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Series# RatingTakes
All Football Teams Ever1634.65381,509
Premier League Current Squads2004.63183,287
Premier League Quizzes7214.57159,800
2022 FIFA World Cup624.81102,939
2022 FIFA World Cup Squads3214.6185,176
Premier League Players5104.8464,092
UEFA Euro 2020304.8058,385
UEFA Euro 2020 Squads2404.6858,091
2023-24 Football Clubs by Competition604.6846,598
Premier League Teams Trivia1904.5742,502
UEFA Euro 2024714.8340,765
European Football Club Current Squads3404.6338,532
EA Sports FC 241104.5838,431
Song Lyrics1804.4935,501
Coupe du monde 2022314.4932,586
Euro 2024714.8728,665
UEFA Euro 2024 Squads2414.8327,262
Premier League XIs by Club5104.5125,445
Every Premier League Goalscorer by Season3004.7421,762
UEFA Champions League Final Winning Teams404.7520,265
UEFA Champions League XIs4804.6020,089
Miscellaneous Football Quizzes2304.2518,718
European Football Club Trivia3504.6015,247
Jeppy on Football Logos214.2414,774
Every Premier League Goalscorer by Club5104.5012,430
The Premier League Years5104.2011,930
English Football Quizzes804.6011,392
Manchester United704.0011,054
British Television140-10,919
What If...? Football Quizzes604.919,526
Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2022 Quiz304.248,991
FIFA/EA Sports FC404.297,408
Premier League XIs by Season320-5,177
Jeppy sur les logos de football214.304,990
Geography Click Quizzes404.484,970
Fast Typing Football704.204,596
Premier League General Knowledge60-4,379
Football Managers' Clubs200-4,222
Premier League Teams by Season220-3,855
Year in Review204.583,770
Countries, States and Capitals in Alphabetical Order404.673,645
Eurocopa 2024414.203,640
FIFA World Cup904.503,290
FIFA Club World Cup40-3,131
British Politics705.002,980
English Football Club Names100-2,733
Country Quizzes504.212,714
Football Clubs' Managerial History70-2,536
Premier League XIs by Fixture190-2,447
Footballers' Club History70-2,355
Ballon d’Or50-2,319
MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL or NHL?60-1,925
Football by Decade404.801,878
2026 FIFA World Cup303.001,546
UEFA Champions League605.001,473
El Clásico XIs70-1,460
UEFA Champions League Players110-1,336
International Football Teams by Continent60-1,095
Speed Click Quizzes20-1,027
English Football by Decade40-883
Language Quizzes50-867
UEFA Women’s Euro 202220-799
Copa Mundial de la FIFA 202230-718
PFA Teams of the Year by Decade20-593
UEFA European Championships XIs150-392
Women's Football30-383
FA Cup Final Winners' XIs20-382
National Football Team Current Squads20-359
Artists’ Albums30-272
2030 FIFA World Cup40-247
CMA Awards40-241
FIFA World Cup XIs90-221
2034 FIFA World Cup30-163
Every UEFA European Championships Goalscorer by Country150-149
Every FIFA World Cup Goalscorer by Country90-125
UEFA European Championships Players150-112
FIFA World Cup Players90-93
Country Music20-30