Premier League Current Squads2004.5782,207
Premier League Quizzes5914.3371,584
2022 FIFA World Cup624.7758,123
2022 FIFA World Cup Squads3214.6239,608
UEFA Euro 2020314.8138,927
UEFA Euro 2020 Squads2414.7837,932
Premier League Players5004.7728,742
Song Lyrics2004.1728,439
Premier League Teams Trivia2004.8922,484
UEFA Champions League Final Winning Teams304.7513,678
Manchester United704.0012,816
2022-23 Football Clubs by Competition704.9311,757
European Football Club Current Squads320-9,978
Coupe du monde 2022314.888,983
FIFA 231004.337,427
European Football Club Trivia320-7,107
English Football Quizzes804.506,170
Miscellaneous Football Quizzes2104.055,946
British Television100-5,924
Premier League XIs by Club5005.005,668
The Premier League Years500-5,386
Every Premier League Goalscorer by Season1904.805,143
EA Sports FIFA403.454,738
Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2022 Quiz304.944,726
UEFA Champions League XIs480-3,641
Premier League General Knowledge50-3,213
Every Premier League Goalscorer by Club500-3,133
Premier League Teams by Season220-3,105
Language Quizzes90-2,073
Country Quizzes504.342,043
Geography Click Quizzes404.251,737
British Politics705.001,716
Football Clubs' Managerial History70-1,589
Football Managers' Clubs200-1,518
English Football Club Names100-1,080
Countries, States and Capitals in Alphabetical Order40-1,017
Premier League XIs by Season300-716
Footballers' Club History70-710
Premier League XIs by Fixture170-667
Fast Typing Football70-546
Ballon d’Or50-521
Football by Decade30-462
2026 FIFA World Cup30-444
UEFA Women’s Euro 202220-416
Artists’ Albums40-402
Copa Mundial de la FIFA 202230-386
International Football Teams by Continent60-376
What If...? Football Quizzes40-364
MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL or NHL?60-356
UEFA Champions League Players110-349
English Football by Decade30-326
Speed Click Quizzes20-315
PFA Teams of the Year by Decade20-238
CMA Awards40-165
National Football Team Current Squads20-139